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  1. Heh i had the same issue, after reading this thread i checked gmails spam folder, and sure there was an account validation email right there. A note saying that the account needs to be validated would be cool for those unlucky people with a overzealous spam filter.
  2. So uh why does temper need additional material if it only grinds parts of the weapon off? Additional material would make sense if the weapon is reheated, more material added, shaped and than grinded at the end, and all that reduced only to showing the animation of grinding for more simple gameplay. If it really only is grinded than the additional material requirment makes no sense.
  3. Oh you mean the "Any weapon or piece of armor can be improved at a smithy, regardless of the material type or the smith's skill or perks. Smithing perks increase how much the item is improved." What if the loading screen was only meant to convey that the player does not need the respective material perks to improve things made from those materials. And they just didnt think about the deeper implications of the text "Any weapon or piece of armor" ??? Although one could interpret it either way, i see no harm in making the other weapons or armor improvable, but i think the Ebony Blade should be definitly an exception, since the lore for Ebony Blade specifically says that no forge can heat it.
  4. I noticed the Unoffical patch says "Fixed the following weapons and armor not being improvable at a workbench or grindstone: ___ Ebony Blade (4838F)___" yet if you read the book near the Ebony Blade it specifically says "Not even the hottest fires of the Skyforge could melt it; indeed the coals themselves seemed to cool when it was placed within." So to me it seems that having the Ebony blade unimprovable is actually intended and not a bug. While that would make the Ebony Blade not so strong as other weapons, I think the unoffical patch is supposed to be purely a bugfix, not a balance mod?
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