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  1. Nope. It's not due to something in the patch. Their site and the way the CK interfaces with it are just unpredictable. Someone commenting that they had an upload error is also pretty vague.
  2. At the moment, no, there's nothing that can be done about it. Fixing whatever is wrong would require them to act on it.
  3. From the album: Arthmoor's Goodies

    My base in No Man's Sky. Pretty much a planetary paradise. The only thing that could make it better was if there was large bodies of water.
  4. I didn't even know 1909 was out yet. So if it's some kind of issue with that, my system hasn't been affected yet. I doubt it though, and really hope that's not just going to be a lame excuse some companies use to say it's not their fault some unusual bug has infested your game. It's gonna suck big time if I have to scrap the save because whatever they've done on moons is unfixable. Especially since following any of the story elements is likely to force you into landing on one whether you wanted to or not.
  5. Unfortunately we don't because Bethesda's system is not letting me get to where I can upload the file. It's been kept up to date but for whatever reason the CK hangs when trying to process the upload.
  6. Yep, already way ahead of you there. I submitted the save, plus the same screenshot I linked on reddit showing the severe tilt while being on a moon. Honestly don't think they need all the dxdiag crap since it's clearly a cross-platform bug in their code. While I was at it I also submitted a suggestion that base prefab buildings auto-generate their own foundation legs instead of having to be stuck working with the crap foundation prefab that currently exists. Especially the landing pad, which won't let you attach the existing foundation struts to the underside. Having to hack something together out of cuboid frames was a massive pain in the ass. Maybe if I get motivated enough to do it I'll cook up a mod that does that since no such beast seems to exist yet.
  7. Well shit. So you mean there's a known camera bug in this game caused by landing on moons? Then maybe they shouldn't make the moons paradises and instead leave that to actual planets. Then I wouldn't have run into this. Cause I warped like 7 times before finding a tropical moon with a ruin and an EM power node near it to build my base on. The only problem is I had this problem right from the start of a new game after setting aside a save that got ruined by this and the terrain edit limits. Fresh game, starting planet, I walked into a shelter building and it was tilted the same way. My game isn't as bad off as the one in that reddit post but it's definitely not limited to the PS4 or to building bases on moons. But it's good to know I'm not crazy and that building a base on a moon makes this much much worse. There just doesn't seem to be a logical reason for why it sticks to new games as well as old ones. Especially if you haven't landed on any moons yet. Maybe I need to submit my save for consideration or something.
  8. Have you ever heard of a bug where the camera becomes tilted while playing and quitting to reload doesn't fix it? I don't know what happened and can't find any information about it but my camera view has become tilted to one side while in areas that should be flat and level. Even on space stations and the Space Anomaly. Whatever happened it's something that's carrying over into new games as well so it's not save corruption. It also doesn't matter whether the camera is in first person or 3rd person. What's even more annoying is that it's worse at random. Sometimes the tilt is pretty severe and makes me physically react by trying to adjust my head to compensate.
  9. You won't have any problems while editing in CSE (and yes, that's what we all used back then too) but you certainly will when you leave the tutorial dungeon. Don't be surprised if you walk out the door and find that there's nothing BUT the door out there in the immediate area. And a short drop into the water as you realize you're standing on nothing. Honestly, tinkering project or no, I don't really see any value in merging UOP into the Oblivion.esm file. It's quite possible there are mods out there that are set to use its filename via OBSE to find out if you have it or not and those mods will then be broken by its absence even though you've merged the fixes.
  10. As it turns out, yes, there were 2 identical missions in the log and for some dumb reason the game kept auto-selecting the wrong one. So ok, got my dude now, but come on. Really? The game can't handle more than one active quest at a time? Yeah, I may build a couple more pads at some point now that I packed up and moved my base to a location where that might actually be possible. Hint: Don't crowd yourself by building next to a mountain AND a preexisting building They really do need more options for power generation too. An EM Generator only sounds nice on paper. When the game tells you there's no field to generate power from though, then it's just a waste of resources. So it's either solar or bust. Biofuel reactors just don't cut it.
