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  1. I happen to have backup copy of RAEVWD Elsweyr Anequina V3, It is smaller than 97MB so I could even added it as attachment. Would it be okay for me to upload the file in this thread?
  2. Do I have to fix navmeshes that are green? There is no delete flag next to this navmesh but it has been edited. After I removed record of navmesh flagged as deleted and renamed the "green" navmesh with its name the record turned purple. Am I doing it correctly? I am trying to fix deleted navmeshes in Nature of Beast.esp
  3. Thanks brother. I see that that latest release got deleted tags well... there were more bash tags before....
  4. Bash Patch isn't good with importing Actor Information Data - perks. When I removed Actor Information Data from Bashed Patch.esp it solved my CTD after Bethseda logo.
  5. I omitted massive error caused by unnecessary/broken plugin which got referenced into Bashed Patch. If I delete that record I get crashes in the feature playthrough (initially confirmed). How do I go about disabling that reference? This error causes the ranged tree perks to be unacceptable when spending perks. It also messed up my dexterity perk tree (Perkus Overhaul).
  6. Guys you need to add support for Wrye Installer so it writes other folders than standard textures, meshes and scripts into Data folder. There are a lot of mods which adds their on folders into Data which Wrye Bash doesn't recoginized and lists in the skipped section. Example of my Data folder:
  7. I tried out Wrye Bash 306.0.24-Experimental - Standalone Executable. I get this error whenever I deactive or move plugins down the list. Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 1017, in OnLeftDown File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 1069, in _checkUncheckMod File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 4219, in refresh File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 4394, in reloadBashTags File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 3575, in reloadBashTags File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 5275, in getBashTags File "bash\loot.pyo", line 364, in GetModBashTags File "bash\loot.pyo", line 231, in LootErrorCheck bash.loot.LootError: LootError: loot_error_no_tag_map:No Bash Tag map has been previously generated. Wrye Bash 306.201504212256 works fine.
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