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  1. Making any kind of static list or collection or whatever of mods is and always has been a terrible idea because the individual components get updated often. Those updates may be as simple as a bug fix or as complex as a whole new set of story data or something. Updates that sometimes can't be done because of how poorly some mod authors design things. This is all a disaster waiting to happen.
  2. I think I'll just wait until the bug fixing storm dies down a bit before I reinstall the game
  3. No. The unofficial patch is the only one where the prohibition is explicitly stated. Inclusions into mod packs is not allowed. Technically one does not need to specify this either because inclusion into a mod pack is a violation of copyright without the author's permission. It remains to be seen whether or not Nexus intends to properly honor copyright law here.
  4. Maybe I'll reinstall it once my replacement video card gets here and see how far things have come.
  5. Probably the single greatest thing they could do for this game:
  6. Version 1.0.3 Location data for Rorilmir's shop was pointing to the data for Riverwood when it should not have been. Grounded the floating table outside of the inn. Grounded a floating nightshade next to the Dibella statue.
  7. Concept wise I have no real issue with TC, it's the execution. I know you've done all you can to make it behave as well as it can, but for me that was never enough. Too many issues in too many places where the game would just up and CTD while trying to ride from one point to another. It resulted in my decision to just not use it and my games were much more stable as a result. Nothing personal, Skyrim is just a harsh master. With regard to this navmesh business, I seriously wonder if you're testing the same navmeshes I am because you are citing problems you're seeing in more than one place but demonstrating none of it. Then when I go and I drag followers around and we shadow guards etc, nothing breaks. What precisely should I be taking away from this when I cannot reproduce any of the bugs you say exist? The reason I asked which version of SSE you have (and by extension, which version of its CK you have) is because I HAD discovered other issues with navmeshes in several of my villages where things were indeed broken but I can guarantee that they were not prior to the release of the 1.5.73 versions of both. Borders with randomly severed links in cells where I control all 4 borders with no vanilla ones touching them, yet they're still fucked up (or were, until I fixed them all). It's led me to the conclusion that Bethesda has altered navmesh coding and said nothing about it. A couple of other mod authors have since confirmed they too have found broken navmesh where previously they had working navmesh. CRF itself had no such issues, which is what's weird about this. Older mods were where I was finding the most issues, yet CRF is older than most of those, and Open Cities is the oldest one I have and it too was unaffected. It makes little sense, but there it is. Most of the new stuff I've done since the end of 2018 was also unaffected.
  8. Eh, put simply, you'd need a miracle. Bethesda's devs have flat out said mods will not work correctly in Skyrim VR. Examining the reasons for this should make it obvious as to why. VR was forked from an ancient copy (by today's standards) of SSE well before the Creation Club even existed. The executable therefore is missing numerous things that have been added to the Papyrus engine since then. The master files are known to be incompatible as well since they do not contain the same data found in any of the mainline files for regular PC and console games. Not to mention that VR knows nothing of various things added to the current SSE masters and countless scripts have had new information added that VR knows nothing about. Those forum posts about the CK supposedly working to make VR mods are leaving out that you'd have to have obtained and kept an ancient version of the SSE CK that completely predates not only the CC, but version 1.5 of SSE in general. VR is based off of the old 1.4 code which is never going to get any of the features of today's mods. And as you point out, it lacks current scripts. I have been over this stuff with the VR fanatics before. The bottom line is that mods being kept up to date are never going to work on VR. Anything newer than 2 years ago simply isn't considered safe, but of course we all know people will ignore that at the peril of their saves. USSEP is not going to be ported to VR. Ever. It's explicitly not allowed in the permissions precisely because these people who kept hounding for this wouldn't listen to reason and chose to launch personal attacks on anyone who was telling them the truths they did not want to hear. They've banned hundreds of people from the VR sub on reddit for trying to tell them that it's not feasible to do this. Not to mention the cost outlay for equipment and a version of the VR game before you could even test it properly. For pointing these things out, they have spread an anti-USSEP hate campaign among their memberships claiming I have targeted them specifically because I "hate" VR and run around telling everyone it's a gimmick etc. Hate has nothing to do with it. Practical reality does. It's not feasible to support mods on a platform Bethesda themselves says won't do it properly. We have no way to validate integirty, no money to waste on hardware we'll never use, etc etc. It's never good enough for these people to accept so they resort to piracy and preemptive bans to keep people in the dark. Suffice it to say, their attitude is the reason the UPP has taken the stance we have against them. They will get no support from us, and we do not authorize the use of our work on an unsupported platform. It's as simple as that. Yet despite that, a companion project was authorized here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16768 - Apparently that wasn't good enough for them though. We're still evil little shits who hate VR users with a passion. IMO, you're playing with fire doing anything for these people. They will eventually burn you. I'd recommend against trying to offer support for your mod to them. Especially as you've pointed out, the target audience is barely alive anyway. Simple cost benefit analysis here.
  9. That's a good point then. Are you sure you have the proper plugin that goes with SSE 1.5.80 and SKSE64 2.0.16? I can't imagine the DLL would have functioned if this weren't the case but you never know I guess.
  10. Nope, that's just random memory noise recorded in the registers. Your stack is more important for digging up clues, Unfortunately the stack has basically nothing of value on it. Whatever is crashing your game is doing a very good job of escaping detection.
  11. I've never even heard of the caphavokfps setting so I have no idea who told you this was the problem but whoever it was had no idea what they were talking about. USSEP edits no such setting. As a general rule, don't listen to anything you find on that Reddit sub. Nearly all of those people are clueless idiots who don't know a thing about how the game actually works, much less how to mod it properly.
  12. Version 1.0.7 Fixed some broken navmesh border connections.
  13. Version 2.0.5 Fixed a broken navmesh border.
  14. Version 2.0.5 Fixed some broken navmesh border connections.

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