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  1. I've listened to every word you said and read the change log entry. I'm the one who suggested the fix to the issue in the first place and as such I know full well about the fix. Like I keep saying, I've tested the fix and it's not completely fixed. I'm just trying to help you by pointing this out so that you don't have to deal with this in the future. I've attached some pictures of TES5Edit and SSEEdit showing what I'm talking about in my linked report above. Let me know if you require more proof.
  2. Yes, but the problem is that like I said in the linked report the game may only summon one wolf, even though the perk descriptions say that more than one should be summoned at once.
  3. The Totem of Brotherhood Werewolf ability still only summons 1 wolf, regardless of which werewolf perks you have (if any). This is with USSEP 4.0.7 installed. This also applies to USLEEP 3.0.9 if the player doesn't have either of the werewolf summon perks. Here is a bug report of the problem.
  4. The issue is still there for me, but it does seem a bit better. The back of the chair and the side in picture 3 still has the problem for me. The mesh is fine on the Legendary Edition.
  5. Considering that the issue doesn't appear on the Legendary Edition on PC, it's probably just that the Special Edition doesn't respond positively to certain changes being made to some meshes, since I don't notice the issue if the vanilla mesh is installed.
  6. I've only noticed this issue on that loading screen. I don't know of any other loading screens that have this problem. Also, there is a solid black square on Xbox One and black flashes on PC Special Edition. I'm able to reproduce the issue even without USSEP installed by extracting the Architecture\WhiteRun\WRClutter\WRThrone01Static.nif mesh from the USSEP bsa and putting it in the data\meshes folder as a loose file.
  7. I have this too on Xbox One. I also only see the black square if I rotate the chair. I've also reproduced the issue on PC Special Edition by putting a GetRandomPercent <= 100 condition on the SkyrimMoot load screen in the Creation Kit to test it. The issue doesn't appear on the PC Legendary Edition.
  8. I've looked into this again and I can now confirm the issue. I can also confirm that it is not an Xbox One exclusive issue. To reproduce the issue, have the player character be a male and set their weight to 50%.
  9. This is now live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Same with Skyrim Special Edition.
  10. This is now live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Same with Fallout 4.
  11. I'd like to add that removing the flag alone doesn't cause the problem. It happens when you have the USLEEP/USSEP dragonactorscript.pex installed as well. You can reproduce the vibration by simply having the USLEEP/USSEP dragonactorscript.pex installed and a mod that removes the "Is Full LOD" flag from the DragonPerch marker at Lost Tongue Overlook. This is because the game runs the "game.shakeController(95, 95, 2)" function in the EVENT onAnimationEvent(objectReference deliverator, string eventName) section. It probably doesn't matter anyway since it seems to be an engine bug.
  12. Here's proof that Xbox One will get a patch next week, along with PS4 and PC. Looks like they're skipping patch 1.3 on Xbox One and are just going to give us patch 1.4 instead.
  13. Xbox One doesn't have Official Patch 1.3 yet, so the issue with slow time isn't fixed for us yet. We aren't due a patch until next week.

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