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  1. +maboleth (Native english speaker here). There is nothing strange - the usual cliché is "(She) is not just a pretty face", meaning (in an extreme interpretation) "unusually for a woman, she is capable of more than standing around wanting to be admired/waited on hand-and-foot by heterosexual men, which is womens' purpose after all; she can actually walk and talk at the same time" (You get my drift, I'm sure). However, it usually means (in reference to both genders these days) that there is more to someone than meets the eye. However, Kematu's use implies that you could be fooled by some
  2. Many thanks - USLEeP now re-installed at the cost of "Unlimited Bookshelves" (no big deal) and "Cutting Room Floor" (Pity - includes all of the things B'sda cut out/didn't really finish). I rather thought it would end up being more than that, but then realised that for a mod to have explicit dependencies on an unofficial patch is a little silly... [EDIT] Aaaaaaand, oh look. Both of them have updates for USLEeP (D'Oh!). I am unused to such efficiency!
  3. Obvious bug (yet I cannot find it anywhere here, maybe it is just my stupid)... I have just noticed this Combined Patch, installed it, jumped through hoops, then reverted. Problem: If any mod have a dependency on (e.g.) the Skyrim Unofficial Patch (by name) (as an example, "Unlimited Bookshelves" NexusID 10891), then it does not find the .esp to depend upon because it is wrapped up into the USLEeP. If you put that individual patch (SEP) into the loading order on its own (anywhere) as well as the USLEeP, Skyrim then whines that it has found two of them, and warns of dire consequences.
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