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  1. Version 1.0.6 Some ownership issues in the Aurrevelus Residence have been corrected.
  2. Version 2.0.6 Fur armor recipes have been added. The vanilla game doesn't include these because they're typically only worn by bandits.
  3. Version 2.0.3 A stray edit in DoomstoneNorthernCoast01 has been removed.
  4. Version 2.2 6 more Skyshards have been added in Blackreach in honor of the Greymoor expansion for ESO. (No, it's not the same Blackreach region as in ESO, but hey) The quests have been shifted to the Miscellaneous journal category. Skyshard beacons have been cut down in size because they were often too tall and too easily given away. They should be more in line with the height of an ESO beacon now.
  5. Those are both SKSE functions so you may want to bring that to the attention of the development team for that.
  6. Removing the flag will simply cause the game to treat it as a normal .esp or .esm file. If the file was originally named with the .esl extension, then changing that to .esm would be preferred to keep it from disrupting its intended load ordering. That said, you need to be aware that VR is a different beast and there won't be alot of mods that can be safely run under those conditions, no matter what folks on reddit may claim.
  7. Version 3.1.8 Several tier 7 Warlock actors were created for the game but never added to any of the leveled lists for Warlocks. The quest script for the player alias in MGR12 did not include an Inventory Event Filter. (Bug #29068) The scene where Olfrid confronts Vignar about stolen crops has been restored. This will only play if the siege of Whiterun has not yet happened, as it won't make sense afterward. One of the added Imperial soldiers in Riften was not set up properly and became enabled all the time. This resulted in him being attacked by the Stormcloak guards which could also risk a city-wide melee due to the stray arrow shots. Gestur Rockbreaker now has a house in Stonehills as he was supposed to.
  8. That's an engine bug. Nothing we can do there. NPCs are occasionally found like that on all types of furniture objects, not just beds.
  9. That's not a valid version number for Skyrim SE. Skyrim SE's last official update on PC is version 1.5.97, issued in November 2019, and that is what USSEP is compatible with. Anything else is invalid.
  10. There is no version of this for LE at all. You'd need to upgrade to SSE.
  11. That can't be addressed on PS4 because the fix required scripting to correct the problem. Sony's restrictions on external assets prevent it from being done.
  12. Now if they'd just make the survival mechanics optional so the game could be enjoyed properly instead of bogged down in a never ending cycle of eat-drink-sleep.
  13. If the last two never happened, society would have collapsed centuries ago. We certainly would not have had any of the modern conveniences we have today if the people whose hobbies brought them to the point of being products we buy were never allowed to sell them in the first place.
  14. Creation Club is certainly better than no paid system at all, but it favors the publisher far more than it does the mod author unless you count professional dev experience as part of the package. I think we have opinions that match up more than you realize, I just don't think something being a hobby means you're not allowed to make money doing it.

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