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  1. Thanks for a quick fix! Too quick in fact. After I posted I went to "clear cookies" and went to post the report again - it worked. I then went to edit this in the post above and then it didn't want to accept the edit! Then I saw your unreal fast fix only to realize it wasn't a cookie issue. Geez. hehe
  2. I am unable to create new ticket in bug tracker. Simple placed reference bug report for USLEEP. Been getting these error messages: Notice: Undefined variable: conf in /home/afkmods/bugtracker/includes/class.backend.php on line 1081 Fatal error: Class 'HTMLPurifier_Config' not found in /home/afkmods/bugtracker/includes/class.backend.php on line 1082 Error #3: Repeated action, redirecting to main page. Started appearing no less than 12 hours ago. No problems with creating bug reports before that. Nothing changed on my side.
  3. I'm getting Error #7 (incorrect PW) in new bug tracker even when PW is correct. Should I just reset PW or is this a temporary quirk? Can't login in new tracker 2nd day now. On another browser I get "Error #23: User or group not enabled for login." (with same info).
  4. I have collected every skill book in Skyrim mainland except for three which simply refuse to appear, no matter what. And no console manipulation that I know of can make them appear for me to collect (and easily solving my issue). The books are: 1. Sithis / DB sanct; 2. Sithis / DS sanct; 3. Sacred Witness / DS sanct (following image is made by me using CK for the first time ever, modified to load all master files up to USLEEP) Image shows these 3 book properties (in order I mentioned them) which differentiate from most, if not all, other skill books - notably the "Initially Disabled" and
  5. I think I discovered an undocumented change which isn't mentioned in the complete change-log (not just latest patch): 0010acb5 - this note in Honningbrew Meadery USLEEP renames from "Have Need of Cynric" to "Maven Black-Briar's Offer" but I could not find any record of it. It got me confused for a good hour while collecting lose ends in my game before I figured it out . Pretty sure it's USLEEP that done it because loading the game without it gives the note back its vanilla name. Btw, I am not questioning the change itself, just the missing record of it. Apologies if this is in wrong
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