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  1. if the author deleted it, he probly dont want it to be shared.
  2. Brakier

    10 - New Look

    ya i really like the new necromancer armor they added
  3. open the console and enter setstage ms16 15 , this will make her open the door
  4. tho i can understand no man sky, they had to save that game with updates
  5. they wanna take modders work and use as thier own assets to make more money, indirectly, but that is the purpose, using collections to get new players into using nexus more. nexus was perfect as it was. this was just a damn moneygrab. its not by chance that the second news after that fiasco was that they changing the payment options to the site, so you no longer can become lifetime user, and you have to pay each month.
  6. you just press download file on the side of the mod page, then the zip file you downloaded, you drag into the middle button corner of vortex where it says "drop files here" dont worry its super easy.
  7. does it need an update? im running it just fine, no issue so far. only mods that needs work wich i understand are some mods dependat on skse, and mods that oocupy same space as the new cc content. im using some enaisaions mods and close to all arthmoors mods, and some more
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