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  1. The only problem with waiting a week or two is that the expedition will end up halfway over thus pressing you for time on it. Usually the other expeditions make sense when their general content becomes part of the greater game. I'm not seeing how this one is going to do that since it's geared specifically toward survival mode.
  2. I've seen a few scattered questions about which records in the game will conflict with each other and which won't and what should be done about it if they do or don't. It can be a bit of a tricky subject. So I figured it's about time to start documenting this in a more proper way than scattering it about on various mod threads on Nexus and elsewhere. A more centralized list if you will. If you DO NOT see the records listed here, assume they CANNOT be ignored and that conflict resolution will be necessary. Yes, this can get very specific inside various record types. If there is a subrecord you think should be listed here, let me know. It will need to be verified that data will merge or otherwise be collected properly at runtime before adding it to this list. Default Object Manager DOBJ - DNAM [Objects]: ElminsterAU has confirmed that this record merges its data at runtime, therefore conflict management on this record if it exists in a mod is unnecessary. Dialogue Subrecords DIAL - TIFC [info Count]: These will appear as conflicts whenever the counts don't match. So far as I have been able to determine, the game will keep track of the highest count and will run with that. It's also possible this subrecord doesn't matter in the end and is only for internal information purposes as this count value is never seen in the CK. INFO - PNAM [Previous INFO]: These will be sorted at runtime based on the actual order of the final list of INFOs attached to a DIAL record. Story Manager Records SMQN - SNAM [Child] subrecord: The children specified in these subrecords will process correctly even if the display appears to indicate they won't. This can be pretty clearly demonstrated by the vanilla game and the Dawnguard DLC. There are SNAM conflicts there suggesting that Dawnguard would block the connections but the game operates them properly anyway. SMBN - SNAM [Child] subrecord: As with the equivalent in the SMQN subrecord, these also sort themselves out at runtime. Location Records LCTN - Location record: As displayed in TES5Edit, everything from ACPR all the way down to LCEP will merge with each other at runtime. Conflict resolution for these subrecords is not necessary. All LCTN Subrecords from FULL [Name] to the bottom of the list DO require conflict resolition, as well as everything from EDID [Editor ID] up to the top of the record. Idle Animation Records IDLE - ANAM [Related Idle Animations] subrecord: This data is sorted out at runtime. ALL OTHER DATA in the IDLE record must be conflict resolved. Worldspace Records NAM0, NAM9 subrecords: Used to determine the in-game cell dimension of a worldspace. These have been confirmed to be exempt from the Rule of One. *ANY* mod making changes to these sets of values will have those changes propagated into the game WITHOUT conflict management. Be aware of this if you are running two mods together which intentionally change these values for a worldspace. The outcome will not be predictable and you may end up with a worldspace size much larger than you're expecting. This can lead to huge amounts of stuttering in the game that have no other identifiable cause. If you have mods which are altering vanilla worldspaces, chances are these edits were NOT intentional unless the author specifically states they have done so. They can appear in a mod unintentionally and the author may not be aware it has happened. Navigation Mesh Info Map NAVI - This is a special case record that will exist in any mod which has navmesh edits. Each mod will have this record listed as form ID 00012FB4. All of the data in each mod that has a NAVI entry will be merged at runtime. Conflict management is therefore not necessary, and likely wouldn't be possible anyway due to the complexity of the record. NOTE: This information is identical to the original post for Skyrim Classic/LE except for the QNAM subrecord data in the Story Manager. At some point those records stopped merging at runtime and therefore WILL require conflict resolution of some sort.
  3. I've had a chance to test this now. The conclusions are mixed: For LE, everything works as expected. There is no need for the patch .esp file. This was a fresh install of LE with no mods as I had long since uninstalled it and needed to get it back. For SE, the patch .esp file is necessary and I'm able to duplicate your results exactly. There is only one thing I did to both of these before using the scripts - I changed the call to Debug.Trace instead of Debug.Notification because I've had instances where those notifications are not reliable. So it appears as though Bethesda did something in an SE update at some point which has removed the runtime merging of the QNAM group. I've checked my current game load order and this issue would only have affected a minor node between the Bruma mod and the Dawnguard DLC for follower commentary. So it also seems that somewhere along the way Bethesda also quietly resolved the conflicts the files used to have with each other, which was what prompted the original LE testing to begin with. In any case, what this means is that I'll need to put up a second post for SE that leaves out the QNAM information since that's now wrong.
