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  1. Hi, I know this question has been asked a couple of times already in the past few months/years, but I never found a proper answer or reason behind it: the thread with the recommended bug fixes for Oldrim's Legendary Edition contained more mods than this one for the SE. To be precise: Lip Sync Fix, Brawl Bugs Patch, Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice, Enchantment Reload Fix,, Invisibility Eye Glitch, Vampire Lord Drain With Serana Fixed, Hearthfire Display Case Fix were recommended for the LE, but are not on the SE list. Most of those mods were ported over to SE in one way or anothe
  2. Hi, First and foremost, thanks alot for your work on those Unofficial Patches! The Classic/Vanilla USKP Forum has a helpful thread with some recommended additional bugfix mods, which I found quite helpful. However, I noticed that there is no such list for the SE. Are there any plans to create one in the future, or are there any reason it is no longer there? Thanks in advance.
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