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  1. Or the original author had withdrawn permission for a mod(s) and MSGO have changed over the years due to changed mod permissions. Have a look what one needs to do in order to make MSGO (the list of bug fixes is at the end in the OP) stable and playable.
  2. Why do think there is a problem with USSEP and not the other mods you use? Have you tried to uninstall USSEP, just to see if the problem goes away? If not then it's likely one of the other mods that is causing the flickering bodies issue and not USSEP.
  3. I know, but what I was trying to say is about a script that's used for AI packages and having a loose script would definitely interfere with a script inside of a BSA. Wouldn't it?
  4. Could loose scripts also cause a stuck NPC issue?
  5. I think most Americans are quite familiar with the 911 Operator, but how about playing as one and right now it is cheap until the 25th of July. https://store.steampowered.com/app/503560/911_Operator/
  6. I think I know what's causing my issue, so I'm gonna to try that. What has the Salmo the Baker got to do with the issue I have?
  7. Yes, I did. Why do you ask? I know one need to run TES4LODGen every time a mod is either removed or installed. I even removed those OCR city related installations e.g Imperial City, Outer District, Sheoth on Shiverling Isle. You need to ask Envy about that.
  8. I removed both RAEVWD and RAEVWD-SI without luck, so there must be something else. Perhaps I need to remove OCR too.
  9. So, you're saying that I need to remove the other RAEVWD and only keep the RAEVWD New Sheoth active. I'll try that and post the result here. Thanks, Arthmoor.
  10. Alright, here is my loadorder. The DLC Delayers mod requires the bashed patch to be rebuilt in CBash, otherwise it won't work properly. If it mattters I had to uninstall the Enchanted Tent mod, because the script simple stop working.
  11. I see no reason to do that. Besides without having Pelletine installed Oblivion is working, but as soon I install Pelletine Oblivion won't work.
  12. All I needed to do was to run the 4gb_patch.exe as an administrator and now it worked. Despite that Oblivion.exe still choke.
  13. I have searched and tried several times to patch Oblivion.exe without luck, because I've no idea what command I need to type in the Windows Run (WinLogo+R) and all I get is a "I can't open executable" message every time I try. I really wish OBSE had the LAA patch included, instead of excluding it. Even MCP for Morrowind automatically apply the LAA patch every time one install the selected patches in MCP.
  14. How do I use it and I need to use it for Oblivion, otherwise I won't be able to play Pelletine? I've use it for Morrowind, but that was a long time ago and now I don't remember how.
  15. Right now I am downloading an update on Steam and I think this time it's an official update for SSE. I've already installed the latest SKSE64 and launched SSE, so it cannot be new CC stuff instead it seems to be something else. I dunno what though. Note, I couldn't follow the downloading process via the downloads on Steam.
  16. Today I returned to the player home in Faregyl Village and I miss the Cobl Luggage. Have you consider to make a Faregyl Village - Cobl Luggage addon for the Aregyl Estate? It could be place to the right wall, across where the painting is to the left, near the entrance when entering the estate.
  17. Could the error I got be related to for using Firefox 56.x since GitHub doesn't support Firefox 56 anymore? That's the only thing I can think of. If that's the case then please make the LOOT with Morrowind support archive available in the same way LOOT is today (working download link regardless what browser one use).
  18. This is the bug fix. So, in order to save your game you must go back to a gamesave before you started the actual quest then do the quest a second time, otherwise the bugfix will not take effect.
  19. TBH, I've no idea what's wrong since I never got such an error before. I don't use proxy, not I am aware of no and about VPN I have no clue whether I use it or not use it.
  20. Iliana is back with a separate city mod.
  21. Yep, I clicked on that shown in the picture without been able to download the archive. All I got was the error message I inlcuded in my previous post.
  22. I did and I pick the latest, but when I tried to download I got this error message. What is wrong?
  23. I've read a little and I want to help, but without using LOOT with Morrowind support, shown here, there isn't much I can do. So where can I download it? I also have Morrowind for both Steam (vanilla) and retail (modded) installed at the same time, plus a lot of mods saved on my PC. There is another thing you guys should know about and that's the Merged Object.esp, which can only be created in TESTool IIRC. Abot has a lot of modding related stuff available on his site so check there. A last thing, if anyone who is working with the "LOOT support Morrowind" project for LOOT should know what tools the Morrowind modding commuity use and they are. Enchanted Editor (equal to xEDIT for FormID based games - Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 4) TESPCD (very useful as a troubleshooting tool for mod issues since its primarily purpose is detecting mod conflicts)
  24. I see. That explains it. Good luck.
  25. I am curious of why both AFK Mods and AFK Bugtracker was down ealier today. Had that to do with an update or was it Linode?

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