  11. You should never load the Oblivion.esm file to attempt to save it under any circumstances. That will lead to your game being corrupted because the file itself comes out corrupted. That's something many of us tried back in the day only to be met with the lack of landscape anywhere and most static objects being missing - just as though we had saved something that tries to edit a .esm file's worldspaces with another .esm file. Yes, we've run the check for errors function on Oblivion.esm before. It's basically pointless to do so as most of them will turn out to be false errors just as they are with all of the later games too.
  12. Nice, but I guess I'll be needing to file a bug report now. Got told to go hire the armorer for the base, but only exocraft Vy'keen are available anywhere and it won't let me hire him, nor can I build his terminal for him, so progressing that part of the base stuff is now dead in the water. Still don't like having to string power cables to everything under the sun but at least I've managed to stabilize the grid at my only surface base. Now if I could just keep the NPC ships from trying to yank my landing pad out from under me
  13. Heh, well, I've "succeeded" because it lets you wire through the walls as though they're not there, but obviously that just looks terrible. I don't spend a lot of time visiting the initial base though since I've got my freighter base up and running now. So it's just a wooden shack sitting next to one of those manufacturing plant buildings. One really doesn't need a teleporter with a freighter in orbit
  14. Heh, at least your simple layout makes sense visually. And in the case of just plopping stuff on the ground I could see the need to manually wire things up. But I feel like if I put the thing inside a building that it's implied I already put wires in the walls and stuff so I don't see why I should have to manually wire it up to the object when it won't have any choice but to clip that wire through a wall to get there.
  15. Well I decided to get cute and put my solar panel up on the top side of a storage cube. The power cable went through that cube AND the wall to connect to my teleporter inside. When realistically it should just be assumed that power is flowing where it needs to. I can get plenty of that kind of detail in Surviving Mars
  16. There's only one real complaint I have with all the new updates lately. The need for wiring your base. I mean, come on, this isn't fun in any way. It just adds a lot of needless micromanagement to base building. The need for having to string power lines wasn't fun in Fallout 4 either. Basic infrastructure like this should be assumed to be in place when you build stuff.
  17. Isn't C# more or less so close to C++ that one ought to be able to write both?
  18. Coincidence then, because the account data is not linked at all. As far as the lost password recovery prompt, I fixed that. It was a bad HTML tag.
  19. It seems you worked out the issue somehow, but I do need to point out that what Leo suggested you do would not have helped. The tracker does not use the same account data as the forum so anything you do here will have no effect there. As for the actual problem with the "Lost Password" link on the login for the tracker, it seems there's a bug that's caused it to not display the proper message for that and I'll need to look into why that's broken.
  20. According to the site data you haven't validated the account yet. You should have a validation email in your inbox somewhere, but you may also need to check your spam box as well.
  21. Version 2.0.7 Added a grinding wheel to the blacksmith's shop area.
  22. So if you acknowledge that this scenario would result in a takedown, what's the difference between that and patching any combination of mods to result in a new file? That new file would also be subject to takedown for exactly the same reasons.
  23. If delta patching is considered morally and legally acceptable, then I posit this scenario: I take 3 text files, their content is completely unimportant. I run a delta patch on each one of those files against one file from any random mod with 3 files in it. The end result is the patch produces a binary perfect copy of that mod. According to people saying delta-patching is completely legal and morally right, I can therefore distribute this delta-patch along with the 3 original text files I authored myself and there's nothing anyone anywhere could do about it. Personally, the absurdity of this is obvious, but this is precisely what anyone supporting this is saying you can do without consequences.
  24. Yep, word has been spreading through several servers already, but it's still good to let more people know since this is a big boon to folks modding SSE and FO4. Probably plenty of other games too.

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