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  1. Note: I doubt this mod will ever be finished. It is intended just to keep me entertained and fill some free time creating stuff. I want to make a nice dungeon mod. Complete with quests, a little village, npcs. Maybe a custom Island. Some new models or textures, maybe even voice acting!! But I need a place to keep track of what needs to be learned, what needs to be made and what is done. So I'm making this thread. If you see anything that you have knowledge on, let me know or post it here. Words in red I need to learn. Yellow I've learned but yet to do. Green is implemented ideas. Blue is OMG THAT BE AWESOME. What I want the mod to be Main point: A quest that centers around a dungeon. I dont want this to be a dungeon that you can complete in one go. More something that you go until you die and then come back at a higher lvl. So, start game and get to lvl 5. Have a courier run by you (NOT stopping. thats dumb) yelling about a Giant Rat invasion near Falkreath. PING the quest starts, telling you to go to a area. There you find an innkeeper being attacked by rats. If you save him, he tells you about a portal that opened in his basement and rats came out of it. (If he dies you loot a diary and a key off of him) [-if he lives he becomes a merchant selling swords and potions. If he dies you get his house-] Entering the portal takes you to the dungeon. The idea is that there are many many levels. Each one being slightly harder than the last. Every 5 lvls there is a room with gold. Every 10 a portal back up that saves your lowest lvl {MCM menu that shows you lowest lvl and kills of each type?} as well as a "supply crate" that lets the innkeeper (if alive) sell more stuff. Exiting the dungeon brings you back to the basement. Every 25 lvls supply's a checkpoint. However. Entering the portal again starts you back at the last checkpoint (1 25 50 ...) What I haven't decided is whether to make any lvls have puzzles Need to Learn This is general concepts I need to learn. Some I'll already know but will be here till I make sure I remember. Really cool stuff This is stuff that'll probably never happen but its fun to dream and more to be added tomorrow
  2. Was only 4 for me. They really suck at updating games.
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