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  1. The 2.0.17 version you posted about is the latest version of SKSE64.
  2. I wish the last two phases never happen, but that's true and part of life I suppose.
  3. That's one thing we have a different opinion about. Although, I think people in general will consider that as a matter of personal principal. You have yours and I have mine, simple as that.
  4. So they created the Creation Club on Bethesda.net. Which is another reason why I don't visit Bethesda.net much aside from the NodeBB crap. Anyway, it seems you and I have different opinions about what modding is.
  5. I was hoping not to see a modder(s) in the Morrowind modding community to actually *abandon* the fundamental principal about what modding is and that is a hobby. Anyway, I am afraid the Patreon, PayPal thing is a trend we need to face and deal with in the future.
  6. Today, OpenMW (official username) posted an update for OpenMW on GHF and this is the first time I heard that some people in the OpenMW project have decided to use Patreon. After I read this I started to be less interested in OpenMW and right now I don't know for sure if I ever will try OpenMW in the future. Probably never. My reason for that is about what I said here.
  7. Last night, I had submitted a post and waiting for the server to refresh when saving my post, but somehow that didn't happen. I notice that something could be related to the cache memory on the server since the symtoms seems familiar, but rather soon AFK Mods stop responding. Has anyone else notice the same thing as I have?
  8. This issue also appear in the IPS version TAL are using now. That kind of bugs, I call it bugs, have been present since IPS 3.2 or was it 3.3 and we all know how buggy the post editor was on the old BSF. I think it all began when IPS decided to automatically parse the post in the post editor.
  9. Welcome to AFK Mods, diaewad! Are you sure about the version (final version)? If you are then you're playing the Skyrim Legendary Edition (SLE). That kind of information doesn't give us a hint what might be wrong, so please post your loadorder. I've also alerted Arthmoor about moving this thread to the correct forum as this forum is for the Skyrim Special Edition (SSE).
  10. Then you need to remove those mods, except for the USSEP of course and start a new game. Because until you have done that no one here can help you.
  11. First off, there is no bug in that quest and when I did that quest I didn't noitce anything wrong and back then I use a lot of mods. Still I was able to finish the quest. Are you using mods? If you do then post your loadorder, otherwise we cannot help you. Using the console just to finish a quest are not recommended, unless you are testing a mod that has a quest or two.
  12. What Arthmoor said, you need to wait for the game to process every active script and using a lot of the mods that has scripts doesn't make it better. So, either wait for the game or remove some scripted mods (unnecessary), but beware removing mods, especially scripted mods, often (check the readme before removing a mod) requires a new game.
  13. Good to see you, Elaura. How goes it? That's not a bad idea and that makes sense.
  14. I see. I didn't know that. Good to know.
  15. I can only guess, but it seems your e-mail address are hosted on blacklisted ISP provider (often used for spammers and SFS has more information about that). Or you can try to clear the cookies in your browser and make sure your e-mail client is updated to the latest version. Another thing you can check and that's about not having NoScript active, if you use it that is.
  16. Welcome to AFK Mods! If you want to remove the CC backpacks then don't use CC mods. Or if that doesn't work then make a request for a mod that removes the CC backpacks. Regarding orphaned scripts, the best solution is to start a new game without mods that's adding scripts.
  17. I thought so and I understand your decision. I guess things you wanted to do includes bug fixes and other things like sync the mods with USSEP every time USSEP gets updated. Correct? Anyway, I bet people wants to use every town/village mods you have created in one esp rather than using several esp.
  18. Have you consider to do this for SSE?
  19. The only work around that works is to start a new game.
  20. I understand what you are saying, but you cannot declare anything as a bug before trying to do in plain vanilla without any mods.
  21. This might help. https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Arcwind_Point#Bugs Also, if you're on PC don't forget to clean the masters.
  22. What Arthmoor said, it's important to check if the mod is version 44 and not version 43. However, someone reported that on Nexus and after I checked I updated my mod.
  23. Just curious. Would that affect my mod (I think I've a map marker placed there)? Anyway, thanks for the update Arthmoor.
  24. Then please tell us how do we register an account there without getting an error. I thought I could use my username and password here over there, at least it was working a couple of years ago.

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