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  1. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Open Cities Skyrim

    Open Cities Skyrim 3.1.2 All: Copied some missed foliage items in every city.
  2. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Bee Hives

    Version 2.0.3 Flagged as ESL.
  3. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Manor Roads

    Version 2.0.1 Cleaned with updated versions of xEdit.
  4. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Practice Dummies

    Version 2.0.4 Converted all 3 modules to ESL flags.
  5. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Alternate Start - Live Another Life

    No you won't, this mod doesn't require SKSE64 :P
  6. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Keld-Nar

    Version 2.0.3 Tilvur's voicetype was not able to use the blacksmith dialogue so it has been changed to MaleBrute which can.
  7. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Storefront

    Version 2.0.3 Added support for Shadowfoot Sanctum. Due to the home's location, your spouse will use the shop stand in the Riften Plaza.
  8. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Alternate Start - Live Another Life

    Version 4.0.9 Added support for Shadowfoot Sanctum DLC. Added support for my Granite Hill inn as a starting position.
  9. Arthmoor

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    I tend to agree, if only because information in chat rooms becomes lost too easily. I don't really see the harm in keeping a support post going here even if it doesn't get answered right away. People using forums should know to expect slower response times. And I know, shocker, but not everyone uses Discord either :P
  10. Arthmoor

    [RELz] Cutting Room Floor

    Version 3.1.2 Added a rock to cover a gap above the entrance to Hoarfrost Grotto. (Bug #26294)
  11. UFO4P 2.0.7 is now live, requiring FO4 Patch 1.10.130. Enjoy!
  12. USSEP version 4.1.7 has gone live. SSE patch 1.5.73 is required. Enjoy!
  13. Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.5.73 No official changelog was provided. Support for new CC content was added. Thieves Guild Hood will no longer disappear if player is a vampire (second variant fixed now). Vegetable Soup and Venison Stew now properly restore health (FoodRestoreHealthDuration fixed). Transparency issues with the Blue Palace entry way and door have been fixed. SSE CK Update 1.5.73 In other words - be careful when updating your vanilla scripts in case you've made edits of your own. You'll need to reapply them to the new ones.
  14. Arthmoor

    Domain Name Change

    Strange that it would make anyone do that since it shouldn't have been necessary to do anything more than telling your browser to accept cookies from the new domain and then log in as usual.
  15. Arthmoor

    Anyone tried "Disconnect"?

    Never tried Disconnect but I've heard good things about it from people who have. In either case, definitely drop Ghostery like a hot potato since they're known to track data from their users and sell it after the company changed hands.

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