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  1. No. Like I said that's not your loadorder and here I posted my loadorder I had back then, because I haven't started a new game yet.
  2. First, your mod list in the spoiler are not a loadorder and here (I know this is for Wrye Bash for Oblivion, but the feature is exactly the same for Skyrim - both SLE and SSE) can you see how to post a loadorder properly. Second, I doubt USLEEP is the culprit for your issue, so it must be something else.
  3. I didn't notice the announcement of a scheduled maintenance last night (my timezone) or was it an unscheduled maintenance.
  4. Shiverling Isle? Since when did a part of Oblivion be added to SSE. I notice it when I launched the Steam Client so I checked SKSE too.
  5. I'm pretty sure MO is the culprit behind your issue. Try to run LOOT outside of MO and the same thing applies for every mod tool. Run those mod tools outside of MO.
  6. I think C# has C++ as a base, but I am not entirely sure about that so take it with a grain of salt. I know Notepad++ supports both programming languages.
  7. If you can't remember your old password then do this. Change your password here first then click on the link in the e-mail verification and login. After that you should be able to use both your username and password on the AFK Bugtracker.
  8. I don't recall Darkwater was part of the MQ in Skyrim. Or what kind of a MQ are you referring to? @ArthmoorI guess you don't have much left to update for your village mods. The reason I mention this is simple, because I want to use as many of your village mods in my next playthrough. But with further mod updates I would probably wait until most of your village mods is the final version.
  9. Do you remember that guy at the old BSF who released a Non-Oblivion Portal mod (later closed by the mods and the link removed IIRC) that was basically a mod of your Skyrim Open Cities without the Oblivion portals? I think that would be the same as what you said.
  10. Are you having a bad day or what? There is no reason of being rude. Anything that has to do with modding needs to be brought up.
  11. Oh, LOOT for Morrowind!!! Fantastic news. Thanks, WrinklyNinja. @KatarsiI once used Avast and after another update I got for Avast it started to act kind of strange, so after a while I uninstalled Avast and now I use Panda Dome.
  12. Have you thought about adding a "Skip" option to the wizard installer?
  13. Sigurd IS a modder, so he does know something about modding and I admit he knows more about modding than me. And your post show us how much about modding you know, which is basically nothing in comparison to a lot of the people around here. I strongly suggest that you stick with facts and not state something we know is a damn lie.
  14. That's something the people behind Wabbajack cannot prevent anyone to talk about what kind of a mod installation one have done with the Wabbajack. If that's a requirement then I will state my permission for my mods here and now. Also, I won't change my mind about this, so don't ask me to change it. Period!

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