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  1. Testing, and again testing...

  2. Yesterday, I released my first Skyrim mod and today I updated the mod.

    1. Elgar


      Congrats, and thank you !

    2. lmstearn


      Go for gold, Leo. :0

  3. Testing things and again testing things...

  4. I'm waiting for spring. Now where is it?

    1. Deathbydestiny


      No kidding, had a blizzard here last night and today

  5. A crash loop in Thunderbird is even worse than a crashing Pale Moon.

    1. JayCrane
    2. Ragna_Rok


      where on that scale is a crashing "ministry of truth"?

      (yep, "Baar Dau" ;) )

  6. I dunno what's worse a crashing Pale Moon or using IE. *sigh*

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    2. BlackPete


      :rofl: Yes, I have to agree that using IE is worse.
    3. Deathbydestiny


      You have to admit that IE has come a long way. Much of the bad rap it gets no longer really applies.

      I still wouldn't recommend using it :P

    4. VaultDuke


      It's the best for win8 tablets at least

  7. Testing things and again testing things...

  8. Snow... Snow... Snow... and more snow :P

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    2. Leonardo


      I see. I hope you and your country men have a better winter next time and not another *green* winter.

    3. Arthmoor


      Now take his problem and magnify it by 35 million more people and the fact that we're already having our wildfire season. Plus they're talking about rationing water again :(

    4. Leonardo


      Oh boy I didn't want my *snowy* update to begin a global environment discussion.

  9. Thank god for amazing features in Windows! Today I installed one of my favorite games and once I wanted to play it I needed to install a copy protection software so I did, but after I rebooted I couldn't start Windows and was forced to go through the entire diagnostic before I had a chance to take control. So I rebooted once more, but this time I pressed F5/Shift+F5 and choose to start Windows from the latest working startup and it worked. By then I was able to uninstall the game, whi...

    1. Nico coiN

      Nico coiN

      Crappy copy protection software ? Starforce ? :D

  10. Bye bye gmail.com :sad: I can't use it as a standard forum e-mail account for e-mail notifications anymore.

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    2. Leonardo


      Agreed it doesn't makes sense at all. Yes I mean that otherwise I wouldn't say it's MS fault. From what I heard it seems to be a little war going on between MS and Google and read it here.


    3. AndalayBay


      That's just a comment. There's nothing to back that up. I haven't heard of any war. Gmail has had some problems lately, but it's nothing to do with MS or Thunderbird.

    4. Leonardo


      Nevertheless I can't use my gmail.com account forum e-mail notifications anymore and that's really annoying.

  11. If I'm not active for several hours then you can consider me to be offline and is thanks to the login/logout bug in the latest IPB version.

    1. Tech_Lion


      Heh, you don't show as online the whole time you're gone. Your browser is just logging you in when you arrive.

    2. Leonardo


      That was news to me. Thanks. :)

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