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  1. At the time the mods were only SkyUI and Customizable Favorites. Now I have more than 20 and the framerate it's the same.
  2. It's a possibility, but how do I clean it?
  3. Hi people, first of all let me introduce myself. I'am kornest! Pleasure After some time of playing skyrim in my PS3 I decided to buy it from steam to finally start playing with some mods. Now, after some research (Nexus mod manager vs Mod Organizer) I decided to install MO and I applied 2 mods, both of them requiring SKSE to function propelly. Here's my dillema now: If i start Skyrim from Skyrim launcher or SKSE, the game plays very smoothly but without the mods activated (the ones who actually need SKSE to work), but for some reason if I start the game through MO in the option SKSE, the game runs with both mods activated but I get a framerate drop. I'am talking like 20 FPS instead of the 50FPS I get on starting Skyrim via the 1st way described. Any help or tips for this? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post

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