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  1. Lover's Lab generates most of its revenue from advertising.
  2. If you're using Immersive Citizens, Shurah has a patch for OCS. I don't know if that was ever ported to Xbox, but that's what you need. If that patch doesn't exist, you should make sure OCS loads after Immersive Citizens. Those doorways through the rocks are intentional, as Pseron pointed out. NPCs aren't normally supposed to be using those, but they will if something isn't right with the load order.
  3. The only one of the mods you've mentioned that should be a problem is the Skyrim Sewers one. Since I have no idea precisely what's been done to the .esp file for the console port I cannot guarantee that the patch between it and OCS would work if it were to be uploaded on bethesda.net. You should be ok with still using Skyrim Sewers, it would just cut you off from accessing them from inside the cities is all, and you'd need to make sure OCS is set to load after it.
  4. These updates were all just to clean up the readme files. Which aren't something we can attach over there anyway.
  5. Over the last week or two, there has been a large increase in new member registrations. We welcome everyone who is joining us here and hope you enjoy your stay. However, there is a growing problem being noticed with a portion of these accounts. People are attempting to register with fake email addresses or with addresses they somehow no longer have access to. When you do this, we are unable to help you with any registration problems as there will be no way to verify who you are. If you do not provide a valid address, the validation step will bounce and your account will not be approved. We do not do manual approvals here. One other thing to check if you're positive the address you used is good, but you've not received the email, is your spam folders. Services like GMail and Yahoo will often dump forum validation requests into the spam folders because they see it as unwanted email even though it's the most common validation practice there is. Please also be aware that we cannot act on a request to delete an account when sent through the "Contact Us" link. There is no means to validate you are who you say you are since that link is also available for Guest use. If you wish to request an account deletion, you'll need to send a PM to one of the forum admins while logged in in order to do that.
  6. I just downloaded it to check, the LOTD patch is there in this folder: 04 Compatibility Patch - Legacy of the Dragonborn v5
  7. Should be here: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/files/file/1905-open-cities-skyrim/ One of the files is the patch archive and the LOTD patch is in there.
  8. It's all part of their QuakeCon sale event. The sale covers most titles Bethesda Softworks publishes, including Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, Prey, Dishonored, and several others. I just wish they'd throw SSE and Fallout 4 up on GoG as well
  9. Technically speaking it could be seen as a trademark violation, but I suspect as long as you don't do anything with it they'd get upset by they won't make you turn it over to them.
  10. The default is to double space between lines. If you only want a single space between 2 lines, use SHIFT+ENTER to do it.
  11. Well damn, it looks like IPB fouled some of the settings in one of the recent maintenance releases. They should be fixed for Oblivion now and I'll go through the rest to be sure they're ok too.
  12. This appears to be a common issue with the initial upload of images. What has always worked for me and several others is to go back, delete the existing ones, and reupload them again. It's been reported countless times to IPB but they don't seem to know what the issue is.
  13. 3rd party reporting is likely to fall on deaf ears in a place like reddit. They very often don't respond to first party reports either unless it's a big company threatening to sue them if nothing is done about it.
  14. I don't see any kool-aid to be drunk here. I don't see it as the poison fruit of corporate greed or whatever. I see it as a halfway point between standard DLC and modders making purely paid mods like was done in 2015. It's a scenario that IMO is long overdue with this kind of thing given the increasing complexity and effort that goes into the work. Are they doing it for money? Yes, absolutely. Why shouldn't they? That's what game developers do. They're not in it to give things away for free and never have been. The only reason they did it with Morrowind at all is because the company was expecting to be out of business, dead, and gone by the time Morrowind was released. Nobody is attempting to do anything like that. If you don't like the content, don't buy it. Although I think most people would scratch their heads wondering how you could know you don't like or enjoy it without first having tried it. And I'll be honest here. I consider that "Forever Free" banner you post all the time to be one of the most divisive movements to enter into the modding scene in 2 decades. There is nothing inherently wrong with modders wanting to make money on the work they do. It doesn't make Bethesda greedy to want to sell micro-DLCs (for lack of a better term) that are in part made by members of the community. Some of whom went on to use that as a springboard for being hired by the studio. Contract work is a totally above board activity and is the backbone of a sizeable portion of the IT field in general. If the common retort of "well get a real job" is the argument to be made, those people making mods won't have time to actually do that anymore and we're all worse off for it as evidenced by the stuff that makes the Hot Files on Nexus these days.
