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  1. Here's the links to her Skyrim and SSE mod pages. Enjoy! http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83416/? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9536/?
  2. Yes! It's finally here! Philosophy and adventures await! I've been waiting for it for 2 months, and it turns out the hype train was real! Feel free to get it here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/enderal/downloads/enderal-installation-file-english
  3. I support it. Bypass all of their ads that way! Let the Nexus defeat itself!
  4. Description We, the modders of Epoch Sanctum, are proud to officially announce Evermore, an epic 6 questline Skyrim mod with multiple factions and endings based on Player choice. As you travel throughout High Rock grim, you delve deep into a shifting chain of multi-faceted quests and adventures that explores three different aspects/ interpretations of the Shifting Plague; a deadly and otherworldly epidemic that threatens to tear High Rock asunder. In this, you will be expected to balance morals against the fate of the world, and explore such diverse, philosophical and free-thinking concept
  5. May wisdom light your path, and passion guide your heart.

  6. Version 1.0


    Virelda, the Heretical Soothsayer "I am Virelda. I am truth, pure and simple, yet nothing is more destructive than facing your inner self." "Then I shall defy myself once again, and put my faith in you, for it only takes one last paragon in a world gone mad to avert the gaze of endless death, and redeem what was once thought lost" Description Virelda is an Dunmer Soothsayer from times long past, seeking truth and clarity in a world of lost ideals. Custom voiced with well over five hundred lines of dialogue, Virelda is designed as a game-long companion, as well as a
  7. Virelda, the custom-voiced Dunmer soothsayer follower has just been released! Here, take a look: http://virelda.blogspot.com/
  8. Doesn't matter to me. Just want to get the truth into the light.
  9. Merely an archive, since I half-expected a ban from the Nexus/ post deletion over this. And, I was right. Plus, this: Nice to see that the "fair and unbiased" admins at Nexus Mods decided to post everything BUT their own less-than-ideal responses. Like, "What makes you think your opinions are needed?", "We're too busy, and don't have time for this.", and "Our team wanted me to warn you, and make sure you stay out of trouble" (or something along these lines; can't remember, but the point is, they were prejudged even before I started giving them my honest feedback; got that message before th
  10. Our new NMM overlords on Slack (Paul Buttle, Dave Talamas and Fabian) just disabled my focus group account there because they "don't have time for this", and "our opinions are not needed" when I was giving them some honest feedback on their new NMM features in a polite and well-reasoned manner. So typical.
  11. Hi! I'm looking for a Voice Actress to play Virelda, a standalone, custom-voiced Dunmer Seer/ Soothsayer. Her voice should be fiery and passionate, yet also detached and portray finality/ the grim role of fate. Here are some lines I wrote up, feel free to voice them as an audition, and send them over via PM; I shall respond in a timely manner. Thanks! Closed, position filled. Virelda: I have seen your approach, traveler. When first you set foot beyond that misty gate, and drifted upon the shores of time and fate, I saw and I knew. Yet, let this trouble us not, as we converse like any t
  12. Here's how you get custom weapons/ armor into the game for your follower. Take a look: Load up the esps from the resources you want to use, and set them higher in load order than your follower mod. Set it as a master, set your follower mod to active, copy the records such as armor addons, armor, weapons and 1st person weapon statics over, give them a unique prefix, tweak them to point to your new, copied, tweaked records. Save, quit, delete the resource esps, but not the nif/ dds files. Load up your follower mod, give them to your follower via inventory in actor tab/ outfits. Save. Done.
  13. Version 1.0


    Here, you can find a complete collection of lines, dialogue, quests and stories I've written for my various Skyrim projects thus far. Feel free to use them for your own mods, as long as proper credit is given, and no profit is made. Thanks!
  14. Figured I might as well post this up, since I've seen a bunch of threads on this matter in the new CK section of the Skyrim Nexus. These two tutorials are invaluable, and contains just about everything you need to know to get a custom-voiced companion into the game. The third link goes to the Voice Actors of Skyrim thread, which is also very helpful in finding appropriate VAs for your project. Here, take a look: http://deck16.net/post/22645519500/making-a-unique-voiced-follower-in-skyrim-part-1 http://skyrimmw.weebly.com/skyrim-modding/making-a-custom-follower-skyrim-modding-tutorial
  15. Ah. I see. Thanks for clarifying. By itself, yes, pure hosting sites like Google Drive and Mediafire are a really terrible way to distribute mods, but I think that combined with a website/ front like Blogger, then it gets all of the prerequisite info across correctly. Oh, and I think you guys have a good community here, yet, at the same time, this seems a bit personal. I totally understand that these smaller sites are as much projects of passion as the mods that may be hosted there, with equal expectations on revenue, so respectfully, the file upload limit here is going to be what's ma
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