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  1. I brought this into the discord chat with Elminster directly. Basically, it's available for conflict resolution, but not for record comparison (which I learned isn't actually new at all, just something I never noticed before because it wasn't automatic ^^')
  2. Yes, that's what I thought, and what was asking (for the record view ) Ok for the Asset Manager. Nice to know about the sound file behavior too, didn't know how it worked. I noticed however that it miss several textures when using the "List all refeenced assets" function, and I can't explain why ? A few weapons and creatures have their NIFs properly listed, but the texture pointed to by these same NIFs aren't... I'm not sure if this is a regression or just something I never noticed before. (I suppose you'd want a reproductible test case ?)
  3. Mmmh, not sure how this is expected to work. Right click->apply filter don't impact record view afaik. Still tried this one for the sake of it, but didn't get expected result: And the new filtering option on the top of the comparison view only allow filtering by field name or value, not status, in the version I have (just downloaded latest experimental 1h ago). Also, why I'm in the question mode: It seems the asset manager script got a few updates since my last version. Is it still under WIP somehow ? Getting a lot of false positive for sounds because records reference .wav but game actually use the filename with .xwm extension. I looked into it but script's design and my limited pascal/delphi skill prevented me for hacking a workaround. Some additional option to check against it would be welcome.
  4. Just dropping by after a few months of inactivity. Tested that new experimental build. New features are absolutely awesome <3 Is there any plan to add something like "hide identical fields" feature in record comparison view ? (similar as "hide no conflict row" in regular mode).
  5. For LAND record, the DATA field (4 unkown bytes) appear to be an indicator of which fields the record contains. For sure if it's 1D000000 , the landscape won't have Vertex Colors, even if there is actual datas in the VCLR field. 1F000000 seems to be the default where everything work.
  6. Didn't thought about exporting them externally... should have ^^ Though come to think of it, I think the CK also have an option to export the content of the objectwindow. As for the LOD, yeah, I can do it too. I'll share it whenever it's actually working for me, in case you want to make some polish and include it (let's face it, for what I need, I'm just going to hardcode matching pattern and discovery path >_< )
  7. Can't really do that with that one sadly :/ What surprise me is that I always assumed the block/sub-block were just computed based on cell's coordinate, didn't expect there could be duplicate sub-groups for them. Also, it never went through Snip or other sh*t, but the actual worldpsace should have been built with Anwyn as far as I know. Maybe that's the issue. Thanks for the answer. I'll see if there is a viable way to nuke the WRLD record and rebuild it cleanly with the CELL data from the corrupted one. Two additional unrelated question/request while i'm posting here: Is there a chance for additional spreadsheets ? Food and Ingredients ones would be useful. Do you have some pieces of script somewhere (you or sheson) to make automatic lod assignments to static ? The "auto-populate" function from the CK, but in batch, and a bit more flexible.(That one I can actually write myself, just don't want to re-invent the wheel, especially since I know a lot of work have been done in xEdit scripting about LODs). Pretty sure there is something like this somewhere, at least in dyndolod, that I can adjust to my needs.
  8. I just noticed that there is a "put worldspace reference under the right cell" script. Is this something that's supposed to fix this kind of oddities: Also, any idea why those even happens in the first place ? (that's not in vanilla worldspace).
  9. Sorry for the stupid question, I'm completely rusty with LODs: How do I get TES5LODGen to handle references of vanilla retextures done with texture set ? I aparently don't have anything for them in the .bto Edit: Nevermind, Needed to link them up to a LOD model... got confused, I thought it'd pick them up based on model path, which is a dyndolod specific thing if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Nothing as far as the current knowledge of the engine go. That's a dev load order, so it just have skyrim + DLCs, ussep, memory patches, UI / tools mods, and the two beyond skyrim plugin, plus that one for testing. So no interference at this level. The same NPC is also used in an other alias from an other quest, which fail to start as well without the ITM, but work properly with it. But that still wouldn't explain why the ITM solve it :/ I'll probably have an other pass of test on the issue later on. Like disabling memory patches (who knows...), but right now I'm a bit worn out by this kind of cr*p.
  11. So... turns out I jumped into conclusion a bit to quickly. Aliases filling doesn't seem to care much about the loc ref type of a unique actor. There was indeed a bug that prevented the alias to fill properly. But it wasn't the loc ref type, even though that's when I removed it that the quest suddenly started working. After some trimming of all the edits I had here and there, here is a view of the plugin that solved the bug: Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm just going to cry in that corner over there. The "just_achr.esp" allow the alias filled by the base NPC to fill, and the parent quest to work properly. Disabling this plugin end up in the quest not filling its aliases, and thus not working.
  12. Thanks. I'll check for extended cases (other loc ref type, start game enabled, and eventually some other relevant filling type) and send it along the 3 other issues I'd wish to see reported.
  13. Potential candidate for "check for errors" : Unique NPCs for which the actor reference have a "Boss" location reference type will fail to fill quest aliases through "Unique Actor" filling type, on start enabled quest. That's just the raw report, the fact that the quest is start game enabled or not, or the fact that the locreftype is "Boss" is likely unrelevant. I'm not 100% sure this should go under "check for errors". I mean, it definitely is an error, but not a technical problem like a null formid or the other thing usually checked through this functionality. Maybe I should just write a custom checker for this kind of things ? (there is a few other errors related to aliases, most of them reported properly by the CK, that xEdit have no clue about). Thoughts ?
  14. As far as I know, xEdit scripting informations are centralized here: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=TES5Edit_Scripting_Functions Anything you know know / learned that's not here, feel free to add it there (at least in the discussion page). Also tagging @Mator, he had a WIP tutorial at some point, (more like an actual guide, less like a reference). Not sure where it's at now, lot of things happened since then.
