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  1. The plugin changes to SSE are primarily to support the Creation Club and notably the Survival creation. Since LE won't be getting either of those the master files will likely never get any further updates. I can't think of any reason why they would since Bethesda even removed LE from the search system.
  2. Yes. You should resave in the new CK to update the form version for the records. It may not actually change anything right now but who knows if Bethesda will change something that causes it to break.
  3. Depends if said author wants to provide mods for both. If so then I would say yes. That would remove a lot of duplicated work. The few things to be cautiously aware of is what is changed that you'll have to deal with. Water flow being one of them. Custom NPC facegen data being another.
  4. I've heard that packing sound effects with compression doesn't work properly. Personally verified it myself for sfx. Had inconsistent results with audio for dialogue lines too. Sometimes it would work and sometimes not. packing uncompressed worked every time though.
  5. It should be pretty simple. Your main bsa will be the same as your plug in ie mymod.esp and mymod.bsa. Then your textures bsa is "mymod - textures.bsa" with a space before and after the hyphen.
  6. Oh man that mesh is a mess. Honestly I'm not sure there is an easy way to convert it. You're probably gonna end up having to do some funky gymnastics with different tools to get an acceptable result. I'm not a pro but the face, hands, and feet normals look odd to me. I played around trying things like you described to get it converted. No go. Basically the same results yo had. The bone weights on the legs and feet appear to be messed up. Not sure if that was intentional as part of the zombification but conversion to BSTriShape using my method below is screwed up because of it. that or position of bone nodes is out of whack. I couldn't really tell. I tried using previously mentioned gymnastics to convert it to BSTriShape mesh format but that just made things worse. This micro tutorial to convert old nif's and re-make them with BSTriShape data might be of use to others so here it is: Load BodySlide and then Outfit Studio. Import nif you wish to convert. You'll get a message stating the format is old. Hit OK. Export each shape one at a time to an FBX file. Create new empty project or close Outfit Studio and Reopen to reset. Import each of the FBX files you created. Import the original nif you are converting (to get bone data). Delete the extra mesh shapes you just created by importing. Failure to do so will cause crash on export. Set texture paths. (Optional - skip if using NifSkope) Export nif. If you didn't set texture paths before exporting, you can can use NifSkope to open the source and newly exported nif's and copy the shader trees between them.
  7. I haven't tried it personally, but maybe during the stage when you have the popup to select files for archiving, add it manually?
  8. One might border on said sanity by having 2 sets of NIF's (that's how I'd end up doing it). One for PC (with markers) and one for XB1 (without markers). That way loading in CK wouldn't cause the mentioned sanity problem.
  9. Something I was thinking about. AFAIK only users who have a mod that "fixes" a mesh with an EditorMarker have the orange mesh problem right? Could this possibly be an issue of the node type? I believe all the vanilla assets were re-exported to the new BSTriShape and the "fixed" meshes are still in the old legacy NiTriShape right?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. Considering I'm testing this on an install with no mods installed yet nothing can be overwriting them. That said I double checked the CreationKit.ini and made sure it has [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 bUseArchives=0 sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim - Misc.bsa, Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Skyrim - Interface.bsa, Skyrim - Animations.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes0.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes1.bsa, Skyrim - Sounds.bsa SResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices_en0.bsa, Skyrim - Textures0.bsa, Skyrim - Textures1.bsa, Skyrim - Textures2.bsa, Skyrim - Textures3.bsa, Skyrim - Textures4.bsa, Skyrim - Textures5.bsa, Skyrim - Textures6.bsa, Skyrim - Textures7.bsa, Skyrim - Textures8.bsa, Skyrim - Patch.bsa I found that the files it's trying to load don't even exist in the SkyrimSE or Skyrim bsa's. I'm at a loss as to why it's trying to load them with SkyrimSE and why Skyrim doesn't. Edit: so I found the culprit for the log spam. CreationKitPrefs.ini bShowLODInEditor=1. Set bShowLODInEditor=0 and no more log spam. Though I gather that means not to use LOD at all in the CK which could be a performance thing. Oddly the framerate of the render window is up ~60 now.
  11. I have the same problem with FO4 as well. Are you using any special settings in the creationkit ini's other than what I specified?
  12. So as my title describes. I'm having a problem with the SkyrimSE Creation Kit. I can load it up fine, open interior cells and do what I want fine. When I load an external cell my EditorWarnings.txt file starts growing insanely. I get a bunch of errors spammed repeatedly to the file like this: MODELS: Failed to load Data\Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Tamriel.32.64.96.BTR, Request result is 1 MODELS: Failed to load Data\Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Tamriel.32.64.128.BTR, Request result is 1 MODELS: Failed to load Data\Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Tamriel.32.96.32.BTR, Request result is 1 MODELS: Failed to load Data\Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Tamriel.32.96.64.BTR, Request result is 1 MODELS: Failed to load Data\Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Tamriel.32.128.32.BTR, Request result is 1 MODELS: Failed to load Data\Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Tamriel.32.128.64.BTR, Request result is 1 At last check the file was over 50mb Screenshot. My understanding is the BTR files have to do with 3D map terrain. I'm not sure where to go about handling this. Reproducing the issue: My system is fairly decent - Intel Core i7-4770k, 16GB ram, nVidia GTX980 and running on a 250gb SSD. The CreationKit.ini is unmodified. I created a CreationKitCustom.ini with this: [General] bAllowMultipleEditors=1 bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 [Messages] bBlockMessageBoxes=1 Tested loading Skyrim.esm and Update.esm only. Tried with DLC files too with same result. Will move on to loading the DLC's if I can resolve the problem. Not using them for testing to get a reasonable load time for CK. Tested both Classic Skyrim and Special Edition Skyrim Creation Kit's. Classic works awesome with no issues at 120+fps. SE CK has a crazy 10fps render rate in the same exterior cell. If I turn on navmesh editing it drops to 1fps. Tested opening a specific cell Tamriel world cell (-7), (-14). I tried with a few others with the same results but decided to stick to a single one for troubleshooting. I'm trying to find out if anyone else is having the same issue? If anyone knows of a solution? Maybe a .ini tweak?
  13. Hey just wanted to throw something out there for people doing NPC edits/updates. I was converting a follower mod who had a customized face via Racemenu or ECE (I forget which). So when re-exporting the Facegen data it got all messed up (as expected). I found that if I keep the new texture .dds but return the original mesh nif, the follower loaded with a normal texture. It had a very small neck seam, which honestly I don't remember if it was there before or not. She's normally wearing huge armor that covers it so I don't care. It needs a bit more testing to see how stable or what kind of side effects it may have, but I thought that might help others. Anyone have comments about this?
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