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  1. I just posted an issue on GitHub regarding potentially switching the xEdit plugin cleaning guide we currently link to from our masterlists: https://github.com/loot/loot.github.io/issues/69 Any thoughts, comments, feedback would be appreciated.
  2. After reading through this topic (and some other discussions), I've made a PR against LOOT's "Introduction To Load Orders" article: https://github.com/loot/loot.github.io/pull/66/files I'd appreciate if some of y'all that have tested this inside and out could look over my changes and make sure I'm not spewing nonsense.
  3. Just a quick announcement: LOOT now has an official Discord server! I've been more or less the only person active in our IRC channel (with a small handful of lurkers, thanks guys ❤️) for literally years, and recently got sucked into various other modding tools' servers… so I talked with WrinklyNinja and created this: https://discord.gg/SZVPRzf Come join and say hi and hangout! (I'll update website and such tomorrow so we have more official links to it too.)
  4. Right. The cc-entries script currently just loops over the .ccc file and adds them in the order they're there, but I'm thinking if I should make it have two passes so it first spits out the CC .esms and then afterwards the CC .esls. I'm also seeing LOOT put a community .esl in between community .esms, and thinking about filing a LOOT issue about that, but trying to confirm that this is not intended behaviour.
  5. I have some ESL load order questions: Are/should-be ESMs (regardless of their extension(s)) always load ordered first-first? Are even community/non-game/CC ESMs load ordered before CC ESLs? Are CC ESMs load ordered before CC ESLs or are they always load ordered in the .ccc order, regardless of ESL/ESM extension and plugin flag? Are .esl's always load ordered before ESPs? I know there was a fair amount of discussion earlier, but on one hand I'm not sure whether additional logic is needed in my creation-club-entries.py script and I'm also seeing some inconsistent ESL behaviour wi
  6. I have a question about how to handle something regard F4SE plugins in the LOOT masterlist. I'd like to avoid blobs in the masterlist(s) such as this: https://github.com/loot/fallout4/blob/fbbe31c0367438539c10de04c7323e6c3aa09487/masterlist.yaml#L279-L297 Right now it's a bit of a maintenance nightmare since it requires us to know the CRCs for all versions of the plugin. I haven't yet seen a F4SE .dll that has version metadata that can be queried by LOOT, like f4se_loader.exe and fallout4.exe, but that would have been the obvious way to be able to denote out-of-date-ness and do version co
  7. Before I start catching up on the many, many messages in this thread I haven't read yet, is there a primer on what's changing (at least masterlist syntax wise) for 0.13.0 somewhere?
  8. You can follow progress on that here: https://github.com/loot/loot/issues/816
  9. Oh, gee. Finally able to post to the official LOOT thread again! For some reason, the current Bethesda forums' Akismet setup insists that anything I post is spam. Not that I have much to add at this point. I'm looking forward to the ESL support, but I'm currently away from home for 2 weeks, so won't have access to my own FO4 install (or anything else running on Windows), so I can't help much with that. I was planning on ESL'ing a couple of my plugins once the update hit… but the update came around the day before I was travelling, so I was busy packing. C'est la vie.
  10. Does anyone know (yet) anything more about what these are/include this time around?
  11. It's been reported to the tracker at least: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=22563 So I guess it'll be fixed whenever someone has time to go through the reported issues.
  12. And some people say you should wait with doing the UFO4P until Bethesda stops updating the game.
  13. Is this list going to get updated? It's been a few versions of both FO4 and UFO4P since this original list.
  14. Possibly related to http://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/4542-unofficial-fallout-4-patch-ufo4p-takes-an-arrow-in-the-knee/ ? If so, not much Team UFO4P can do about it for now. We need Bethesda to step up and fix this.
  15. I've added the mods listed in the OP to LOOT: https://github.com/loot/fallout4/commit/b7d9064cf4c9b5e5555e790303d44b7e2431fd1a and https://github.com/loot/fallout4/commit/63fc0faa77743209d4a17ba6e6d84540f928550b It would be appreciated if you'd make a new post/comment in the thread when you update the list in the OP so I get a notification and can update the masterlist. PS. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5957/ also has an .esp with a fix for the Big Leagues perk btw (MakanarPerkBigLeaguesFix.esp).
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