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  1. Basically, huge bottles cover the arena and your vision, where you fight the overboss, and you have to console delete the bottles to get through there and see. But it's my understanding from past posts it only occurs for folks using a mod that requires you to change bUseCombinedObjects to 0 (ie Scrap Everything) or includes similar ini edits. That's the only time I had it happen.
  2. Well really the point I wanted to make was that I'm also convinced it's not a vanilla bug, and as Arthmoor stated, is influenced by mods, whichever mods those might be in individual cases. For our household, removing AFT has kept the problem from occurring for the past four years using a variety of other mods across dozens of characters and play-throughs. Also, I'm still playing classic Skyrim rather than SSE, so I gather it's still an issue on the new version.
  3. No, aside from armor and weapon mods, I have the unofficial patch, Campfire and some other fixes like Wiseman and Kryptopyr stuff. But what I can add to that is my husband and I don't use any of the same mods except for the unofficial patch and at that time AFT (our play styles are completely opposite and he just doesn't use the other fixes). So whether there is some correlation between the unofficial patch and AFT-type mods causing that, I don't know. I don't even remember if I had the unofficial patch way back then as there was a period of time when I first started playing that I didn't use it.
  4. I'm convinced it's caused by follower mods such as AFT. I used it years ago and this bug happened every single time. I have a much smaller mod list these days and nothing related to follower behavior and the bug never occurs anymore. My husband had the issue as well, I suggested removing AFT on his next new game, and he no longer has the problem either.
  5. I've been through there a few times on various characters and I never had that happen. Reading through those posts a few trace it to a specific mod but they're all different mods. My game is pretty lightly modded so there's got to be some relation to a mod. I just have a couple weapon and clothing mods. I don't do settlements so only have two mods to decorate Red Rocket. And then a few textures. Also I only use hard saves and I've only been in there when not playing on survival (not sure any of that matters).
  6. Absolutely awesome! Thanks for doing this.
  7. Don't know the technical stuff but just thought I'd chime in that I've used this mod for a long time on multiple characters without issue. By without issue, I mean I never crash, ever and have seen no oddities with NPC pathing. I've used INPC with it. The INPC blog has a patch for Nernies' Thief Edition but not this mod, and I've never noticed a conflict with the two mods. Never used Civil War Overhaul. There is a very lightweight version of this mod on STEP. They've included it to be compatible with ETAC and a host of other mods. But I've used it completely on its own when I'm using Arthmoor's villages and it's clean with no deleted navmeshes. You can find it linked on their Explorer Pack page. If I remember it just adds the buildings outside Windhelm and Solitude since ETAC covers the other places.
  8. Aside from patches, skse, etc., one must have for me is The Choice is Yours. I don't do most of the quests, especially daedric quests, and rarely join any of the factions. Having quests in my journal that I'll never do drives me batty. Hand-in-hand with that is Timing is Everything. Like Leonardo, I don't like Dawnguard but do own it so I just use the slider to disable Durak from stalking me from town to town, along disabling with the Solstheim Miraak-related quests. My tastes are more simple and conservative, so I use the Breezehome Firepit Removed as well. I use all of Nernie's mods, which overhauls some towns, and adds player homes, merchants and useful items. And I use pretty much everything by FranklinZunge for armor replacers and new clothes. For body style I use either vanilla or CNHF2.5. With either of these I can use all UNP armors and the one CBBE item I did like worked fine as well.
  9. Any time I've done this quest with a follower mod installed (AFT usually), I've had this happen as well. Have been playing without multi-follower mods for about a year now and never had it happen. I tried using Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks on a new playthrough, more recently and sure enough it happened again.

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