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  1. No, this issue is NOT a patch bug and you have zero evidence in support of such a conclusion. Please stop cross-posting this issue to our forums and threads since it's not being caused by anything we've done. It's crystal clear to us that you're using other mods you refuse to admit to using for whatever odd reason and we're not interested in playing this game with you.
  2. Unfortunately random crashing and freezing isn't something modders can fix. That's on Bethesda's engine.
  3. Let's just start with hoping Adobe actually does kill it this time - they've made this claim several times before.
  4. Adobe killing the Flash Player won't have any impact on games using Scaleform. Assuming of course Scaleform itself isn't also being killed.
  5. You don't really have much choice, but yes, it's perfectly safe.
  6. Past experience with Larian tells me their games are never as good as Bethesda's work, so, yeah, not paying $60 for it now, or at any time in the future. I will contentedly wait for a significant price drop on sale before I bite, and I'm not going to feed the paid beta testing monster regardless of how good the game might be.
  7. ELEX is on sale on GoG for 75% off: https://www.gog.com/game/elex It's a very good sci-fi RPG, which is rare.
  8. You can file one but it won't be addressed given that it involved a sizeable portion of dialogue and they'd need to run it all through translations for every supported language. You can see now why we went with the solution we did, since splice-acted lines will sound like absolute shit, and no voice actor is ever going to be able to mimic the real actors closely enough to fool anyone. And keep in mind that ESO is ~900 years ago in Skyrim's timeline, so it's likely the old Ebony deposits are long gone anyway and the town made due with what they could dig up below them.
  9. $60 for an early access game? LOL, are they crazy?
  10. No, being able to reselect a used dialogue isn't necessarily a bug even if it seems weird.
  11. That has nothing to do with this mod. That "loop" exists as part of the vanilla game.
  12. That's not the topic that leads through my alterations. The text prompt for mine is "The Blades want me to kill Paarthurnax." I don't see that on your list.
  13. It's a moot point now anyway since that conflict was due to a wild edit in Keld-Nar and I just updated it to address the bug that the earlier report pointed out and removed the wild edit while I was at it. So that patch is no longer necessary.
  14. Version 1.0.7 Rorilmir's investment dialogue is not checking the proper gold amount. This is a fix being applied which is detailed in USSEP Bug #29335.

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