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  1. It was an experiment.... FOR SCIENCE!


    I was poking around wondering if the game would topple over and die if a whole city was deleted and then a second mod touched the deleted edits and "revived" it.


    These pics are what happens when you delete the stuff but don't run a cleaning with TES5Edit. The deleted objects all get moved to the worldspace (or interior) origin point at 0,0,0.


    With Whiterun, that just happens to be close enough to see them from what remains of the city.

  2. Too close to the city, no trees, generally just didn't feel like the right place for it. Would likely have been the source of numerous conflicts.


    As for making them script activatable, that's not possible. The farmhouse requires some pretty hefty landscaping and navmesh work to make it possible. Neither of which can be toggled by scripts.

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