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  1. There are possible derelict freighters to stumble over in space? All the time I've played this game I've never run into one.
  2. Interesting. Something to look into.
  3. Good lord, that's nearly the entire set of game data. Guess it's time to get started
  4. Nah, it's not a popularity issue. We've got a steady amount of normal traffic. This was just a case of bad timing for the folks who set up the mod guide that's bringing people here. The ones you should be worried about are the Chinese bots - which I've dealt with for now.
  5. Heh, well that was quick. After instituting these measures, it came to light that the remainder of the recent influx of traffic is coming from Oblivion users attempting to download the Elsweyr Anequina mod as part of a guide. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please udnerstand that bandwidth can get very expensive and this all happened in the middle of trying to nail down an even larger incursion by Chinese bots run by the Huawei corporation that were for unknown reasons downloading multiple gigabytes worth of files for no apparent reason. Also, my bad, I was not aware that the IPB software was not going to allow posting in this thread despite setting the permissions up to allow that. A paradoxical situation where it was insisting you be validated first.
  6. We've had a recent influx of bot generated signups in the last couple of weeks which are engaging in nefarious activities. As a result of this all account registrations on the forum are requiring administrator validation. If you are registering a new account and don't want to be assumed to be among these bots, please post something here in this thread so that we can have some idea of whether you're registering legitimately or not. No accounts will be validated without such a post until such time as a more useful solution to this problem can be found.
  7. There's also another bit of information to keep in mind which isn't covered by those topics. If Papyrus assigns the reference you generate with PlaceAtMe to a variable within a script, that also causes that reference to be persistent until it's either set to "None" or the placed reference is deleted. You can't really avoid it because it's necessary for a lot of things to work correctly. I'd recommend not trying to avoid it as much as you seem to be trying to. Just don't be excessive in the use of persistent actors/objects and you'll be fine.
  8. These are the mods I'm using: Dig Out 1.3 Asteroid Fields 2.1 Space Station Interior Fix 1.1 Private Landing Pads Darker Nights 2.0 HD Clouds for Beyond Don't let some of the titles or their age fool you, all of these worked the last time I fired up the game a couple of months ago. Most of them do require updating after each major game version but they're done by a guy who seems to be on top of that on a regular basis.
  9. As long as the quest containing the alias is active, the reference will be persistent. There's nothing that can be done to avoid that, and there's no inconsistency in what each thread is talking about.
  10. Might not be strictly "cheap" and definitely not free, but Bethesda added the entire Dishonored collection to GoG today along with Wolfenstein. The rest of their stuff is also on sale too: https://www.gog.com/promo/bethesda_publisher_sale
  11. Pete is correct. I did the civil war on my first playthrough without ever seeing Season Unending. People were asking me stuff about the peace conference and I had no idea what they were talking about because the path I went through the game didn't require it. That's not a conflict. That's the result of decisions you made while playing.
  12. Keeping Malborn alive and the follow-up quest having a narrow window to pursue it isn't a conflict. That's bonus material for protecting him effectively at the embassy. Not everything is a "conflict" in the sense that list is trying to specify.
  13. Heh, it would have been helpful to know if one horse was faster than the others. Fortunately since the horse UI was basically a ripoff of Witcher horses I reached for the double-tap without thinking about it. But just as with Witcher, if you suck at horse riding, you end up in a ditch because you ran too fast and timed a turn wrong. Luckily it only took me 2 tries to get down that road. I'm not really sure I'd have put up with it much longer than that.
  14. May be best to just leave it alone at this point. Even if legally speaking the only party you actually need permission from is Zenimax since everyone who signed up already agreed that the data posted there was theirs to control. If there are indeed only 48 hours left before Bethesda terminates the old forum entirely then I guess that's that and it should just be let go. That's not enough time to do anything of value with any of it, and it would be nigh useless in any other presentation than a new forum instance - which btw is going to be impossible to acquire legally since IPB 3.x went EOL 3 years ago and is no longer being distributed. I know Sharlikran wanted to get certain things off of the site before it died, so maybe the effort should be focused on salvaging individual posts or something instead, and then reposting those threads elsewhere?
  15. I'm reserving judgment on the combat mechanics. I've managed to win what few fights I've been in so far but it seems like a hell of a chore, but I also only just figured out how to properly draw my sword so next time I won't be trying to beat down someone wearing armor with my fists Horse riding could use some improvement too. It's pretty clunky, like in Witcher 3, but it gets the job done if you're used to Witcher 3 horses.
  16. My one major complaint is the eat/drink/sleep mechanics. I swear if I had known the game had that before I bought it, I wouldn't have. Now I guess I'm just going to have to mod that out, or strangle the rates at which it builds up if it won't let me disable it entirely.
  17. That's a good question. This is obviously the right thread but somehow the topic ID and title got changed. And if I had known Epic was gonna give KCD away for free I'd have held off on buying it on GoG a few months back
  18. I suspect they'd have serious legal issues with the community taking over a copy of the forum that's not hosted on their servers. Especially privacy concerns, GDPR, you name it. There's also the 800 pound gorilla in the room: The old forum is now an unlicensed instance of IPB 3.x and would need to undergo a major core upgrade on top of all that. Getting static HTML dumps may be the only viable option.
  19. Were you planning on doing this with static HTML copies of the pages or were you hoping to do it on an actual forum instance with real data if Bethesda allows that?
  20. Interesting article, but I'm not sure the level of concern they had over it was warranted. I've just done a search for my own hash and it only comes up with either Nexus or Linode in the results but there are at least 2 other public places that hash should be visible and it's not. Both sites are indexable by bots so it's not because I found some special loophole to plug. That said, it's not a huge deal that IPB dropped support, I just think it would have been nice if they'd left it in place and simply provided a warning about possible issues with it.
  21. Guards in general use a sandbox package as their directive to "sleep". It's just a basic "relax" routine which doesn't necessarily mean they're going to use beds. Him sitting in the chair isn't a big deal.
  22. Fixes Recommended in Addition to the UFO4P Bullet Counted Reload System - Fixes an engine issue that causes reload animations to display more bullets than the guns actually need to reload. This requires F4SE in order to accomplish this and there is no suitable alternative that can be done without it.
  23. There's a reason we're not willing to entertain this type of testing. We've tested it the proper way, numerous times, and regardless of what you or others are going to claim, the results are the same every time. The quest advances as expected and the objects inside the house are interactible without incident. The only common factor in the failure reports is the thief mod you have already said you're using, which is corroborated by others who have used it as well. We CANNOT be responsible for breakage caused by some other mod. So we're done here. You insist on being right, even though all evidence says you're wrong. You can keep that if you want. This topic is closed.
  24. You don't seem to be understanding what you're being told. DO NOT USE CONSOLE COMMANDS. Any results you get from that are invalid and unusable. You've also been told precisely what the problem is and for whatever reason are refusing to accept this. We don't have time for this kind of blame gaming. Please test things correctly before you try to make this our fault, because it's not, and BOTI works perfectly fine in every single test we've conducted with our fixes in place.
  25. That was the one, "Thieves Guild for the Good Guy". Unfortunately from what I gather, having that mod installed on the save at all will permanently break the interactions inside Hjerim. There is no way to correct the problem other than starting a new game. If by testing from the "main menu" you mean using console commands directly from the opening menu screen, don't. That kind of testing is grossly unreliable, especially in quest situations like this. The game will not even have properly initialized your status, let alone properly initialized anything to do with any quests. Hjerim in particular requires the quest to progress properly through several stages before the interior will be correctly enabled to advance things.

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