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  1. I am not communicating very well with Patreon can I use PayPal? They have a monthly alternative too. Love your glowing avatar btw!

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    2. fredlaus


      You are the MAN Phat!

      Maybe I will develop to multi-legged monster :)

      I wish you the best too ART. Good luck wlth the Coffee idea wich is a nice idea

      Ignorance is not a good business. I left NM for the same reason - and if you could advice me with Arizona Baby! it would be awesome. You are the giant killer of BUGS - or not?

      Thank you again Phat - I still love your Photos and they are more than useful!

      Open my account then :)

    3. Arthmoor


      I don't play New Vegas or mod for it so I'd have no idea what to advise you on if it's something specific.

    4. phatbassanchor


      No worries brother...

      There are a ton of unique bugs out here in the desert, scorpions, brown recluse and tarantula spiders...  Lots of fun for a Saxhleel assassin and warrior champion to enjoy. :) 

      Pretty sure that was a play on your tag line, "I am become death, destroyer of bugs!"  :pumpkintroll:

      I live in Arizona and over twenty years a Fallout junkie as well...  So, I can easily field those other questions. :run:

      Adventure on, Phat:blackhand:

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