  4. The things in this post have been validated as still working in SE (there is no AE for this purpose). You'd need to come up with something very specific and detailed AND easily reproduced before this gets removed from the post.
  5. RFYL on LE does not require USLEEP as a master so it shouldn't matter.
  6. The workbench thing is a known bug in LOTD - I confirmed that with Picky a long time ago. It not appearing in either worldspace means their scripting still isn't enabling the object like it's supposed to. They change the Dev Aveza stuff too often to keep track of so that doesn't surprise me that it doesn't work now. I no longer use the mod though since they've insisted on giving bad advice on how to handle updates and regularly tell people to do clean saves and/or use save editors that are known to corrupt saves.
  7. Didn't notice this comment last year but the answer is yes, it's the same one that used to be on Nexus. No additional work was done on it.
  8. VR is based on a super old fork of the SE codebase from before the CC was even a thing, so most mods aren't actually going to work properly with it. That includes OCS. No version of it exists for VR.
  9. Version 1.0.9 Fixed a navmesh bug inside Rorlimir's Finest Sundries that was causing them to be unable to navigate around the bed properly and may have been the ultimate cause of the shop being locked when it wasn't supposed to be. Tallie's AI package had too large a radius resulting in her using the guest bed sometimes.
  10. Ugh, Navmeshes. Why does it always have to be navmeshes? Thanks for reporting this. I'll get this fixed up and updated.
  11. I genuinely don't get it either. In every other major modding community I know of, users and modders alike welcome updates from the company and move to update their mods in short order. Supporting old copies of games is almost unheard of outside of BGS modding.
  12. There is no harm in ESLifying the SkyUI plugin. Whether that's going to do anything for you or not is a different story. Mine has been ESLified for a very long time and has caused me no issues in my game.
  13. Not to be pedantic on the point, but specifically, "AE" is a marketing bundle label on Steam. It isn't an actual product. It's the combination of two distinct products - "Skyrim Special Edition" and "Skyrim Anniversary Edition Upgrade". The latter of which is an optional DLC package that brings you the other 70 pieces of the Creation Club content in one purchase. As far as downgrading, it's definitely not something that should be done since it only ever leads to weird problems. There are things in the 4 free DLCs that came with the 1.6 update that require functions that are not available in 1.5.
  14. Not out of the box, no. Vorians has a patch for the two mods though.
  15. Funny, because I had issues with it counting Gravatino Balls I harvested from my own plants. Not from collecting them in the wild.
  16. Well there's always Linux I guess
  17. So the old trick of unplugging the internet before doing a clean install doesn't work with 11?
  18. Honestly, I have no idea what that rant of a news post was supposed to be about. As far as I can tell there's no rampant problem with people posting links to Patreon pages with paywalled mods behind them. Certain places do seem to like to help that conspiracy theory along, but it just doesn't seem to be an issue. The cynic in me says that news post is directed toward an individual or small team who did something bad and the Nexus response is to admonish the entire community for something it simply isn't doing.
  19. What's worse is that once you've placed a comm module, you can't ever remove it. I have one stuck partway into a wall in my first base that I want to get rid of but there's no delete option for it.
  20. This just reaffirms my decision to ride Windows 10 out until they cut it off some time in 2024.
  21. I finished Expedition 6 2 days after it started and there were already a sea of comms modules and player bases all over the place.
  22. Ah, "Stability improvements" - The battlecry of "all the other little things we didn't properly check in to version control"
  23. Then you are running your game in a broken state because the new content requires the updated executable. Any mods at this stage of things that aren't being updated that need to be should be replaced with something else. For .NET, you'll want to replace it with this:https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/59596
  24. Heh, never needed to exploit that considering I've got a nice mold farm I can bleed for nanites whenever I need them. The exploit came in handy to generate some cash early on though. Found some dude's Activated Indium farm and emptied his storage containers
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