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  1. Huh, cool, live fish in an aquarium. Might be just the incentive some people need to actually use the fishing DLC
  2. The Survival DLC has a prompt that comes up if you play with it active to ask if you want to enable it or not. So while it may be active, it's not doing anything if you say no.
  3. I can only speak directly to Oblivion. We'd have no issue with you translating it to Polish. I don't think Jac would mind if you did the same with the UMP but that's ultimately up to him as he's the one in charge of that.
  4. I never hosted the patches for those mods. You'll need to ask the people who made them where they've got them uploaded.
  5. You guys are missing what Carogriffi has repeatedly said several times now. ALL systems on ALL platforms will be getting the AE update because it's just an update to the core game with 3 additional DLCs attached. Buying the actual "Anniversary Edition" does only one thing - it gets you copies of all 74 DLCs along with the core game. Those 74 DLCs are just like any other CC content that's been issued. You either own them or you don't, but your game doesn't care either way. It's the core update that matters here, and everyone is getting it.
  6. As Sigurd hints at, this update isn't even going to be nearly as disruptive to things as the transition from LE to SE that the same doomsayers on reddit tried to sideline when it took place. The community got over it, as they should. It's Bethesda's game. They can do with it as they see fit. It's up to us as the modding community to adapt or die.
  7. Yep, everyone is getting the AE update whether they buy the AE itself or not. That comes with the 3 DLCs they mentioned - Survival, Fishing, and the Saints & Seducers quest. There is no staying offline forever btw. Steam doesn't work that way on PC, and everyone I've ever talked to on console has stated in no uncertain terms that the choice to update there doesn't exist. You WILL get the update. There is no reason for all of the negative BS that's been generated by Ian's post on reddit. He knew what he was doing when he posted that, and IMO I find that to be very disappointing.
  8. Actually the mod was last updated in 2014, on Skyrim LE and there doesn't appear to be an SE version available. The author's listed permissions do not include any sort of grant to port it to SE, let alone to consoles afterward. So basically unless the author themselves grants permission for this to be done, it can't be.
  9. And it's a very temporary breakage that Ian himself said he can have done in a few days. DAYS people, not years like some of the overblown hype on reddit is trying to convince you of. We all surely have other games in our backlogs. Maybe break one of them out for the week that the update spree is active. You might find you actually enjoy that other game enough to want to mod it too, and then the modding community is better for it.
  10. Yeah, Jon mentioned that nif version issue once before and found there's something like 1500-2000 of them that are in the wrong state, but we never actually addressed that because of the sheer number of them and no good way to mass update them to the proper formats found on the retail DVD. Should we need any of those from the retail DVD to use as the basis for a confirmed crash or something, I do still have mine.
  11. Yes, the UI is less than ideal for PC, but the game is still entirely playable without SkyUI. SSE Engine Fixes and Scrambled Bugs are by no means essential. Plenty of people are playing the game without them, myself included, because they don't offer enough to offset the problems they can cause - like instigating an FPS drop in Riften when they're supposed to "fix" that instead. I for one have never had any such drop in Riften and I have enough mods that they claim it will happen 100% of the time. It does not. The one that's supposed to fix the issues with the CK instead resulted in 3 corrupted mods I had to restore from backups, so I'll NEVER trust installing that one again. These things are not all unicorns and roses for everyone.
  12. Yes, go to your inbox, and partway down the left side of the page should be a "Disable my messenger" button.
  13. Yes, and IMO especially if that attention were turned toward modern renditions of Arena and Daggerfall.
  14. The problem with this logic is that it isn't breaking "a lot" of mods. It's breaking a relatively small number of them that people can absolutely play the game without. There is NOTHING anti-consumer about any of this. If Bethesda were that type of company they'd have dumped Skyrim on the market 10 years ago and ignored it after that - but they haven't. This constant need of people to attack them for doing things that ultimately benefit us as a modding community NEEDS to stop. SKSE is not necessary to mod the game. There are literally tens of thousands of mods out there that don't needed it. Many of them made by the most prominent mod authors in the community. It's absolutely true that these mods the reddit post is referring to make up a small minority of what's available, and two whole platforms will never be exposed to at all. Also we as modders cannot take credit for these games remaining relevant all this time. Console users were playing Skryim, Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Morrowind on their units for years with no prospect of ever seeing a single mod, and they (whether we like it or not) are the vast majority of the market. People playing Skyrim years later on their 360s and PS3s are what kept the game relevant. The bulk of PC users who did the same without ever using a single mod did the same thing as well. BGS once released a statistic that showed a mere 8% of PC users had ever used even one mod. If you take into account the fact that they didn't include Nexus stats, you can conservatively double that. Round up for the hell of it and you have 20% of the installed PC user base who has USED a mod, and it's a much smaller percentage than that of PC users who have MADE a mod. We aren't the massive influence reddit likes to make us out to be by any stretch. It's a truth nobody ever likes to hear, but it IS the truth.
