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  1. Here's the links to her Skyrim and SSE mod pages. Enjoy! http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83416/? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9536/?
  2. Yes! It's finally here! Philosophy and adventures await! I've been waiting for it for 2 months, and it turns out the hype train was real! Feel free to get it here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/enderal/downloads/enderal-installation-file-english
  3. I support it. Bypass all of their ads that way! Let the Nexus defeat itself!
  4. Description We, the modders of Epoch Sanctum, are proud to officially announce Evermore, an epic 6 questline Skyrim mod with multiple factions and endings based on Player choice. As you travel throughout High Rock grim, you delve deep into a shifting chain of multi-faceted quests and adventures that explores three different aspects/ interpretations of the Shifting Plague; a deadly and otherworldly epidemic that threatens to tear High Rock asunder. In this, you will be expected to balance morals against the fate of the world, and explore such diverse, philosophical and free-thinking concepts such as the knife-edge between fantasy and reality, as well as the relationship and illusion of autonomy and free will between the creator and the created. As our ultimate set upon the Theater of Fate, we seek to create the entirety of High Rock in this project, as well as a custom-voiced follower, Lauren, who is intrinsically tied into all six main questlines, includes well over a thousand lines of dialogue, and speaks for the People of Evermore. In addition, Evermore shall serve as a base to tie in all of our respective follower mods in A House Divided, a centric hub/ base that combines unique elements that reflects each companion in the physical structure of the house itself, and focuses on the various dynamics between their strong personalities, with multiple quests and scenes. At last count, Aurlyn Dawnstone, Serenity, Virelda, Marcelon, Morgwyn, Clara, Xanthys, Dante, Isi and Lucius are included in this expansion for Evermore. Videos Meet the Team http://epochsanctum.proboards.com/ discord.gg/zBQ45C3
  5. May wisdom light your path, and passion guide your heart.

  6. Version 1.0


    Virelda, the Heretical Soothsayer "I am Virelda. I am truth, pure and simple, yet nothing is more destructive than facing your inner self." "Then I shall defy myself once again, and put my faith in you, for it only takes one last paragon in a world gone mad to avert the gaze of endless death, and redeem what was once thought lost" Description Virelda is an Dunmer Soothsayer from times long past, seeking truth and clarity in a world of lost ideals. Custom voiced with well over five hundred lines of dialogue, Virelda is designed as a game-long companion, as well as a tragic hero, on her own quest to fulfill her visions, and overthrow the gods. She combines my dramatic writing style with a deluge of interesting topics and conversations, making her a truly memorable character that will walk beside you as you fulfill the prophecies of the Elder Scrolls, and reshape Tamriel. Virelda possesses a rich and unique backstory, advanced commentary on most notable locations, a fully-fledged array of relationship dialogue that reflects your actions, and dynamic reactions to the choices you make throughout the game, from completing grand questlines to helping paupers. Many of her conversations are unlocked as you travel through Tamriel, so talk to her in as many places as possible. A true seer at heart, Virelda will often make deep and insightful observations of the natural world, and enjoys quiet conversation almost as much as tarot cards and tea leaves. She will be more than happy to share her knowledge with you, providing unique books and spell tomes once a day. Backstory Virelda was once formless and without awareness; the primal force of truth that separated lies and fantasy from hard reality. Yet, after countless eons, when sentience first arose and began a quest for ultimate truth, so did she. She has stood by the side of countless mortals, and opened their eyes in the pivotal moments of history, where one choice must change the world. Yet, with all things, truth must change. She began to see visions, of fire and blood, and the heavens aflame. Mighty gods being cast down, and flaws appearing in the once-perfect weave of the world. When she told tale of this, none listened, and she was shunned and hated as a false prophet, when her words once rang true to all ears. Thus, she fled Cyrodiil, and began a self-imposed exile on Solstheim, in a temple where naught but lies dwell, for she wished to mock her very nature, and undo her own words. There she remains, to this very day, yet when the Dragonborn first approached, she could sense a subtle shift in the world, and knew that everything was shifting again, and there might still be hope and redemption left in this world. Thus, she wills you to walk with her, as a companion and a friend, and she shall bring ultimate truth upon all those who defy the day, and show the world that truth yet endures, no matter how dark the hour. Combat, Stats and Perks Virelda is devastating in ranged combat, using her unique throwing cards spell that is capable of harming any opponent. She has a wide variety of perks appropriate for an embodiment of Truth, including Atronach, Stability and Ward Absorb. AVirelda will switch to a melee weapon at close range, and is quite adept with one-handed weapons. She grants two perks