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  1. Hmm, I dunno about Windows Defender, but I too use Windows 7 64-bits and the antivirus I use is Panda Dome. Have you tried to use antivirus instead of Windows Defender, just to see if Windows Defender does something or not?
  2. From what I've seen, Serana are sometimes too keen of using the Raise Dead spell even when she seems to be safe, so if getting the chance she always cast the Raise Dead and that could also trigger the engine bug that BlackPete mention. Unfortunately, that also affect followers if they have a staff of raising dead or know the Raise Dead spell.
  3. The bandits you are talking is actually summoned by the necromancer due for being already dead before the player arrived.
  4. Installation of mods is the same, except for two things. Some mods that's converted from SLE to SSE can sometimes show Form Version 43 and not 44. The reason for that is often that converted mods needs to be re-saved in the CK 2 (SSE) and should a converted mod(s) still show Form 43 then load the mod into the CK 2 and re-save it. It has be reported that some converted mods still works in SSE, my mod included, despite for showing Form 43. The other thing that's different in SSE compared to SLE is the Cretion Club and of course the in-game mod manager that's connected to Bethesda.net. Which replaces the Skyrim Workshop on Steam.
  5. Maybe you're right, but shouldn't IPS notify a member about it.
  6. Or she just disabled the PM system here.
  7. I tried to send Anda a PM, unfortunately the same thing happen and I was bounched back to the post editor. So, I thought testing if it is something wrong on my end in which are not as I could send you a PM.
  8. Anda sent me a PM on TAL and now I don't have access there due for being shut down, so I sent her a PM here and when send it got a loop jumping back to where I was before clicking on the "Send" button.
  9. Firefox has a console similiar to Chrome, but I don't remember if Palemoon (I use Palemoon for short time a couple of years ago) have a console or not.
  10. Right, if I had stick around, but remember why and what reason I had back then. Which is why I choose to leave the project almost 5 years ago as I was more less *forced* to make a decision about staying or leaving and I decided the latter. I've since then participated in the public discussions haven't I, but somehow that doesn't seems important for the UMP team. Also, not a single time was I asked if I was intrested to come back. As for asking of coming back, I am not that kind of a guy who beg instead I prefer to be asked.
  11. What? A fair guess of why using quorn's MPP 1.6.6 as base is because it is the latest. But let me tell you and the UMP team, quorn's MPP 1.6.6 is unfinished (suddenly faction filtered a quest that hasn't been faction filtered before) and besides it has dirty edit. I tested MPP 1.6.6 myself and after I discovered that quest to be faction filtered among other unnecessary changes I stop using MPP 1.6.6 and went back to UMP 1.6.3. There are still bugs that has NEVER been fixed and quorn either missed or ignored them I dunno. Even UMP 1.6.3 has errors that needs to be fixed, but it saves time using UMP 1.6.3 than using MPP 1.6.6. Which probably requires to be re-created from scratch. I think it is time to start from scratch without using any material from the previous patches, just to get a working and solid game patch that has the same standard as UOP and USKP to replace the previous game patches once and for all.
  12. The 31th of December 2020 is the retirement of Adobe Flash Player. https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/end-of-life.html#
  13. I just updated Keld-Nar and at the same time also removed the Keld-Nar - Trade and Barter Patch then I ran LOOT. After checking my loadorder I notice that LOOT always place the AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp after the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp, which should be the opposite when using the RDO-AFT 1.66 patch. In WB the master for the RDO-AFT 1.66 patch is the AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp before the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp, but why does LOOT place them in the wrong order. Anyway, I wanted to check the result for the bashed patch, so I clicked on the Mod Checker button and got an error. Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\balt.pyo", line 414, in <lambda> File "bash\basher\app_buttons.pyo", line 729, in Execute File "bash\basher\frames.pyo", line 412, in __init__ File "bash\basher\frames.pyo", line 454, in CheckMods File "bash\bosh\mods_metadata.pyo", line 399, in checkMods File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 1255, in __getitem__ KeyError: bolt.Path(u'Keld-Nar - Trade and Barter Patch.esp')
  14. I don't use mods that touches the CW.
  15. Today, I visit a Stormcloak camp and to be more precise the Rift Stormcloak Camp, but as I approached it the NPC's there became hostile almost immediately. Why are they the Stormcloaks hostile? Is the main reason me for being responsible to the currect cease fire during the Season Unending quest in the MQ? Note, I haven't visit a Imperial camp yet after I completed the Season Unending quest.
  16. Fair enough. Have you consider to change the dialogue for Arngeir in your mod, perhaps add a journal update for talking to Arngeir first or reverse it to first talk to Paarthurnax then Arngeir? Because Paarthurnax said that the Blades can trust him and he knows it, but the Blades don't want to admit they actually can trust Paarthurnax.
  17. I see. Although, I need to ask. Is that something for USSEP to fix?
  18. That explains it. Thanks, Arthmoor. I guess I need to update Keld-Nar to the latest and remove the mod patch.
  19. I just checked and you're right, but the topic shown in the picture I posted came up after I picked the topic you posted and after I clicked on the "Don't worry. I'm not going to kill Paarthurnax." topic I get the same topic shown in the first picture. And that's the loop I am talking about. I took a picture just to show what topic I picked.
  20. That is the mod patch I use and still LOOT doesn't detect its masters for the patch correctly, I mean doesn't place them in the correct order that WB detected the masters for the mod patch.
  21. This. After I clicked that the "Don't worry, I have decided to spare his life" or similiar (the last answer of 3) has a loop. Also, I didn't get a journal update after speaking with Arngeir since the journal directed me to talk to both Arngeir and Paarthurnax.
  22. Last night, I finished the MQ and after I did that I completed the quest for this mod. However, I notice that the quest dialogue for Arngeir has a loop and won't go away unless I exit the dialogue. Although, not entirely sure if it matters but I did started the quest during the MQ (Alduin's Wall I think). Could that cause Arngeir's dialogue loop later, after I finished the MQ?

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