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  1. I am not communicating very well with Patreon can I use PayPal? They have a monthly alternative too. Love your glowing avatar btw!

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    2. phatbassanchor


      Arthmoor, my dear brother...

      I too share this difficulty in working with patreon.  My bank says it's the website and patreon says it's my bank.  I get the same run around from paypal and patreon as well.  I've tried but have found zero solutions.  

      I'm sure that Fredlaus wants to feel like a contributing member of our little community here, as do I.  We just cannot utilize patreon, more's the pity.  I'm of the opinion that mods should always remain free.  However, servers cost money.  I'd like to have an easy way to donate a couple bucks each month.  Patreon just won't work... It used to but no longer.  

      If you have paypal, all we'd need is your account name or email address, not your actual account info.  However, I use the "Buy me a coffee" service every month to contribute to my favorite youtube video author, Febrith Darkstar.  That service is easy and has always worked flawlessly for me.

      Just a thought...  

      Adventure ever on my friend, Phat:blackhand:

      PS:  I dig the glowing face avatar image as well!:pumpkintroll:  

    3. Arthmoor


      Yeah, Ko-Fi was suggested to me as an option and I guess I can set up a link for that on the page alongside Patreon. I just need to actually make an account with them first :P

    4. phatbassanchor


      Having options is always good.:highfive:

      Please let us know when you get a chance to do that.  

      Time being a premium asset, no hurries, no worries.


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