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  1. It's not just UPlay; everyone is giving away free stuff right now. Good time to be a cheap gamer, lol. Company of Heroes 2 is free on Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle has had a few different free games out in the past few days, only for a short period at a time (a couple days I think). So be on the lookout for more - I've already missed a couple myself. :-/ Plants vs. Zombies: GotY Edition is free on Origin. Also, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, LIMBO, and a bunch of other games are free on GOG Connect if you already have them on Steam. It's the first time I have seen BGII:EE on GOG Connect, but I don't religiously check it. The really neat thing about the GOG editions of the Beamdog Enhanced Editions is they also come with a serial code for an original copy of the game. So if you get them through GOG Connect, it is like two free games instead of one! In your game library, click on the Enhanced Edition and navigate to the serial codes, and go to the website to get the original game added to your library.
  2. This may be a good addition to Buddah (from this thread in the Skyrim Classic - Knowledge Base forum):
  3. Ganda has released documentation for the FOMOD format, as well as a FOMOD tutorial. This is in addition to his previously released FOMOD Validator tool. Project link here, direct link to documentation here. Edit: Ganda's original comments from the Reddit thread:
  4. Now fixed (for Windows 10) in the latest Windows Insider Flight build. Will be included in the Fall Creator's update for mainstream builds. It is doubtful the bug will ever be fixed for Win 8/8.1. Link to Reddit post by Microsoft Dev: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/6k58mf/dx9_4gb_memory_issue_should_be_fixed_in_new/
  5. I would agree that it could be possible, if the author was not so well known. His Bug Fixes mod for original Skyrim is genius, and widely used. It is getting to the point where I almost have forgotten about the lip sync bug. :-) Not to mention Crash Fixes...while controversial, it is widely used, and to great effect. And the collaboration with Sheson for the SKSE plugin preloader, which has basically made the SKSE memory patch obsolete when used with Crash Fixes. The guy is a hell of a software engineer. I seriously doubt he has any malicious intent.
  6. Sounds to me like Game of the Year edition is incoming...
  7. Lol is this dox Arthmoor day, or what?
  8. Sounds like you need a German translation of UFO4P. I believe there is one, not sure where or how up-to-date it is. Maybe check the UFO4P Nexus page for a translation list? Someone with the Unofficial Patch Team may know more.
  9. I see the same thing as Arthmoor on both counts. Chrome on Win 10.
  10. I only know of the two major bugfix compilations for Fallout 3 that you mentioned. The newer one contains all of Quazzy's fixes, IIRC. A good guide to get some ideas for utilities, fixes, textures, etc. for your FO3 install: Kelmych's Clear and Present Danger guide. For New Vegas, the best unofficial patch is YUP - Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch. There is also Mission Mojave, but it has a few issues and not nearly as many bug fixes. There are other good fix mods such as Unofficial Patch Plus, which is a compilation of fixes not included in YUP mostly because they require NVSE. What you may be thinking of with regard to a mod made by one of the game's original dev team is JSawyer, but it is more of a gameplay mod to make the game more challenging. There is a newer mod inspired by the original (and not made by Josh Sawyer), JSawyer Ultimate Edition. Edit: The out of scope stuff for the Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch I mentioned is really not very serious, and they address it in a straightforward manner on the main Nexus page of the mod. I am personally happier with those slightly out-of-scope fixes in, but I know even a hint of out of scope patching can bother some people. As I have seen many times before hanging around these forums (even if the complaint is unwarranted). :-P
  11. I would suggest the new one, Alt. They go a bit beyond their scope, but nothing extreme. And it is the most updated, with the largest amount of fixes.
  12. This bug has nothing to do with the ~3.1GB of RAM that a 32-bit application can use. This bug restricts the VRAM available to DX9 applications to 4GB. This includes any virtual RAM allocated to be shared with the GPU (per ENB/ENBoost). The bug can be confirmed by running Boris' VRAMSizeTest Tool. http://enbdev.com/download_vramsizetest.htm On Windows 8/10, the maximum value is 4064MB for DX9 (this is VRAM + shared virtual RAM). On Windows 7, this arbitrary maximum value does not exist - the value will show whatever is actually available on your computer. From the DirectX dev in the linked Reddit thread: "Hey guys, sorry this took so long to get taken care of. I was being honest when I said this was the first I heard of the issue - I've been on the DirectX team for over 5 years (joined at the end of Win8 development) and had no idea about this problem, or I would've pushed to fix it sooner. For what it's worth, the reason it broke and the reason it's not simply trivial to fix is because there's an API available in D3D9 which is completely broken if we allow more than 4GB to be used. Since this API can only return a limit of 4GB, we had to rationalize what it means to be able to allocate more than that. In the Win8 timeframe, the rationalization was that it didn't make sense and 4GB should be a hard limit in D3D9 - which was apparently the wrong answer, since at least some apps depended on more than that. Hopefully we get it right this time. I wish I could get the fix to you sooner, but it's got a lot of validation to go through before it makes it to the insider fast ring. I had no idea there were this many people clamoring for a fix, so seeing this makes me glad that I started reaching out."
  13. Credit to this Reddit thread for the news. See here: http://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5493

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