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  1. No. Like I said that's not your loadorder and here I posted my loadorder I had back then, because I haven't started a new game yet.
  2. First, your mod list in the spoiler are not a loadorder and here (I know this is for Wrye Bash for Oblivion, but the feature is exactly the same for Skyrim - both SLE and SSE) can you see how to post a loadorder properly. Second, I doubt USLEEP is the culprit for your issue, so it must be something else.
  3. I didn't notice the announcement of a scheduled maintenance last night (my timezone) or was it an unscheduled maintenance.
  4. Shiverling Isle? Since when did a part of Oblivion be added to SSE. I notice it when I launched the Steam Client so I checked SKSE too.
  5. I'm pretty sure MO is the culprit behind your issue. Try to run LOOT outside of MO and the same thing applies for every mod tool. Run those mod tools outside of MO.
  6. I think C# has C++ as a base, but I am not entirely sure about that so take it with a grain of salt. I know Notepad++ supports both programming languages.
  7. If you can't remember your old password then do this. Change your password here first then click on the link in the e-mail verification and login. After that you should be able to use both your username and password on the AFK Bugtracker.
  8. I don't recall Darkwater was part of the MQ in Skyrim. Or what kind of a MQ are you referring to? @ArthmoorI guess you don't have much left to update for your village mods. The reason I mention this is simple, because I want to use as many of your village mods in my next playthrough. But with further mod updates I would probably wait until most of your village mods is the final version.
  9. Do you remember that guy at the old BSF who released a Non-Oblivion Portal mod (later closed by the mods and the link removed IIRC) that was basically a mod of your Skyrim Open Cities without the Oblivion portals? I think that would be the same as what you said.
  10. Are you having a bad day or what? There is no reason of being rude. Anything that has to do with modding needs to be brought up.
  11. Oh, LOOT for Morrowind!!! Fantastic news. Thanks, WrinklyNinja. @KatarsiI once used Avast and after another update I got for Avast it started to act kind of strange, so after a while I uninstalled Avast and now I use Panda Dome.
  12. Have you thought about adding a "Skip" option to the wizard installer?
  13. Sigurd IS a modder, so he does know something about modding and I admit he knows more about modding than me. And your post show us how much about modding you know, which is basically nothing in comparison to a lot of the people around here. I strongly suggest that you stick with facts and not state something we know is a damn lie.
  14. That's something the people behind Wabbajack cannot prevent anyone to talk about what kind of a mod installation one have done with the Wabbajack. If that's a requirement then I will state my permission for my mods here and now. Also, I won't change my mind about this, so don't ask me to change it. Period!
  15. That comes to me as a surprise since Dark0ne has always put the community first and his commercial ambitions second at least that's my impression I got about Dark0ne. @ZierryI still don't get it what purpose the Wabbajack has, I mean is it just to make mod installations simplier or what other purpose has it.
  16. I wonder why haven't Dark0ne comment that before as he is well known for supporting the modding community. I haven't heard or read anything from Dark0ne about this. Have you read anything from Dark0ne about this?
  17. That's one important aspect.
  18. If you consider that to be a moot point then you have a lot to learn what a modding community is all about. Besides, Arthmoor doesn't need to prove anything. But you need to convince a lot of people of why mod packs are better than mod managers just becasue some people are too lazy to learn how a mod manager really works. You know, your post reminds me about what I said to a guy here when he wanted to know some basics about modding. You are completely mistaken. Arthmoor has back it up with more than 10 years of experience in modding both as a modder but also as a mod user. Speak for yourself. I can give you one good example of a mod pack that does work as intended, even if it's old now and will probably never been updated. I know the mod in question is for Morrowind, but AFAIK MSGO are the only working mod pack out there that both mod users and the team behind it know what can go wrong and how to correct an issue. Check the older threads on BSF. What you should do is keep your mouth shut and start learning from people who knows what they are talking about. Are you saying that you will create a mod pack and that will work? Let me tell you one thing. Unless you post a link to a mod pack that you have created and that can be verified that's actually you who created a mod pack, I don't believe you. True, but without asking a modding related question then you will never learn how to mod. Actually, mod packs does affect because it comes to the most asked questions e.g "is this mod compatible with this mod or that mod?" or "is it safe to update this mod with my current loadorder?". As a modder people expect you to know if it is possible or not and if you are not sure then you must say so, otherwise people will start complaining and you as a modder will have a hard time to answer such questions. Most modders will state what permission a mod author has for a mod and here I state my permission for my mod. It's quite obvious you have no idea what you are talking, so stop talking complete grabage and only speak when you really know what you are talking about. Okay?
  19. I read everything and I think Sigurd is right, automatic mod installation tools is the future and are here to stay until something else replaces it someday in the future. However, I have my doubts the Wabbajack mod installation tool will work, because there is one thing halgari seem to miss and what I am talking about is what policy external hosting sites has. For example, Mediafire is a well known and reliable hosting site and have served a lot modders for a long time, but there are other hosting sites e.g MEGA, ModDB, GameFront (resurrected here) just to mention a few and I know there are a lot of other hosting sites out there. But most of them are not known in the TES modding community, not that I am aware of. Every external hosting site has a policy in which can be changed anytime and sometimes without a warning or without question asked. As I recall it that is what happen on the old GameFront site back in 2012/2013 I think it was when they suddenly changed their policy for every hosted file to actually delete all files that haven't been downloaded in a period of 90 days without a warning in advance. How I know this has to do with some mods a TW modder (now retired) hosted on GameFront (old site) and when I wanted to downloaded a mod or mod tool all I got was a message saying "The file is missing..." or simliar and soon a lot people on TWC discover a lot of missing mods on GameFront over 1 year before GameFront was shut down in early 2014 I think. Sorry for a being a little long winded, but I felt that I needed to explain why I doubt the Wabbajack mod installation tool will work. Anyway, I don't want to be pessimistic without suggesting something else. What I suggest is to let a community site, like AFK Mods (I am not saying AFK Mods should take care of the Wabbajack tool), handle the Wabbajack tool and doing that might be beneficial for a lot of people. No drastic changes without knowning what have changed will happen, unless the host have stop hosting a site.
  20. I think the Morrowind KB forum was the right place to post the How to get past games to run guide. Feel free to move it, if you think it get better exposure elsewhere.

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