  15. If there's nothing in the readme saying it's ok, then it's not, and definitely should be reported.
  16. It's not semantics though. What the CC is is literally DLC as defined in classic terms from 2006 when Bethesda first introduced the concept. What people don't realize is that this is how most game companies get their DLCs made. It's just that Bethesda contracted out to mod authors in some cases to do the work, where most other companies don't. Part of the problem is that what we used to call DLC back then was relatively small stuff with very specific purposes. Larger things were called "Expansion Packs". Today, everything is just lumped in and called DLC when that's not necessary an accurate term.
  17. Cartogriffi has said on Discord that they're not using Jive at all for the mod site. He didn't say what they ARE using though.
  18. It wasn't a money issue. They're a billion+ dollar company. They could afford the $400 for a valid IPB license and could have upgraded their old IPB install without breaking a sweat. For some reason they decided that package wasn't good enough and switched to Jive Software. Which they quickly realized was a huge mistake. So they switched to NodeBB. Which I'm going to guess they eventually decided was also a huge mistake. It could just be they decided it wasn't worth it to try and return to IPB or find yet another alternative package with proper commercial support behind it. Discord is not an adequate replacement though, even though they seem to be happy with it. So I guess it's the fact that they don't have to do anything at all to maintain either the server for it or make custom changes to the package itself. They just have to push a few buttons and set up some channels and they're off and running.
  19. I'm not sure it would have been much of an issue if the forums were still up. The moderators there would have been quick to shut down any outbreaks, as I'm sure Pseron can attest to.
  20. If you follow through the Patreon link, click on the "Show More" link under the About Arthmoor post, there should be a direct link to use for Paypal. Unfortunately at this time there are no other alternatives to use for sending donations, but I am open to suggestions for those who may want an alternative to either Paypal or Patreon.
  21. I wouldn't expect to see Bethesda put up a forum of their own again at this point. They've made it pretty clear already they think Discord works better for them.
  22. Yeah, it's mainly that we wanted to reserve it for the forum membership, which is why the link is only visible to registered members. I appreciate the suggestion of the IPB-Discord bridge package, but that price seems way out of line for what's being offered. Still, it's something to keep in mind down the road I suppose.
  23. I collected all of my file IDs for everything I submitted a deletion for. So I'll be able to check if those files are still being served by the API after confirmation is sent.
  24. I've been silent on this subject because I didn't want to generate any controversy over the issue beyond what's already out there, but as this is going to become apparent soon enough anyway, I figure the time is now to say something. I have just submitted a file deletion form to purge 100 mod pages that have been uploaded to Nexus over the course of the last 15 years. I did not want to do this, but Nexus has made it clear they do not respect mod authors in the slightest and I felt that I had to respond to that in the only way they've left us. This represents a great deal of time invested for me and I'm sure folks can imagine it hurt like hell to submit that form, but IMO my rights are far more important. That said, yes, I am leaving a handful of things up for Skyrim Special Edition. You can all call me a hypocrite for doing it, but I don't fancy starving to death due to lack of money either. No further updates to any of my mods will be done, and no new material from me will be uploaded in the future. Due to existing agreements with the Unofficial Patch team, the patches will be the ONLY content under my account that will receive its regular updates. So don't ask about the rest, because it won't be happening. And to be absolutely clear on this, no permission is granted to anyone to upload any of my work to Nexus Mods or any other site. Do not ask, because the answer is no.
  25. Wherever they end up going, they're going to dominate the recents if that's what's being posted. That listing doesn't discriminate based on which forum or category something is posted in.
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