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  1. I see, you didn't exactly make that clear, but yes, the official DLCs do load wrong if the timestamps are not correct. Certainly that's not good for the game but at least USSEP will load according to where it is in the list, despite its timestamp being later than Falskaar's.

    I tried my best, but with limited knowledge of english (and with a help of google translate) it's not that easy.  :P Anyway, glad you understand me. And yea, this is not good, I doubt that timestamps for many users are in right order.


    Oh, and I would like to ask again, cause I didn't get any answers last time. How bad is it if DLC's loads in wrong order? Could this lead to broken quest\missing stuff? And how it affects USSEP for example? Does all fixes be still intact or it will be all messed up?

  2. Well I'm not quite sure what to tell you, but loading up in game, scrambled plugins.txt or not, Serana still has her 02 ID like she should. If the order was actually wrong inside the game she'd have a 04 or 05 ID instead. I tested that with USSEP tagged as a master too, so USSEP stuff should be reporting with 01 but it's reporting 05 as it should be.


    Also when I look at a save made during the test, all files associated with the load order are in the correct sequence.

    Thing is - your timestamps is also in right order, as you said. So, I see no reason why load order should be wrong. They could fix that "users made esm's bug", but official esm's might still be loading in wrong order (regardless of plugins.txt) if timestamps are wrong aswell. At least that's how I see it. And that's why I asked you/other users to check that. 

  3. The timestamps on mine are already in the right order though. That information in the Reddit post is wrong, the game does not use timestamps to determine load order. The CK DOES though, so that fix is valid for the CK.

    I've read your previous post about it, that timestamps has no effect on game and only affect CK. As I said - with latest beta my load order was wrong again even tho I have listed official esm's in plugins.txt, I also tried to list only mods in there and in both cases load order was wrong (checked in console and opened save file with txt editor). But after changing timestamps it was fixed, really, no point for me to lie about it. Maybe someone else who doesn't have right timestamps can confirm that load order is fine/not fine now or you can try it yourself if you have time/will.


    And a little offtop, seems like my Fallout 4 plugins.txt is also ignored by game and official esm's loads as they want, not the way listed in plugins.txt (Far Harbor, for example, loads as 05, but in plugins.txt it's in 3rd place). Dunno, perhaps is something wrong on my side.


    Tried it again, just to be sure myself and effect of changing timestamps is pretty clear. I do not know what else to say.


    Right timestamps



    And wrong



    Plugins.txt is the same for both cases of course and look like that.

    *Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
    *Cutting Room Floor.esp
    *The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp
    *Run For Your Lives.esp
    *When Vampires Attack.esp


  4. After latest beta that seems doesn't work for me. In plugins.txt I have listed all official esm's in right order, but game still load dawnguard as 04, hearthfire as 02, and dragonborn is 03 (if looking in console I mean). On 1.1.51 it was working fine and I didnt touch in-game mod menu or addons menu.

    https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/5c8xdw/important_solution_how_to_fix_esm_load_order_bug/ this is actually helped. Сhanged timestamps on esm's and now they loads in right order, again..

  5. Yeah, by default Skyrim SE I meant the very first version before any official patches were released


    So has it changed since then for Skyrim Special Edition 1.1.51, and possibly stayed the same for 1.2.36 ( I dont have 1.2.36 beta )


    My point being, if people have not reset their INI's after the very first release of Skyrim SE, and the order of the DLC plugins was wrong at that time, then they still have that order now and need to Reset INI's aswell which does not automatically happen.

    It was the same as now, I have backed up Skyrim_Default.ini from release day and it's

    That's why I was surprised when finally realize that this load order bugs affects even official esm's (before that I thought it was only users made esm's thing).

    The game's load order needs to be set using your mod manager or LOOT and then you need to NEVER touch the in-game mods menu for any reason. As soon as you do, everything will get scrambled.

    After latest beta that seems doesn't work for me. In plugins.txt I have listed all official esm's in right order, but game still load dawnguard as 04, hearthfire as 02, and dragonborn is 03 (if looking in console I mean). On 1.1.51 it was working fine and I didnt touch in-game mod menu or addons menu.

  7. Wait, I thought this all "load order bug" comes down to one thing - "user made ESM files load before the official DLC", but now I realize this also affect DLC files themselves and they load in wrong order. Does this affect USSEP for example or all bug fixes still intact? Does affect anything at all or it's fine to play that way? Cause now I start thinking it might be a good idea to wait for a couple months before starting a new game for a long run..

