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  1. Ok, but are the tree LODs meant to be disappearing like that?
  2. Ok, I fixed the low quality object LODs, turns out the HD lod Normals was set to data\Textures\landscape\mountains\mountainslab02.dds instead of data\Textures\landscape\mountains\mountainslab02_n.dds. However, the tree LOD still looks really bad, and fades out if I get too far away. The landscape tesxtures are still really low quality as well. There should be trees extending all away along the coastline. The ground texture is brown, and fades to the correct ReachGrass when you get close to it. To generate LOD I used Oscape for the land and the ck for trees and objects.
  3. The LOD which I have generated from my landscape is of appalling low quality as seen below. Not only this but tree LOD is really bad as well, and disappears when I get too far away from it same for land textures. Does anyone no why this might be?
  4. Thank you soo much for that! Finally I can get lod working!
  5. Wow thanks for that! I've seen a lot of other people with the same problem so I'm sure many other people will appreciate it.
  6. Sorry for the lack of details, I typed that out on my phone at the train station. Yes, I am creating a brand new custom worldspace. I have successfully generated landscape lod using oscape and yes, although there are lod files located in the meshes section of the dawnguard.bsa there are no lod .dds files. So, whenever I try and generate object LOD I get this error Missing DDS textures for object DLC01CasExtBackLeftTower01_LOD_0:19--check editorwarnings.txt for texture The same problem is discussed in this thread where someone actually did upload the textures. Unfortunately though the link provided is broken.
  7. I'm using Dawnguard assets in m large worldspace mod for Skyrim (Castle Dawnguard, Vampire castle etc). However, there seems to be no existing lod texture source in the Dawnguard.bsa. Is there anywhere I can download them or is there some way I can extract them from the lod .nif files? Thank guys,

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