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  1. I received a letter (from Skulvar Sable-Hilt) to hurt but not kill someone. If I deny this quest, the dialog ends but the quest remains in the journal, like the jester quest before.
  2. Finally found the problem: the Mod "Dragon Priest Mask Quest Marker" permanently overwrites your fix in the savegame. Starting a new game without it solves it. Thanks again.
  3. Sorry, second false post in one day, shame on me Maybe my game is buggy, maybe I habe TES5Edited too much... Thanks again for wasting time on me.
  4. Ups, thought I was updated... maybe another mod loading after yours... thank you for answering.
  5. If I damage Miraak more than expected (two bladed, one-hand-enchanted, one-hand-potioned), he does not get enough health from the dragon he kills and remains in ghost state. I have to 'resethealth' him via console. Can you fix this? He should be healed completely with a dragon soul.
  6. I still have the error in Bromjunaar Sanctuary: If I place a mask and then take it again, it is gone. Only Konahrik works like it should. With USKP disabled all works fine, and also with an old version of USKP, so what changed? A friend also has this problem, so I am not alone,
  7. Bromjunaar Sanctuary (since USKP 2.0.6, I think): When I place a dragon priest mask at its pedestal and then take it again, it is gone! Only Konahrik can be taken and placed back again. Anyone else with this problem?

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