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  1. Oops. I got confused by the thread title "All Games" and didn't realize that fork was not part of the discussion here. Sorry. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I noticed that version of Wrye Flash was pretty old when I tried to change install order and load order and instead of dragging and dropping I had to right click and type in numbers. I wondered whether the BSA Redirection from that old version would work even before I installed but couldn't find anything definitive on it, I when I asked about it on a Fallout 3 thread I was told that it worked the same as any other form of BSA Redirection. Maybe instead of updating that old version to provide proper BSA Redirection, are you able to just add a notice on the front description page on the Nexus that alerts people that they should use another form of BSA Redirection with that version of Wrye Flash? That may help others from suffering similar confusion. EDIT: You are correct about being able to drag and drop after sorting once by modified date. Drag and drop sorting now works for me. Thanks for pointing that out, It didn't work the first time and I never thought to try again.
  2. Yeah, I reported it in the Wrye Flash thread on Nexus. Looks like Sharlikran just released an update a couple weeks ago fixing the form version of the bashed patch, so maybe this will get fixed too.
  3. Well, it turns out Wrye Flash's BSA Redirection is broken. It makes the required ini changes but does not install a dummy bsa file into data directory. I ended up noticing this when my replacement textures were not appearing in game, and after turning off BSA Redirection in Wrye Flash and installing Archive Invalidation manually from the link alt3rn1ty posted, all problems are working properly.
  4. EDIT: I answered my own question. After some testing, it appears that the old Valda's fork for Fallout 3’s Wrye Flash's BSA Redirection is broken. It makes the required ini changes but does not install a dummy bsa file into data directory. After turning off BSA Redirection in Wrye Flash and installing Archive Invalidation manually, all problems are solved. Wrye Flash for Fallout 3 is kinda old, does anyone know if Wrye Flash's BSA Redirection work properly, or should I be using another method of BSA Redirection instead? The reason I am asking is I am having a minor archive invalidation/BSA Redirection problem with Wrye Flash. The only tool I have ever used for archive invalidation/BSA Redirection in all games is Wrye Bash/Wrye Flash, and its never failed me before. But I was trying to install a body replacer last night and it worked fine for the raider and ghoul races, but not for the normal races. I am still getting vanilla upperbody textures for the normal races, which looks hideous on a Type 3 or 5 body. I have checked and double checked (both through Wrye Flash and by checking the data folder directly) to make sure the files were installed into the right folder (textures/characters/female) and that the right textures were installed. But the game is using the vanilla textures from the Fallout BSA file. I also checked to make sure the BSA Redirection flag was set in Wrye Flash. The only way I was able to get the right textures to appear in game was by creating a new folder with a different path name and putting the textures in there and changing the file path the three race records (Caucasian, Asian, African and Hispanic) to point to the new folder instead of textures/Characters/female. If I do that then I can get the new textures to show up in game. But I would like to get the BSA Redirection figured out so I don't need such inelegant workarounds. Any suggestions?
  5. Yes, when two mods edit the same record only the last one loaded has any effect on that record in the game. The exception is records that merge at runtime. Here is a link to a video that explains record conflicts pretty well and explains how to patch such conflicts in xEdit. After watching this you should get a good idea how load orders and conflict resolution patches work, and why conflict resolution patches are necessary when running multiple mods that are trying to edit the same records.
  6. It's understandable that authors who are moving on to SSE would drop their support for classic because its twice the work to maintain two versions of each mod. I just hope they all don't take down their mods. Giving them to the caretaker or just locking comments and posting a notice that the mod is no longer supported would be a better option. Nevertheless, I have been updating my catalog of unused mods just in case. If I see something on Nexus that looks like I might want it someday, I just download it to my external hard drive for future reference. For me, it is not an "either/or" proposition, so I will never "switch" to SE, but instead will play both LE and SE. I have spent a lot of time getting my current load order of probably about 200 or so mods, many of which are older Skyrim mods (or older versions of mods) that have been manually merged or rewritten in various ways, and with my self-created conflict resolution patches, etc. my LE game rock solid stable at near 60 FPS everywhere except in certain towns and cities that have been edited by my own edited versions of ETAC and JK Lite, where the FPS sometimes drops into the mid 30s. I can't remember exactly the last time my LE Skyrim crashed, it was at least a month ago, maybe longer and I have played probably close to 50 hours since then. Most of these mods I am using are older versions of mods that won't ever be ported and it would be a ton of work for me to port it all myself. Given how well my LE game runs and the fact that it could never be duplicated in SE, at least not without a crapton of work by yours truly, I see no reason to get rid of it simply because a new and improved version of Skyrim is available. Instead, I will use SE as an exiting opportunity to make a whole new load order that may be quite different from what I am currently running, without abandoning my LE load order. I like the idea of having two versions of Skyrim on my PC, so I can switch between two very different load orders without having to worry about using different profiles. It's more convenient to just have two different Skyrim installs that to switch profiles, and since I already have a really good load order going in LE, I am just going to keep it forever, right along side of SE and whatever mods I end up using in SE. LE and SE are different games, after all and they can co-exist quite peacefully on the same hard drive.
