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  1. Not sure what you're trying to point out. That mod has nothing to do with USSEP. It's not even in the title.
  2. 0.94 is an old header version for Skyrim LE. It would indicate you have a really old LE version of some mod since the bump to 1.70 happened around the time the Dragonborn DLC was first released in 2013.
  3. I don't think that would really help since the JS is all written by IPB and some of it is actually generated on the fly.
  4. Both XB1 and PS4 are there right now so I'd say it's just the server acting up.
  5. I wouldn't even know where to begin to try and address something like slow JS. I'm not noticing anything significant. In any case it would definitely be something IPB would have to do themselves. Aside from the theme we're running stock IPB. As far as fonts, it's certainly possible that the size is larger than before. Updating the forum code required installing a fresh copy of the theme to get rid of garbage left behind from the old version. The only thing I did was hack in a change to force the use of the Arial font since all of the default choices suck. The forced newline can be overcom
  6. Unfortunately no other package offers the kinds of things we need here as part of an integrated installation.
  7. OK, thanks to Nam we've got the font issue fixed
  8. We've just updated the forum to the latest IPS 4.5.x release. It's a major jump, so as usual there's going to be stuff that probably isn't working right. If you spot something, let us know. One thing there's no need to mention is the garbage default font these guys keep forcing on us. I've got a question in to the theme designer to see if there's a way to get back the one we had before, so bear with us until that's dealt with. Assuming it even can be. I swear these updates take away more choice from site operators with each iteration. One thing that you will need to take note of is t
  9. Heh, I stopped using Palemoon quite some time back because it was causing more and more websites to break. I reluctantly reinstalled Firefox.
  10. No, none of the CKs have ever enforced that. You can load the CK and simply start doing stuff without any files at all loaded. You'll be severely limited in what you can do that way, but it's entirely possible. Games from MW up to FNV won't run without at least the primary master file loaded, even if that's a gutted version like some TCs use. SSE will load all 5 of the primary masters.
  11. If the mod author provides both, then it's up to you to decide which version you want to use.
  12. For SSE there's no upside in leaving out all 5 of the official masters. You run the risk of having your mod clash with the DLCs themselves that everyone playing SSE will have loaded regardless. I'm also not convinced there's any benefit in leaving Update.esm out of an LE mod for the same reason. The chance is smaller of having a mod that cancels out a change there, but it can happen.
  13. If the mod author flagged it you should probably leave it that way. At 240K your ref count is fine and you really don't need to be worrying about this at all. Worry when you're at 900K or more. LOOT places things where its algorithm thinks is best based on what's in it so I'd suggest leaving them where it puts them unless someone says otherwise.
  14. The middle is probably fine. I'd leave it alone now unless you find specific conflicts that require adjustment. A mod being big doesn't mean it's a candidate for conversion. It's a process you should only pursue if your load order is extremely close to the limit (approximately 1.2 million). And I'd pursue it by letting the mod author know so they can evaluate if it's even possible to do such a conversion on their mods.
  15. You mean when they're provided that way by the authors. This is exactly my point, right here. You did the conversion. I don't think you've got enough time on any of these mods to say that with any certainty, and IMO I think the fact that you're reporting bugs in your setup after having done this speaks for itself. Those mods are now not where they belong and there could be any number of unknown side effects as a result. They all mess with navmeshes, which is the root problem you're having in your game. Navmeshes are not a completely well understood system and ther
  16. It makes little difference what tools or scripts are said to fix the problem. Most if not all of them are completely unreliable. It's never as simple as just changing the flag to ESM. This sort of thing can cause those mods to break if certain conditions are not met to the standards the engine expects once that flag is set. Especially with quest aliases. You will often find they just don't fill. It could be that the change in load order is not compatible with expectations put forth by the original author. You can run into CTDs, broken quests, NPCs spawning where they don't belong, or not spawn
  17. That's the same thing Leo
  18. The fix for that quest isn't retroactive so you'd only benefit from it on a new save.
  19. Either you're using a conflicting mod, such as The Choice is Yours, or you're on PS4 where the fix for that is not possible.
  20. What you describe about Steam is not specifically a Bethesda issue. It's how Steam operates on ALL games, without exception. That setting where you tell it to only update when you launch it only works for so long before the client will force the update. Usually it doesn't take 18 months for that to happen because you'd have been playing the game anyway, so if you were avoiding the update for some reason, consider yourself lucky it hasn't happened yet because under normal conditions it would have happened in November of 2019 the first time you launched the game after 1.5.97 dropped. A
  21. Not as screwed as you might think, assuming the mod has no other glaring issues (which it probably does, given the lack of care toward this one). Underscores in CELL names only mess with where the save appears on the loading menu. It won't mess up the game itself, but your save menu will be a confusing mess. IMO, you will be better off dumping that mod because ignoring a well known issue like this one and releasing it full of those kinds of errors is a sure sign there will be others which might well be far more serious.
  22. As I literally just said in the post above yours, that's a server issue on Bethesda's end. There's nothing we can do about that.
  23. You're missing a requirement - the USSEP. I forgot to tag it when I uploaded it, but that's why.
  24. Version 4.1.4 An edit to a bush across from the Old Hroldan Inn has been removed. It was a leftover from when the Redguard start was across the road. Synced with the latest USSEP fixes. After picking your starting choice, a skeleton will now appear on the bed in the prison cell once you've left.
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