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  1. Hello Havent played much fo4 lately mostly skyrim , sse , but when watching a febrith video review , she' mentioned because of nexus doing " their " thing, mod authors were removing their brilliant mods, some anyway , So I decided to re install my mods onto vortex for fo4 then move to reinstalling for both sse and skyrim, I had started to download mods for my own use that I found were a much needed for any playthru, but 3 brilliant mods I can seem to find , now and no can anyone else , are V's stylish decor , and Cwss settlements mods These mods were essential, wished I knew ahead of time I would've downloaded these mod to my folder for safe keeping =( ... Update -- for anyone interested Better Cooking Stations can be found here on Schaken's site for download , https://schaken-mods.com/file/1800-archive-better-cooking-stations-with-patches-for-animations-and-recipes/?_fromLogin=1 Also Cwss Redux working showers n toilets mod can also be found there , or if after any of steve 40's mod at all, you can check out his nexus profile , for them here https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/3463396?tab=about+me NOw If only I could find out if V uploaded to any other site O.O Side note , -- If I'm able to find other mods that are now mia from nexus and not here, will hopefully post a link here of where else you can download them from Spawn settler button can now be downloaded from https://simsettlements.com/site/index.php?threads/beta-test-spawn-settler-button-for-ss2.18809/ -- but it now requires 3 other mod workshop framework - too many buttons and 1 other mod... Any mods created by Icestorm can now be found here, instead of nexus , https://files.icestormng-mods.de/d/787267a3e362412c8751/
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