while actively following you: Endless Vortex, which increases health by 100 points. Burning Fate, which increases Fire Resistance by 50%. Virelda starts off at level 15, and will always level with the Player, with no limit. She's a master at Destruction, Restoration, One-Handed and Heavy Armor, and is also quite adept at Alteration. Virelda also provides master-level Illusion training, and sells a wide variety of spells and tomes. Virelda runs on her own custom follower system, making her fully compatible with all follower management mods and other custom-voiced companions. She comes with a new summoning spell, Call of the Abyss, which will call her to your side while she's actively following you. Installation & Uninstallation NMM, Mod Organizer & Other installers Download with the installer of your choice and activate it, the file paths should all be configured correctly. To uninstall, simply deactivate and/or delete. Manual Users Copy the files across to your Skyrim Data folder, the default file path will be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data To uninstall, simply delete the following files from your Data folder: There were way too many files to list, so please check the Articles section for a nice big list of everything. Requirements and Compatibility You can find Virelda at the Underground Temple of Miraak, near Raven Rock. Of course, she is always available as a follower. Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn OR Skyrim Legendary Edition. Please read regarding Hearthfire! "I regret to announce that Hearthfires support will likely never come because that particular version failed three stability tests in a row, and after all, that is paramount over any new feature." - Mlee3141 Virelda will still work with Hearthfire on a dialogue front, but she will not move to a home. Sorry guys, we really are! If anyone figures out a workaround, please let us know! Fully compatible with all popular follower management mods, and other custom-voiced companion mods. Special thanks to Anordil87 for his fine work on creating Requiem patches for Virelda! Remember to download the newest one for V1.0! Credits Special thanks to Druundev for voicing Virelda. Couldn't have done this without her. PyroToaster for making Virelda's Throwing Card Spells JayCrane for making Virelda's Website and giving me permission to use her Underground Temple of Miraak as Virelda's House ImsumDave for making the Destiny Shard/ Virelda's Sword Wasbunny for giving me permission to use his Ritual Armor of Boethiah as Virelda's Combat Outfit Natterform for making the Tribunal Robes/ Virelda's Default Outfit AlexScorpion for giving me permission to use Snake Bite as Virelda's Bow billyro for giving me permission to use his Outlandish Cultist Robes InsanitySorrow for making the Skyrim Collectible Cards Many thanks to those who did review videos and submitted pictures! You guys rock and we wish you fun adventures in Skyrim! ~ Mlee3141 & Darkrogue21 FAQ Q: "I can't find Virelda, where is she?" A: Virelda is found in the Underground Temple of Miraak, near Raven Rock. Q: "Virelda isn't following me!" A: If you are using EFF or AFT or any follower mod, make sure Virelda's .esp file is below your chosen follower mod in the load order. This will then allow her to follow you. Q: "Can you make her more pretty?" A: Beauty is subjective, and everyone has their own interpretation. If you're not a fan of Virelda's vanilla appearance, then there is an optional file which changes her features. She will also look different if you are using any beautification mods such as XCE Character Enhancement or Ethereal Elven Overhaul. Mlee3141 has recently given his permission for anyone to change Virelda's appearance and upload the files, as long as proper credit is given (and ideally, has a link back to the original page!) "Consider this a formal and irrevocable declaration that from this moment on, everyone is free to use, modify, upload and change Virelda's appearance as they see fit, as long as proper credits are given." - mlee3141 Q: "Her teeth are purple!" A: This is due to messed up filepaths when the mod was being made. This has been fixed in the newest update, please re-download if you haven't already. Q: "Can I marry her?" A: Not at the moment. Maybe in a future update.
  7. Virelda, the custom-voiced Dunmer soothsayer follower has just been released! Here, take a look: http://virelda.blogspot.com/
  8. Doesn't matter to me. Just want to get the truth into the light.
  9. Merely an archive, since I half-expected a ban from the Nexus/ post deletion over this. And, I was right. Plus, this: Nice to see that the "fair and unbiased" admins at Nexus Mods decided to post everything BUT their own less-than-ideal responses. Like, "What makes you think your opinions are needed?", "We're too busy, and don't have time for this.", and "Our team wanted me to warn you, and make sure you stay out of trouble" (or something along these lines; can't remember, but the point is, they were prejudged even before I started giving them my honest feedback; got that message before that entire chat log happened.) Take a look at their so-called "transcript" here: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/4662425-mlee3141-banned/
  10. Our new NMM overlords on Slack (Paul Buttle, Dave Talamas and Fabian) just disabled my focus group account there because they "don't have time for this", and "our opinions are not needed" when I was giving them some honest feedback on their new NMM features in a polite and well-reasoned manner. So typical.
