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  1. I just installed possessive corpses today too damn. So USLEEP deletes the corpses and savegame bloatware? If so I'll remove it. Thanks for compiling this huge list by the way. It's hard to find good working mods when you've only started playing in 2016 so I'm glad to see the community still working hard on it.
  2. It's okay it turns out I just didn't understand how the spells mod worked in game. Thanks for your help.
  3. @Leonardo, I have no idea. @Hana I run FNIS whenever I do anything on MO but I still don't get what the issue is, the results are always the same. Maybe it'd be better if I just showed you: http://sta.sh/01kl1exsw5e3 Underneath the spells pack you will see FNIS Animations Patch. That's where I put the overwrite files every time I generate FNIS.
  4. I just tested it out in game. When I have USLEP (Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch) running, the FNIS spells do not work on npcs at all. However, when I turn it off and try again, this time the FNIS animations work. FNIS is necessary in order to run other animations... but USLEP is also necessary to run without bugs... any way to make them compatible? Whether FNIS or USLEEP is on individually or together - Mod Organizer, LOOT, and the mods themselves do not report any issues... they only happen when it comes to spells in game. I've tried using TES5Edit to change FNIS's master
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