  7. Well, I seem to have solved my instability issue with Fallout 3 and the "fix" turned out to be quite simple and not one listed in this thread, so I thought I would report back for the good of the order. The solution was simple. Cap FPS at 30 in FSR. I had been playing with it capped at 60 (and I tried 59) but playing at 30 seems to be much more stable for both Fallout 3 and Oblivion. If I set FPS at anything higher than 30, the game crashes every hour or so, but when FPS is capped at 30, I can play for four or five hour stretches without an issue. The game still crashes occasionally, but not nearly as frequently. Turning off auto-updaters and auto-maintenance while playing also seems to help.
  8. Great. Thanks! As for how it works in game, well at least this particular change seems to work fine, but I will be sure to play test any such changes thoroughly. Thanks again.
  9. Is there any hidden danger of changing a script reference from one spell to another with xEdit, specifically in Fallout 3? For example, in the FWE script that applies the toolkit spell when you have a toolkit in your inventory, changing the script reference from the toolkit spell to the workbench spell, so you get the same boost to repair when you have a toolkit as when you are standing next to the workbench. Wondering if there were any problems with editing script references in this manner using xEdit? I tried it last night and it seemed to work fine, but I am still learning how scripts work so I wanted to check.
  10. Thanks for your reply. That’s good to know, and it sounds like the same approach Meh-321 took with Crash Fixes for Oldrim. I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see whether any problems will be discovered with Crash Fixes but it has been used by a couple hundred thousand people for almost two years without apparent issue. Although now looking at NVAC, it has twice as many unique downloads as Crash Fixes. But there isn’t as much information/discussion out there on NVAC as Crash Fixes, so your experience is helpful. I’ve been trying to get a lightly modded (only the updated unofficial patch, FWE, Iron Sights, DC Interiors and Metro Cab Interiors) game of Fallout 3 going, but I have not been able to get it nearly as stable as any of my much heavier modded games of Morrowind, Oblivion and Oldrim. I’ve tinkered with every fix in this guide, except NVAC, and the game still has random and non-repeatable crashes, freezes and has infinite loading screens every hour or two. That’s at least five times as many crashes as I’m getting in any TES game, where I can typically play at least five to ten hours, sometimes as much as 30 or 40 hours between crashes. I even dug into my codecs to verify that I don’t have any ffdshow codecs that many people have reported problems with when trying to run Fallout 3. The only thing I have not tried yet is NVAC and ENBoost, but with my lightly modded game with no texture replacers or graphics mods, I doubt my vram is running out. I checked my system ram with task manager running on top of the game and it was running at under 700 mb of system ram when it crashed, so I don’t think it’s any type of out of memory issue. I may have to try NVAC. Thanks. Edit: not sure why my posts are changing font mid stream. Must be something to do with my phone. Sorry.
  11. Thanks. That's what I thought but the way the guide is written its kind of confusing. The guide also recommends making a shortcut to Fallout.exe to set affinity/priority and then recommends to do the same with the FOSE Loader, but it seems like that would make a shortcut to Fallout.exe redundant, correct? Also, do you have opinion on the usefulness of nvac.dll (the new vegas anti-crash dll recommended in the guide)? I am a little leery of "crash fixing" dll files.
  12. Is there a reason why you use this instead of the bsa redirection feature in Wrye Flash?
  13. I got my first "bad" comment the other day, on an Oblivion mod of all things, but the guy was pretty polite about it at least -- still kind of annoying though since he was saying there was a problem with my mod ( a compatibility patch) that was actually caused by his own tinkering with my patch (he used Wrye Bash to change masters so he could use my patch with a master it wasn't designed for) that he didn't bother to even mention until we got into a discussion about it.
  14. I am glad your experience on Bethnet has been positive. At some point I will have to install the SSE CK and learn how to mod SSE. I used to spend a fair bit of time at the old forum but really have not visited Bethnet much at all. That's great news.
  15. It certainly won't keep the bulk of the community back in the 32 bit stone age but it will keep the bulk of the Requiem users there. There is no other mod or combination of mods that do quite what Requiem does, and we will still need the sky proc patcher to get Requiem ported to SSE, but with two down, here's hoping for the third. That's okay if the community leaves the Requiem fanbase behind -- Requiem has always been a niche mod catering to the tastes of old school roleplayers. It's understandable that people who don't use Requiem would prefer a more stable platform and would move on to SSE, although I have gotten my game to the point where crashes are pretty rare, maybe once every 10 to 20 hours of play. But once Requiem makes the leap to SSE, so will I. It is obviously a better platform overall.
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