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  1. Much appreciated everyone. I'm getting back into modding for the first time since about 2018 and trying to relearn all this is making my brain return an error. Although with Bethesda coming out with Skyrim Anniversary Edition (and all the mod breaking goodness that comes with such benevolent updates) I might have to wait still longer for things to settle. At least I can rest assured that my skyrim bears will still be able to shout at me with all the fury of an internet sensation with Tourettes Syndrome.
  2. Thank you for your time Hana. I did read through the OP of the conversion thread, but I want an experienced modders opinion. I'm capable of deploying mods and have done so before but actually creating mods is way above my head right now. I have a trio of sound mods from Nexus that I want to use in my load order for Special Edition and the conversion thread states "sound effect files do not require conversion. They can be used as-is." The mods in question, as far as I can tell, are sound fx replacer mods with identical structures and the sound files themselves are all in .wav format. I'm not hopeful for official ports in any of the mods since only one mod uploader has been active on the nexus in the past 5 years. So I will link one of the mods and hopefully someone savvy with conversions can tell me if it will work without conversion. I'm unclear about this since Skyrim seems to use .fuz format files for sound and voice lines. Some people claim that .wav files are fine too but I just want to make sure. Here is the link to one of the mods I want to use. It uses exclusively .wav files and its structure is identical to the other two according to the file content previews. If this one works as-is, then I'm fairly certain the other two will as well. Thanks for your time and patience. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/4478
  3. I have a pretty dumb question about converting mods to SSE, but I'm completely new to this forum and to forums in general. What part of the Skyrim Special Edition forum would be most appropriate for asking "stupid questions"? Guidance is appreciated.
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