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    Nebulous112 got a reaction from RavenMind in Considering moving to Canada. Is there anywhere there that's warm? Probably not..   
    Absolutely. But I guess it depends on your definition of warm. The west coast is comparatively warm - Southern BC is where you want to be. It rains a lot in Vancouver, but it is surprisingly pretty sunny in Victoria. Much less rain. Beautiful little city, IIRC. And hardly ever snows. Small, though. Living on "the island" is it's own unique lifestyle. Pretty laid back.
    For big cities weather-wise, I would suggest Calgary or Vancouver. Calgary can get really cold, but it usually isn't, and it experiences "Chinooks" during the winter, periods of warm weather driven by winds off the mountains. It is sunny almost all the time. Economy is historically very good as well. People compare it to Denver because of the mountains.
    Vancouver's weather is like Seattle, but maybe a bit sunnier. Still wet. But rarely gets snow. Bigger city than Calgary, and more diverse. A large Asian population. Decent economy. Much better culture, and somewhat better nightlife than Calgary. But house prices are ridiculous. Does not get hardly as cold as Calgary can get, though.
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    Nebulous112 got a reaction from RavenMind in I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.   
    The fight is not over yet...I hope the people of the US can keep raising enough of a stink for a bill to go through for Net Neutrality in Congress.
    It would put legislators on the record as to their support, either way.
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    Nebulous112 reacted to RavenMind in I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.   
    Big surprise, the people lost out to corporate interests once again. Trump's America.. *sigh*

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