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  1. C# does not include the C++ language, like C++ does with C. Even though it shares syntax similarities to C++, it is very different, and is more similar to Java.
  2. From same conversation... I guess this would further solidify that they'll have separate install folders.
  3. This is going from my understanding of symbolic links and hard links on Linux... A symbolic link is essentially a "pointer" file, or "shortcut" file (not to be confused with Windows' shortcuts on your desktop!); it is a unique file that resolves to the path of the file it's pointing to. To users and applications, symlinks look just like regular files/directories and are treated as such. * The symlink will be broken if the original file is renamed, moved, or deleted. * The size of symlinks are typically just a number of bytes, depending on the number of characters in the path. * They can
  4. Bethesda titles on GOG? Mr. approves. And so do I. I'm still keeping my Anthology discs though; I like having physical copies if I have that option and all of them except one are DRM-free anyway. :-) I as well purchased the ES bundle to show support. Now I'm just waiting on that one game with all the Nords.
  5. I have a few questions regarding when to save and savefile corruption. Even though this is mainly concerning Oblivion, I would also like to know how things are with Skyrim and save file corruption as well. There's a couple script-based mods I'm modifying for my own personal use where I'm taking into account actions that can potentially cause save corruption. When I eventually start playing Skyrim, I might adapt parts of these scripts if there does not exist anything similar for it already (removing the combat detection portions if Skyrim does not allow saving during combat). I've read in n
  6. If it was only done with W2, it is likely because of the fact that GOG is created and owned by CD Projekt Red. Any other developer allowing the game to be imported would have to either: * 1) Eat the amount GOG would take out. * 2) Make a deal with GOG for the tax to be waved * 3) Charge to import the game at the amount GOG would take out. PS: I also like GOG and only use Steam when I'm forced to.
  7. I've installed Arch alongside Vista, 7 32-bit, and 7 64-bit; dual-booting with GRUB. Also, I've installed Ubuntu alongside 7 (32-bit I think). Almost always I partition drive and install Linux first before re-installing Windows. Haven't even used 8, 8.1, or 10, much less dual-booted Linux with them. Though from what I've read, it seems possible to dual-boot with 8.
  8. Even though it's probably not for everyone, I personally prefer using Linux exclusively. The distribution I've been using since early 2007 is Arch Linux; with it, I feel like I'm in control of my computer instead of feeling like I'm renting my computer. This is sorta the reason why I use my smartphone very little and why I'm personally not really into consoles. Something else I like about Arch (and is a popular trait of Gentoo as well) is that it initially only installs the minimal/base OS, then I can install further software/components and do further configuration to craft it into whatever ki
  9. Or worse... They could decide to go this route. jk
  10. I will second that theory. Btw, I also found "ps3" in that same file.
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