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  1. this was only a partial misconception, because i use harvest overhaul and chemistry i break down junk potions i find and go harvest less ingredients thus decreasing my chances of encountering said bug.
  2. hhhhmmm i use chemistry for my alchemy and harvest overhaul so i dont really have much a problem with flora, tried iHUD didnt care for it. requiem ive seen alot of hype for it but honestly due to the fact the hud doesnt change to add something for its survival improvements i will probily never use it. i can be forgetfull and really dislike going into my inventory to check weather im hungry or tired or stuff like that so without some hud bar to depict the survival aspects i would forget to check them and probily have them kill me X.X
  3. thanks arthmoor. first ive heard of the proper leather armor replacer tho i have seen similar ones. the breezehome mods i use a different mod to get similar effects http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11158/? it easily doubles if not tripples the size of the standard breezehome plus it adds a enterance to the outside of town.
  4. yo yall after nearly 6-7 months of modding skyrim both using other peoples mods and making/working on other peoples mods (more just merges for my own mods) i got a little curious as to what mods others have seen and would recommend. so im posting it out there. what mods would you recommend and why? (please just keep it to a handfull cause theres a ton of good mods out there.) basic mods (ones everyone should start by getting) skse - its a framework mod that allows a greater detail of mods to work in your pack. fnis (fores new idles for skyrim) - its a another framework this time for animations. xp32 maximum skeleton - its again a framework mod that both fixes some movements in the base character and allows for new animations to be added. skyrim patch legendary edition - (or the individual dlc's patches) this mod aims to partially restore some of the removed content and fix many surface bugs in the game. calientes beautiful body edition - (or any body mod for that matter just keep in mind what one you use because it will dictate the armors you use) this is a mesh/texture mod for the characters in skyrim both player, npc. skyui - this is a framework work that allows mods to create ingame menues and reworks the menus (there is also a skyui-away wich reverts the menu changes well now that some of the base mods are shot down im gonna give my personal few mods i would go grab. cbbev3 remodeled armor - its a very skimpy set of armor that can be a replacer or additional sets for the base game. sos (shlongs of skyrim) - i dunno about other people but if im gonna strip a corpse i wanna take everything, the dead need no decency just keep in mind this will make it so the men junk shows. bandit raids - ever get anoyed with the guards complaining about it been a while since the last bandit raid well heres your fix, this mod spawns periodicly a bunch of bandits at the holds capitals to slaughter (it also adds mercenary guards to help the 2-3 guards defend) private squad - this follower mod adds 4 followers that each transform (both naturally and force triggered via spell) extensible follower framework (EFF) - this mod is a framework mod that allows you to recruit many followers to your team.
  5. hello yall. im looking for a person to work on textures for some armor im making. armor style is primarily robe/mage bottom with armored top and arms/boots/helm (basicly im putting a robe type bottom on some armors and cutting out a good chunk of the armor, like bodysuits and leaving the main armor {bit around the groin and breast area aswell}) planning on creating some mage robes with armored parts added on like adding daedric paudrons to archmages robes etc. note dont expect much along design im still learning and im not working on it fast, and im mostly just mix and matching parts of already existing armors with as said earlier massive chunks removed. image is from my first attempt (yes i know big first step starting with endgame armor lol)
  6. ok i found this a little anoying to find info for these little things so decided to build a list of items for new modders saying how to place certain objects that may be hard to find info to tell you how to do so. ok i am not a expert so if you wish to add more objects or help me to explain a few things a little better feel free to post and i shall add them to the post. but please make it easy to understand some of us arn't very bright when it comes to modding *raises hand*
  7. rofl your not in the bed the bed is in you
  8. only one place it fails at and its a place bashed doesnt even touch ......... npc data. all dem lost textures.
  9. lol for me mator its getting close to replacing bash cause i find it does a better job of what i want. tho i might keep bash around as backup.
  10. looks pretty sweet maybe have a small group of draugr you free from ice blocks befrend you and restore a small couple building village where you can sell things and get new supplies. it would also bring in potential for new quests like gathering materials, beating back beasts etc.
  11. yay i finally found the problem....... it was a compatability patch between weighted breakdown and skyre put out by weighted breakdown to turn itself off till you had a skyre perk meltdown. it bugged out the tanning rack completely preventing all use of it even after you had the perk.
  12. ok im getting a unusable bug when i go and try to use my tanning rack so i was wondering what might cause it. i walk up to it and it says i can use it (hold e to activate garbo) but when i do it does nothing. is there a limit to how many items a crafting tool can hold recepies for? is there a way of finding what items use it? maybe a search by keyword thing? ---- istanning is the keyword attached to it ---- craftingtanningrack is another keyword associated with it ---- craftingtanningrackmarker is its furniture id then theres 2 messages an activator and a quest (tutorial quest) ---- helptanninglong message ---- helptanningshort message ---- tanningrackdonotuse is the activator ---- tutorialblacksmithingtanning is the quest any ideas?
  13. ok never mind the missing records i forgot to select them in my patch so the problem was on my side X.X the use highest value/use lowest value would only actually apply to numerical values (kinda obvious i know but meh worth being said anyways) so stuff like damage, value, crit, weight, etc. the majority of it. not sure if i would let it be applied to "obnd - object bounds" tho cause that seems it would have a effect corresponding towards the items model and could be funky if the person uses a really funky armor and gets killed by someone hitting a part a few feet away from him that another mod removed X.X preserve values might actually work for name records too not just numerical values
  14. with the downloaded version would it be possible to get a option for "preserve values from mod" example: weightless items changes the weight value of items to 0 what every other mod does is change those same values back to factory settings pretty much and yes i have tried having it at end of load order. with this option selected and set to that mod it will copy that mods weight values over into the patch. also maybe have for certain values a option for "choose highest value" or "choose lowest value" say you got a bunch of mods that change the value "$$$" but you need to make alot of money for say a mod like "real estate" wich has you buying other peoples houses and charging them rent and eventually buying whole holds homes, stores, temples. setting the highest value would mean even garbo would get some proffit. or for damage it could make your weapons all do the least amount of damage used among all your mods so you take longer to kill mobs and the overall difficulty of the game goes up a bit. just a side note i noticed it was missing alot of the "kwda - keywords" values and the "tnam - attack fail sounds"
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