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  1. I know how it is, because today I discover something I wasn't aware of and that had to do with my current host. So, I need to contact their support, nice and friendly people, and ask this or that just to understand why it is just what I notice today. Anyway, thanks for your hard work Arthmoor.
  2. I thought why not start the same thread we had on the old BSF before it was closed in late April 2017. I know we in the Morrowind community had such a thread posted and that had been going on for years, but I am not sure if people had that in the Skyrim community. Check the Morrowind Cheats, Hints, and Spoilers forum. Anyway, I dunno when or what happen, but a while back probably a year ago I lost my current game and today I decided to reinstall everything from scratch. So, I wonder what is new. Except for the Shilvering Isle content that was added in the latest official update.
  3. Please use the gallery, every member can create an album, to show us what you mean. And don't forget to post your loadorder, otherwise we cannot help you.
  4. It has been a while since I played SLE, but IIRC no you don't need any other mods. Unless, you want to read the dialogue in-game then download the Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice mod (requires SKSE).
  5. I conur to what Elaura said. Thank you, Arthmoor.
  6. To get the best result load every mod that touches books and compare them in SSEEdit.
  7. It could be. Anyway, you can always try one of these links here about merchants.
  8. I think you need to wait for 72 hours, not 48 hours. Remember how it is in Morrowind.
  9. A good start is to try the same thing without using any mods, so in your case you need to start a new game and play to the point there you got a CTD in vanilla. That's the only way to find out of why your game get a CTD when talking to Charlotta. Also, posting your loadorder could narrow down to what mod(s) is causing your issue.
  10. The courier have now and then found me in a Ancient Nordic Barrow, just to deliver a letter or a message.
  11. The 2.0.17 version you posted about is the latest version of SKSE64.
  12. I wish the last two phases never happen, but that's true and part of life I suppose.
  13. That's one thing we have a different opinion about. Although, I think people in general will consider that as a matter of personal principal. You have yours and I have mine, simple as that.
  14. So they created the Creation Club on Bethesda.net. Which is another reason why I don't visit Bethesda.net much aside from the NodeBB crap. Anyway, it seems you and I have different opinions about what modding is.
  15. I was hoping not to see a modder(s) in the Morrowind modding community to actually *abandon* the fundamental principal about what modding is and that is a hobby. Anyway, I am afraid the Patreon, PayPal thing is a trend we need to face and deal with in the future.

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