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  1. The file handle limit is based on the VC++ runtimes, and it's usually 2048 open handles. For the entire application, which is part of why BSA archives are a thing. So for our purposes in modding, the theoretical limit of 4096 ESL flagged files can't ever be reached, and because the game needs to have various file handles open at any given moment, it's not likely you'll ever make it to 2048 either. So while ESL flagged files will let you go over the 255 plugin limit, how far over depends greatly on how many mods you're using and how many of them ship with loose assets. It's this issue which is why loose assets are such a major problem. If everyone packaged their mods properly using BSA archives, that's less file handles for the game to keep open.
  2. Weird, I've never had any issues with returning to Vault 111 to get the cryo weapon either.
  3. That's 4096 ESL flagged files. Theoretically. As I said, in practice Windows file handles will limit you to far less. Probably somewhere around 1200 or so. You can still have up to 248 regular .esp files alongside the ESL stuff in Skyrim SE, and 247 for Fallout 4 with all the official DLCs. You should also keep in mind any active Creation Club content will count against the ESL totals just like any other mods.
  4. Yes, if you set your master up with the ESM flag, and your plugin with the ESL flag, you can do what you're describing. There's no need to set the master up with an ESL flag as well because it's generally not going to be an issue. Just keep in mind that while ESL lets you extend the limit, there is still a hard limit of 4096 files. The practical limit is somewhat lower based on available file handles provided by the OS though.
  5. If that's actually something people want to see, yes, we can give them their own category on the forum, but they won't be able to be put into something sectioned off like the gallery. That's just not how the IPB package works.
  6. I've managed to play NV all of one time, completely vanilla, without even any of the DLCs that came later on. I didn't really care for it much myself either. It's definitely not the kind of game that Obsidian is good at. Open world free form is not their thing, so their attempts to railroad things with artificial barriers and impossible creature spawns to block certain paths in the early game REALLY grated badly on me. I much prefer both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 in terms of world design. It's probably a stalemate as to which company is better at story writing. People fawn over NV like it's supposed to be godlike, but I found it to be about as mundane and lackluster as anything else that's out there. Fallout 4 may be a bit forced in its execution of the story, but IMO it did a better job of casting you in the ROLE of the character - much like CDPR does a good job of casting you in the ROLE of Geralt or V. I don't even mind the voiced protagonist, but for the purposes of modding it does make things more difficult to deal with.
  7. Check it again on the default. I normally don't touch the HTML/CSS editing on that because it needs to work as a fallback in case something breaks in the main theme.
  8. The guys who developed the theme we're using posted a solution to fix the rank icons. They're back under the avatars where they belong
  9. You may just need to be persistent about it or upload them one at a time then. All I can tell you is that when I run into this, that's what works for me. Numerous people have filed bug reports about this with IPB but so far they've expressed no interest in fixing it.
  10. You may have run into an intermittent bug with the upload process. Sometimes, for reasons IPB doesn't seem to know, when the images are given their thumbnails, it then uses the thumbnails for the real ones too. But only during the initial upload. If you wipe them all out and reup them at the proper resolution, then it works fine. It's an annoyance but one we've just had to live with.
  11. Not sure if you're aware of it, but your text is all black and therefore unreadable.
  12. From the album: Arthmoor's Goodies

    Empyrion - Galactic Survival My conversion of the Heidelberg wreck from the main story line. My fleet is preparing to depart the system for the firs time.
  13. Unfortunately that's not possible. The ACP option only allows for setting up the redirect link but not how to make it open in your browser.
  14. Aren't those also due to be shuttered today?
  15. I'm not going to comment on the Nexus part of this, but two of you have expressed concern about file sizes. Unfortunately the site here is not really fitted to store large amounts of content. The limits set in the upload forms are there to prevent things from getting too far out of control for my current hosting situation to handle. Linode is great, but assigning additional storage is an expensive proposition with them that I'm not currently in a position to expand on. I'd love nothing more than to let you guys upload your stuff here, but multi-gigabyte mod files would chew through the space I have pretty quickly.
  16. The wine was changed to holy water because it's what the quest called for in Sam's note and the intended item for the purpose was not spawned in. His note clearly lists Giant's Toe, not some made up variety of toe, so that's not something we'd consider a bug.
  17. Version 4.1.5 Synced with the latest USSEP fixes.
  18. Yes. Sony has not changed their policy and they're likely never going to.
  19. I reported the rank bars thing to the theme author - should have checked default first, because it's an IPB bug with the update and I'll have to open a ticket with them about it.
  20. So long as you're not waiting on me to put it up on Nexus. While they're insistent on revoking control over what we do with our files is an ongoing thing, I won't be updating anything there anymore.
  21. I'm not sure why they changed the custom title thing, but I found the setting and re-enabled it. So that should be working again. I REALLY have no idea what the hell they're doing with the rank icons, ugly stretched green bars are not the images we've uploaded here, and there's no longer any sort of setting to display them as text like before. Also I don't really want to have to start making custom changes to the theme because that makes updates to the package a great deal more difficult to manage and often results in breaking things.
  22. The next iteration of IPB was made available and since it included a security update for the previous version, it was time to update. Please let me know if any oddities have crept in as the upgrade process for new versions and custom themes is rarely without its problems.
  23. Those are all text changes, which I'll get to carrying through at some point, but you're fine if you carry them over now until I can get to it.
  24. The gallery is an entirely separate module in IPB from the forum core.
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