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    The Katariah - the personal transport vessel of the Emperor - is pirate's ship!
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    The Katariah - the personal transport vessel of the Emperor - is pirate's ship!
  10. So.. I finally gain the achievement "Kindred Judgement" which I installed CVR 1.1.2. That's great! The "Quest: Look for rubbles" is really nice. It give me entertainment for maybe two hours thank to The One of the harbor. Thank you very much for this mod! There are only three little issue I am unhappy out of: 1) The bodies of the Volkihar vampires are cleared but fallen members of Dawnguard aren´t.They persist even after 33 days waiting in exterior (bodies are in interior) of the castle .(Beleval's body "02015c14", Agmaer's body "02017797"). 2) Items fall through/from a display case in Serana´s storeroom. This items are: JewelryRingGold '0126D0' and DummyDagger '0126D1'. 3) There is missing "NobleChestDrawers02" (000C2A04) in Serana´s Room. It's ID is "0x00DC36". It seems be for change in XESP - Enable Parent: Reference - DLC1VCSeranaRoom. If it is restored "NobleChestDrawers02" will be visible (after clearing room). Pictures: http://www.afkmods.com/uploads/gallery/category_10/gallery_5041_10_108601.jpg, http://www.afkmods.com/uploads/gallery/category_10/gallery_5041_10_164578.jpg It's possible that some problem is on my end but I couldn't see anything wrong. The castle was conquered by Dawnguard, CVR installed after Harkon´s demise and exit the island. I will appreciate any advice. Thank you! Edit: removed a couple of typos
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    Castle Volkihar rebuild 1.1.2
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    Castle Volkihar rebuild 1.1.2
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    Arkngthamz - drowning on dry land (in CK)
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