  11. Hi! I'm looking for a Voice Actress to play Virelda, a standalone, custom-voiced Dunmer Seer/ Soothsayer. Her voice should be fiery and passionate, yet also detached and portray finality/ the grim role of fate. Here are some lines I wrote up, feel free to voice them as an audition, and send them over via PM; I shall respond in a timely manner. Thanks! Closed, position filled. Virelda: I have seen your approach, traveler. When first you set foot beyond that misty gate, and drifted upon the shores of time and fate, I saw and I knew. Yet, let this trouble us not, as we converse like any two mortals ever could. Player: I doubt you've seen anything but my visage in your doorway. Virelda: Ha! I know a great many things, child, and hear echos that drift from the deepest abyss. I know that you were drawn to this land in pursuit of adventure and glory; the ability to become one you could never be, and the promise to fulfill your ultimate role as champion and a hero. Yet you were bound instead, first by chains, and then by the cold touch of fate as it entwined you, and finally, started to define you. I know you sought me out through no will of your own, but were directed here instead, and now seek me out as a companion in your travels. Fear not, I shall play that role in due time, but I'm sure you have some questions for me first. Player: How is it possible for you to know these things? Virelda: The blood of the ancients flow through my veins, and my sight reaches to the end of time. Yet, I have no need of petty trinkets, card games, illusions nor misconceptions to ply my trade. In this world there are but truth and lies, and my ability to divine the former from the latter is what truly sets me apart. I am but a mirror, and can reflect your deepest desires for all to see. Player: Then tell me, what's my favorite color? Virelda: You have none, for you are but a shell. Empty and formless, defined by naught but endless values of absolutes and nothingness. You know this too well, yet, still, you play the strings of fate and puppet this avatar for your own amusement. No matter. I won't judge you for it, as even now, countless variations of myself already know you too well, and walk by your side. Player: You may know me well, but do you truly know yourself? Virelda: I do. I am a seer of the arcane, the speaker of truth and knower of the final fate. I know that I have set aflame the world once before with but a whisper into the ear of another, and that is why I am here today. To atone for what once was lost, and to never again set all things adrift for the sake of my own pride. Player: Who are you? Virelda: I am Virelda. Once, I walked the greatest halls of this land, and was a soothsayer to those who would be gods. I am truth, pure and simple, yet nothing is more destructive than facing your inner self, and knowing this world for what it truly is. For my crimes, I was shunned, hated and cast adrift; an outcast to all, and not even given the honor of being an iconoclast. Yet, this was not the end, but a new beginning. A start of a new tale to be told. Player: Join me. With your sight and my will, we can rewrite destiny itself. Virelda: Heed, brave hero, and listen well. This world is changing. Darkness lurks on the horizon, the last dominion of Man stands poised at the abyss, and the great chasm of war threatens to tear the land asunder, and consume all in fire and blood. Oaths and loyalty are but ash on your lips, and morals mean nothing in times of crisis. Yet I shall defy myself once again, and put my faith in you, for it only takes one last paragon in a world gone mad to avert the gaze of endless death, and redeem what was once thought lost. Call when you have need of me, and I shall stand as ultimate truth to those who seek to destroy the day. Let the cards of fate play, and the wheel of time turn upon a new age. Let us define our own destiny, and bow to no other. All of your cards spell finality! My eyes reflect the whole of Nirn! I am truth, and none can ever know me!
  12. Here's how you get custom weapons/ armor into the game for your follower. Take a look: Load up the esps from the resources you want to use, and set them higher in load order than your follower mod. Set it as a master, set your follower mod to active, copy the records such as armor addons, armor, weapons and 1st person weapon statics over, give them a unique prefix, tweak them to point to your new, copied, tweaked records. Save, quit, delete the resource esps, but not the nif/ dds files. Load up your follower mod, give them to your follower via inventory in actor tab/ outfits. Save. Done.
  13. Version 1.0


    Here, you can find a complete collection of lines, dialogue, quests and stories I've written for my various Skyrim projects thus far. Feel free to use them for your own mods, as long as proper credit is given, and no profit is made. Thanks!
  14. Figured I might as well post this up, since I've seen a bunch of threads on this matter in the new CK section of the Skyrim Nexus. These two tutorials are invaluable, and contains just about everything you need to know to get a custom-voiced companion into the game. The third link goes to the Voice Actors of Skyrim thread, which is also very helpful in finding appropriate VAs for your project. Here, take a look: http://deck16.net/post/22645519500/making-a-unique-voiced-follower-in-skyrim-part-1 http://skyrimmw.weebly.com/skyrim-modding/making-a-custom-follower-skyrim-modding-tutorial https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/951656-the-voice-actors-of-skyrim-nexus/ Oh, and if you ever need a framework/ inspiration to write quests/ dialogue for your Skyrim mods, then this link contains everything I've written for my Skyrim projects thus far. Feel free to take a look: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B62TMcfDg13cY01EQ1FJZDlsazg
  15. Ah. I see. Thanks for clarifying. By itself, yes, pure hosting sites like Google Drive and Mediafire are a really terrible way to distribute mods, but I think that combined with a website/ front like Blogger, then it gets all of the prerequisite info across correctly. Oh, and I think you guys have a good community here, yet, at the same time, this seems a bit personal. I totally understand that these smaller sites are as much projects of passion as the mods that may be hosted there, with equal expectations on revenue, so respectfully, the file upload limit here is going to be what's making me lean towards The Assimilation Lab right now. Thanks!

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