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  1. Hello, Arthmoor. That was my, admittedly naive, suspicion when I read the Nexus post. I had asked the poster to provide info on any animation or skeleton replacer mods he/she had, but didn't get it before my OP. I wanted to test with a duplicate mod load and see if the "effect" changed with, say, FNIS, or a new skeleton. Still haven't got the mod list info. If a test with the original observer's mod load reveals anything interesting, I'll post it.
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty used to the dubbed-over style dialog by now. But, I think I actually smiled when Lydia told me about Thanes, in perfect synchronization. Obviously, I don't understand the technical details. I just thought there might be something "different" driving NPC's in sneak mode that is absent/present in normal mode and changes the sync issue, like a different order of script function calls, or something. Was hoping this might be a good "hint", then again, had no basis for that other than wishful thinking. Thanks, Hana, appreciate the welcome, and your time. Whoops, ninja'd - BlackPete, thanks as well.
  3. First, I did search the forums and found nothing related. A user on Nexus posted an observation regarding the lip-sync problem; if you're sneaking, followers do not exhibit the bug. I did a quick test (don't usually have followers) and verified that my housecarls and an Interesting NPC follower (Amalee) did, indeed, "sync" up animations with audible dialog while we were in "sneak mode". At least to original game levels, IIRC (been a while for this bug). The poster's recommendation was to "fool characters into thinking they were in sneak mode while talking" (paraphrased). I don't think that's a workable idea, but thought that there may be something in his observation and it may be worth mentioning here. At least, a long time lurker was prompted to register and make a post about it. I'm of the understanding that an official patch generated the lip-sync bug and the actual cause of it is unknown. Just hoping that the sneak-talk scenario (if verified by more than two players) might give a clue as to the cause and, of course, a UOP fix/workaround. BTW, "Hello!" to all. Regards, Gary
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