  15. Sorry for making such a big a request kindof out of nowhere but.. Would it be possible to have another status (and thus font color) for records / sub-records which are "Conflict looser, but the conflict winner have me as a master". So for instance: If value A is at 1 in Skyrim.esm, 2 in Update.esm, and 3 in MyMod.esp, (MyMod.esp having both Skyrim and Update as masters) then the record in Update.esm would have this new status and color. Suggested color: Light purple. Alternatively, an option to have those cases displayed as "master" (even if the record isn't defined directly in it, they're still in a "it make sense that I am being overriden") could do the trick. Right now there is no difference between a regular conflict between two independant mods, and "chained conflicts" between an intermediate master and its child plugin. I do know that this is essentially what modgroups have been designed for (so I do get that the answer might just be a straight "No, not possible, rely on mod groups"), but sadly they're nowhere near as convenient as I'd like them to be.
  16. One more thing, that can be potentially critical for quest/dialogue mods: It appear the way TIF (topic info fragments) are processed or (and?) the way actor dialogue behave, have been slightly altered, at least for infos marked as goodbye "goodbye" . Here is an example: Say that in your quest, you have an alias Alias_Smith, a scene involving Alias_Smith SceneWithSmith, and a dialogue said by smith. Essentially, Smith is supposed to have his dialogue, and at the end, start the scene. Something you could do in Oldrim: 1) At the end of the conversation with smith, in his goodbye info (flagged as goodbye), add GetOwningQuest().SetStage(10) (in the end fragment) 2) In Stage 10 fragment, Start your quest SceneWithSmith.Start() (or SceneWithSmith.ForceStart()), or kmyQuest.SceneWithSmith.Start() if you're implementing following proper standards. In Oldrim: The scene always succeed to start, no issue. In SSE: The scene fail to start, because at the moment when you're calling SceneWithSmith.Start(), Alias_Smith is considered to still be locked in dialogue with the player. This is either because: - The dialogue system now wait for the TIF to return to "free" the actor from dialogue mode even if the info is marked as goodbye (while he was apparently freed at the very beginning of the goodbye info in Oldrim) - Or somehow the TIF did return in Oldrim without waiting for the stage fragment to return too (while it should have), but not anymore in SSE. - A scene can't start if one of its (non-optional) actor is in dialogue with the player in SSE, but can in Oldrim Solution: Use RegisterForSingleUpdate() on your questscript, and start the scene in the Update event (with a while loop waiting for the actor to be out of dialogue), rather than directly in the TIF or the QF. A bit of overhead to ensure everything play as it should. Note that in game, if you interrupt Smith' dialogue by quickly pressing E while he is saying his goodbye (forcing the dialogue menu to close, but allowing him to finish his line), then for both Oldrim and SSE, the scene will start properly (that's how I concluded that the problem was tied to the actor still being in dialogue or not).
  17. Sorry if I'm mistaken, but wasn't there a "remove unecessary peristence flag on references" script at some point in the scripts toolbox ? I know of a certain mod that could definitely benefit from it.
  18. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma is out!

    Still a lot of things to review and fix, but it is now hopefully good enouh to have you enjoy your first journey beyond skyrim :) 

  19. Yes, that'd make sense considering what the subrecord is used for. I guess "index" would be more appropriate than marker.
  20. This is the value of the ID that the next Alias added through the CK will have (and the CK will increment it accordingly when adding one). If you got 3 aliases, they'll have number 1, 2, and 3, and the marker will be at 4. The value is "useful" to track down potentially deleted aliases (If you see the marker is at 7, but you only have 2 aliases with ID 1 and 2, you know womething went wrong at some point and aliases 3, 4, 5, and 6 have been created then deleted at some point).
  21. Minor: ANAM - Aliases Marker field in QUST records The value display as a hexadecimal, while it should really be an (unsigned) integer.
  22. There is one thing they've been very smart about this time, they announced it beforehand. The hate have been spreading post-E3, and is already slowing. When this will actually kick in, only people actually concerned will still rant about it, but it won't have the extremely broad coverage original paid mods had through press and all this, as those already happended after this announcement. Putting in spoiler my answer to a guy on reddit who asked for potential benefits for modders (like CK update): All in all, I'm more curious / in the expectative than anything else. We still have no official statements on the scope of mods they intend to publish through it, the amount of support they'll provide, nor the targetted "creators" as they call them. And nothing about the actual pricing either.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    No. This won't turn you into a hybrid between Batman and the Dovahkiin. Sorry This is a simple bat file I use when doing beta-tests and combat mechanics / difficulties QA. Usage: Put in your installation folder (where Skyrim.exe is, not in Data\ ) Go in-game and open the console Type in: "bat dovahkiin" (without quotemarks) Result: This teach you the full FUS-RO-DAH, give you basics items (500golds, 15lockpicks, 3 torches), and automatically give and equip the official Dovahkiin suit as per the trailer: - Iron Helmet - Studded Armor - Iron Boots - No Gauntlets - Banded Iron Shield - Steel Sword Since this was inspired by the original trailer, bonus vid!
  24. Haha, you're right... I actually have a much much bigger problem... xD
  25. @elderscrollerr Should work right out of the box, but you should probably ask Mator directly rather than here. About the worldspace browser: is there a way to force the "Location" overlay to take into account "child" location ? Right know if a cell have a location "CityLocationFarm", which is a child of "CityLocation", and I want to display the whole "CityLocation" as overlay, the cell with "CityLocationFarm" will de excluded.
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