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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I looked into it and now I understand what Arthmoor means. Looks like it not possible that the patch use the strings from the original esm. I trough it is possible to let all the Text fields untouched if you edit some data... but then a empty texts are shown in-game. In german we have an grammar patch that simple replaced the strings via bsa. If you only edit the string entries this is the safest way. Ok but now the only problem translators have: Is your Xbox/PS esp identical? (in addition to texture compression)
  2. I never said that the patch team have to translate it. Only to make text edits in the main Skyrim_English.strings so all the edits are only for the english version of skyrim. The only strings that are necessary to tranlate are the few NEW strings from the patch esp (unofficial skyrim special edition patch_english.STRINGS). To make the patch working even if you don't have an translation you can simple create all the strings with the English placeholder. After that you don't even necessary need an translation because only the few new text entries from the esp are English. Actually we need to edit the patch esp with some tools and maybe we broke some things beside. Also it is only possible to deliver the whole package as an translation and not only a small fix FOR the patch. This is why many translations are not on Bethesda.net. (The most problems: We don't know how to uploade the ini file to Bethesda)
  3. This question is for both, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4. You always wrote something about but it never came... I know there Bethesda is to stupid to release the official tools for the translation string thing but some community tools already support it (I tested it with SSEEdit and it worked for your esp). So why you dont use them? Why this is better for all: Actually you edit Text lines direct in the esp instead in the string file of your language = All languages are overwritten and the Text field no more has an/the "StringID". For the few new Text entries you can simple generate a StringID with string files in your bsa archive = Translators can simple translate the string files. They can send them to you or upload an empty esp and a bsa archive with other translated string files. (like unofficial skyrim special edition patch_german.STRINGS for german). You and all the translators only need one tool for Text fields: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/134 Is it possible that you remove text entries from your esp and put them in the original english strings and generate a string file of new text entries you added in your patch? Maybe only as a beta version first 🥺🥺🥺 Translators only need to use the xTranslator and 5 min work to us the new system after this. (possible with compare and Custom dictionary function)
  4. Hello, its very hard to uploade a translations of your patch. The only way I found is to unpack the ba2 and repack it with the CreationKit upload process. So I have to create a .achlist after every new version of the unpacked ba2 content to insert..... Is there a way to uploade the esp without to repack the ba2 files? If not: Can you uploade also the ba2 content with a .achlist? How do you upload a compressed ba2 archiv? Default if you pack a ba2 in creationkit it would be uncompressed..
  5. what exactly does the ini? can i put any ini setting in this file to override a setting from Skyrim_default.ini, Skyrim.ini... ? ex: can i add "sLanguage=GERMAN"? (for a translated "text only" version)

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