  8. Dunno how I overlooked it, thanks. Good to know it's been solved.


    The radio beacon still recruits settlers but you can't turn the beacon off. Even if you delete the beacon it still runs the radio station


    Yes, but settler recuitment and radio beacon control are different things. they are not even handled by the same script. The recuitment code only checks for a beacon at the respective location before trying to create a new actor. 


    For clarification - the only side effect of this is that radio station will continue to play no matter what? Or when beacon is build it will continue to recruit settlers and you can't stop this process? Slightly confused, sorry.

  9. Hey guys, last time i've read this forum I remember there was a nasty bug with settlers (randomly changing appearance/inventory reset/etc) - is it fixed now? Tried to find this thread, but I must be blind. Also heard something about settlers cannot be recruited via beacon and you cant assign them, but I guess it's all been fixed (I was away from a game for a while).


    And a question about unofficial patches for DLC - have you decided what to do with it? Will be there AIO patch (similar to USLEEP) or something different? Maybe even some ETA?

  10. You are making this harder for yourself than it needs to be​.

    Don't modify the file manually.

    The fallout.esm obviously works, otherwise the game would crash.

    I bet it's easy to confirm for you, that the dlc also work.

    If you only want the UFO4P, the ingame mod tool is good enough and you shouldn't have to worry about the ini file.

    If you are interested in how the ini file works, again, use the ingame mod manager to fiddle with the loadorder and see what happens.

    How did you end up in that folder fiddling with that file anyway?

    Well, i'm not that new to modding beth games, so I have basic knowledge of files \ mechanics.

    As I said - it all starts from nexus UFO4P description. Particularly this:

    After installing the mods, the following general load order needs to be followed:
    [Official DLCs]
    [Other ESM Files]
    Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
    [The rest of your mods]

    As you can see there is Fallout4.esm and DLC's specified and I didn't find these in my plugins.txt which leads to questions. I assume, that this discription comes from one of skyrim patches and it's not important, but again - wanna to be sure. That's it.
    And yes, of course I understand that fallout4.esm load by default, DLC.esm loads even if they not listed, I actually said that in above post, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be in the file. Especially when installation requirements says so and hlp says they should be. 
    All in all - I was slightly confused by this description, now it's clear. Thanks everyone :rolleyes:

    FO4 changed a few things of what is listed in the ini files and what isn't. There's always a lot of misconception about what is right or wrong when doing this manually, especially if a game is still fresh and being patched (which might change things at any time). The official tools usually work, and in case of doubt, Arthmoor is always right  :P

    Exactly. Fallout changed what listed in plugins.txt and I was come here to ask your advice, cause It's probably best place for that kind of questions. 


    The in-game menu won't add the DLCs to the list, they get autoloaded by the game if you have them. So the UFO4P would end up the only thing listed in the file.

    You confused me with this again :| After I set it through in-game menu there is only UFO4P line in plugins.txt and I was asking should it actually be filled with Fallout4.esm and/or DLC.esm's manually. According to hlp post - yes, I should specify them (and probably set to read only). IF I understand that correctly, of course.


    So it end up like that:

    # This file is used by Fallout4 to keep track of your downloaded content.
    # Please do not modify this file.
    *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp

    Or I leave it with *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp line only < that I was think the right way leave it until I read hlp post.
    I'm sorry if that's kinda dumb questions here.
  12. I got it. Actually, I do not care how weapons looks on dead bodies. The only thing I need to know is that UFO4P team aware of this and this is how it supposed to be. Because I was thinking this is some sort of bug with patch or my game since change log says weapons still drop from the bodies.


    By the way, I found strange that no one mention this on nexus or here, or pretty much elsewhere. I think people would notice such behavior weapons and it makes me think that this is not normal. But again, if this is how it works for everyone then I can be calm and continue playing.

  13. I have a question about bug #20197 (Weapons dropped by NPCs who have been killed are never removed from the game world etc).


    So, upon death npcs does not drop weapons on ground (or whatever), instead weapon "sticks" to the arm in a reloading state (i guess, looks wierd). I'm not sure if this is how it supposed to work, because change log says "Weapons will still appear to fall away from the bodies". This is confirmed by several people. Also, you can't move dead bodies unless weapons taken from them (not sure if this is because of patch, might be not). This is only with patch, no other mods, latest game version.


    How it looks in game (pic).




    Upd: nope, it's not even reloading, this is really wierd.

    Another pic.



    I didn't test much with other weapons, but pipe pistols have same issue, they "sticks" and do not drop.

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