  15. I would assume that this is basically the last major thing that's going to happen for Skyrim, and since it's the 10th anniversary that makes it a good time to tie everything up nice and neat. After this I'd only expect to see CC content updates. It's entirely possible they've cooked up a way to do those in the future without having to recompile the program every time. What doesn't make any sense is for everyone to sit around professing the doom & gloom and end of modding as we know it that that reddit post is stirring up. Yes, mods which use SKSE based DLLs are going to be impacted and may not be updated. So what? That leaves us with 95% of the rest of the community that won't be affected by this. There is no good reason to cause a panic and get everyone into a frenzy about permanently backing up outdated executeables and trying to hamstring Steam (which is folly at best - it will update you whether you want it or not eventually). This update will be no more and no less inconvenient for those of us who don't rely on SKSE than any other.
  16. Well surprisingly Windows 10 hasn't been that huge a hassle and hasn't hung me out to dry like everyone said it would, but that doesn't mean I like it. I tolerate it. Except when the rug it pulls out from under me was pulled by an unannounced reboot. Unlike you, mine booted me in the middle of doing something this time around and that's when it came back with the notice that the system is able to update to Windows 11. I suspect my habit of ignoring the updates screen for weeks at a time does indeed have a limit and I probably exceeded it As far as what to do about Microsoft's monopoly - the answer is staring us all in the face in the form of Linux. With Proton gaining traction and Valve reinvesting time and effort into development on SteamOS (even if it is directed at their SteamDeck for now) switching over to linux might actually work for gaming. Yeah, I know, I've made mention of that for 2 decades now but at some point it has to come true. Gabe has always hated Windows and this might just be where he draws the line.
  17. A few months back when they first released their compatibility tester for Windows 11, it complained to me that my system failed the test and I'd not be able to install it. Didn't bother me one bit because in my mind that meant it would leave me out of any attempts to install 11. Fast forward to right now, looking at the Updates & Security menu, it's saying my system DOES qualify and implies it'll just do it when it feels like it and I won't even be asked. I haven't done anything to the BIOS to enable TPM, yet it's saying it'll update me when it sees fit. That kind of makes me think they've dropped the TPM hard requirement.
  18. Heh, it's changed quite a bit since I last invested any time as well.
  19. It's a cut in the landscape. Only the buildings were added for either the base or the settlement. NMS has a limit on the number of terrain edits you can do and making a huge cliff like that would have consumed most or all of that limit. I'm not even sure such a cliff is possible to make with the terrain editor.
  20. Lakeview Extended was removed from Nexus and uploaded here instead. At a guess, Vortex is trying to query Nexus for the metadata and finding the deleted entry for it and since Nexus does not send proper error codes for deleted mods, Vortex assumes "DELETED" is a valid title and tries to update it's information accordingly.
  21. Each of the files in the UODP already has the appropriate tags to handle fixing the door ownership issue.
  22. From the album: Arthmoor's Goodies

    My new Gek settlement on one of my favorite planets. Yeah, I know, I'm obsessed with naming stuff after TES locations. Jorunn's Stand is the base in the background, Darkwater Crossing is what I named the settlement, and it's on a planet I named Eastmarch. I may have a problem :P
  23. Those LOD conflicts should be resolved by making sure that Anequina is installed after the UOP so that the package ordering applies the assets in the right order. Those two "lock fix" plugins are handled by using a Bashed Patch, which is a basic necessity in using mods for Oblivion. The ownership changes which fix both of those issues will be resolved that way. We don't do landscape edits in the UOP so the one for the Market District would not be included. Landscape edits lead to too many other problems. The rest of those would need to be evaluated before we could say whether they're candidate fixes for the next update.
  24. I guess it wouldn't surprise me if it's an AMD issue, but I don't really know why since NMS is using the Vulkan libraries and that's AMD's baby. That last screenshot of yours is similar to the ones I had the problem with. What's weird is it doesn't have any issues at all when taking a screenshot via the base computer function. There can be loads of wildlife in those and it doesn't even lag. It just takes the pic and uploads it with the base when you tell it to.
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