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  1. Reposted from the Nexus MA forum. I don't like it one bit and TBH I dunno what reaction I would have if this happen.
  2. Are you using the icon inside the 7zip.exe file? If so then try to find the 7zip.ico file instead as I think that's the reason why you get the "unknown progam" message.
  3. You tell me, as I assume the correct order is what WB show. I wonder when was that changed, because as I recall it LOOT has never done that before. If that happen then the user need to solve a conflict between two mods and LOOT would probably give the user a message about it.
  4. Yes. I am sure, otherwise the color for the Keld-Nar - Trade and Barter Patch.esp would be green in WB wouldn't it.
  5. I dunno why, but it seems LOOT doesn't handle the masters of the Keld-Nar - Trade and Barter Patch.esp properly. Before I changed it LOOT didn't moved the Keld-Nar.esp after the Trade & Barter.esp when using the Keld Nar - Trade and Barter Patch.esp. That happen even if I use the latest master list in LOOT.
  6. After using the "player.setrelationshiprank 00019df7 5" command in the console and letting 1-2 days pass in-game I was able to get the quest started and talk to Mjoll about Grimsever. Today, I went back to the location Grimsever can be found during the quest and it was there alright, so I grab it and talked to Mjoll about finding Grimsever then I gave it to her. Which finish the quest properly. Listen, I think there is something in the game that prevents that dialogue for Mjoll to get started and without getting the dialogue no quest will be triggered. What I'm trying to say is that when I started the game I didn't use USSEP and only later I added USSEP along with other mods, so the bugs USSEP are supposed to fix doesn't get fixed (obviously not for Mjoll) due for not using USSEP when I started a new game. Does that makes sense to you?
  7. I didn't say USSEP need to fix this, all I said was that using USSEP doesn't seem to help.
  8. Nevermind. I didn't use the console command properly.
  9. A while back I started a new game without using mods, only had SKSE64 installed, and after I escaped Helgen with Hadvar I wanted to use the mods I once used 1-2 years ago, so after I installed them I continue playing. Not long ago, around level 15-20 I think, I visit Riften for the first time and heard Mjoll talking to Aerin as usual, but he wasn't present and the scene between them didn't played. After that Mjoll doesn't make her daily patrol with Aerin in Riften nor did I get the dialogoue for the Grimsever's Return quest from her either (see the bugs) and right now I'm in that cell Grimsever is supposed to be found. The only thing that's there is the bloody hide leather shield, but Grimsever is missing. What do I do? Use a console command e.g increase relation, add Grimsever (will add a second copy of Grimsever) and talk to Mjoll. Aside from that I think Mjoll and the quest probably need a separate mod to fix the bugs Bethesda created in vanilla since using USSEP (using the latest) doesn't seem to help.
  10. You mean something similiar to what Morrowind has. http://download.fliggerty.com/download--1024 I guess that not using SKSE64 and using mods that increases spawn points could be tricky, if not impossible due for limiting the features in a mod without using SKSE64.
  11. I know the Tel Nalta mod must be patched when using my mod for SLE since that mod have moved an object I placed a map marker for. Although, not entirely sure if that also applies for SSE. But as for the other mods of yours I haven't notice any issues when using my map markers mod and your mods.
  12. I think it's the latter as Bethesda are known to miss a thing or two. Anyway, the only mod I use that could do this is the Breezehome Loft Crafting mod (I converted it for personal use), but I cannot see how since the mod only add and change one or two objects in Breezehome after the player have purchased the furnitures.
  13. I can also tell you that the Whistling Mine mod blend in well with the map markers I added there to the east, not to mention other village mods of yours. I concur. Life in Skyrim is harsh and sometimes cruel.
  14. Well, not sure to call it a perk overhaul mod, but Arthmoor created the ESO Skyshards mod which will give you a free perk of every three shards you can find in-game.
  15. I must say, I am amazed how well this mod works with other mods like my Skyrim Map Markers mod. Just look at this picture I took earlier today. As you can see a miner from the Oakwood village joined the fray with his pickaxe and the reason for that is the vanilla respawn point that exist close to the Lakeview Manor. Btw... this was the second respawn and the first one was a giant, so placing a village that close to another location with a respawn point is to set up a minor war zone. Although, I wonder if you actually had my mod installed when creating the mod, but if you hadn't my mod installed then I can inform you that there is no issues between the Granite Hill and the Oakwood village mods.
  16. I did the same thing in my current game and I got that book, so I wonder if you cleaned the official masters or not since I did that and had no issues to get the book. Note, I don't use the Ordinator mod. So, I suggest that you remove those mods except for CRF and USSEP, just to see if you get the book.
  17. Today, I bougth Breezehome and at the same time also purchased all furnitures, but when I visit Breezehome for the first time I notice the doors to children's bedroom wasn't the same as it was a couple of years ago. I also took some pictures just to show what is wrong. Children's bedroom. Alchemy room.
  18. I discover another oddity. I wonder why I can't smelt two ebony ore into one ebony ingot when I had just unlocked the Advanced Armor perk and the Nordic Armor requires that perk, but the Nordic Armor also requires one ebony ingot for each Nordic Armor pieces. I also know it's possible to obtain ebony ore in-game e.g two locations in Skyrim, two locations on Solstheim.
  19. I already have Firefox installed, but I refuse to update it, because it's what you just said Firefox (still use version 56.0) has changed too much in recent years.
  20. You present persuasive arguments of why upgrading to Windows 10 is recommended, but there is one thing I don't like one bit and that's Google.
  21. I think it is possible as Arthmoor have done that for a couple of his town/village mods.

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