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  1. according load order wrye has the load order 2 positions different than the f4se save https://gyazo.com/c6eed69f40f3c3f26435d3e9a953b0fc https://gyazo.com/cb1d59214235191a42e673165da01376 look at the load order for mso_sms.esl TBOSBT2.esl and LooksMenu(used to be merged) wrye is showing that according to current LO it's in the 20th position while the f4se dump show it in the 18th position wrye shows that the 2 esl mods is being loaded BEFORE looksmenu AND then at the end of my lo so which one is correct?
  2. thanks for the reply, but this does not touch on my other concern, will i still be able to play fallout 4 and not corrupt my saves because wrye NO LONGER IMPORTS mods into it? luckily i did not have over the max number of mods(merged and imported into the bashed patch) installed for fo4 like i do for Skyrim Le i have f4se installed and had it in there since i started play fallout 4 so every single mods that once was merged into bash now has to be manually flagged in wrye as an esl, if mods that was merged are no longer being merged then this will screw with peoples saves, there are people that have no idea that this is going to be required unless there is a popup after an upgrade or it WILL screw with peoples saves. then why keep wrye installed, when it no longer does or offers what it once did? edited: to change the word "imported" to "merged", as merging into a bashed patch was the action that is no longer happening
  3. *esl mods are not being properly recognized in wrye https://gyazo.com/b88755acb0b5717cc7286036f72d164a loot sorts them just fine but it looks like this on the saves tab https://gyazo.com/b3304af0d6dea4e21b427c1fada82c6b wrye is saying that they are almost at the bottom of my load order (on the saves tab) and the mods that used to be imported into the bashed patch are now OUT OF ORDER, i can not play my level 140 character because this is a very major f*ck up that is not my fault(have been using wrye since Morrowind (Wrye Mash)). TELL ME WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW? play and take a chance that my game saves get corrupted or wait till someone fixes the mess? i have over 300 hrs alone on this one character and then wrye bash for skyrim se is also not esl flagging mods that was at one time imported into bashed patch https://gyazo.com/91ebff161b1af9b81be7334d11a1df18 i have more than 6 mods(closer to 20+) that was at one time imported, but the 6 els flagged mods that wrye is reporting was esl flagged by that mods author not wrye. Skyrim se was recently reinstalled and mods readded and wrye is reporting on the saves tabs that some mods are OUT OF ORDER that are NOT out of order according to loot, i use loot's redate plugins option(after sorting), there is still a problem with bash since removing the option to import mods into the bashed patch with this current load order loot is saying that my mods do not need to be sorted so it is wrye that is mis-reporting load order on the saves tab
  4. someone posted about this on nexus, i think Emma of the vilja companion mod did the commenting of this anyway the clothing or armor for some reason has a value of 0 try putting on a ring or amulet of at least 1 gold and they will quit commenting that u are naked
  5. I have very little coding experience, I can't code from scratch but I can modify exsiting code to an extent, I can read error messages and figure out what is wrong and sometimes-most often fix it myself, I have done it for the python versions of Wrye Bash, if u think u can use me then i'm in, if not then... ....i can be a beta tester if u need any more i have been using WB since v291 (python) for Oblivion but switched to the standalone version the python version was to slow with 280+mods installed. even the standalone trys to lock up with that many mods also there is another "Wrye Bash" for FO3 that will not let u create a bashed patch (patcher crashes). here is the name: Wrye4Fallout3_V06beta-10097
  6. atleast u can use CK it just locks up on me not been able to use it since i installed, and before u ask i even uninstalled then re-installed it and nothing, i let it sit for 10+ minutes b4 giving up in disgust.

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