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  1. Yep, welcome to Bethesda's way of ''improving'' things
  2. Meaning that everything is just like before CC 1.10 update? No need to do anything with UFO4P ?
  3. I don't see it happening anytime soon (more like at all ) but if they would do this, it would make a perfect sense to release it as a patch for all platforms, about the cost - they already did release two pointless ''patches'' that only adds updates to their in game mod system (patch 1.9) and adds CC (patch 1.10). So actual bugfixes with more CC stuff (which will come in the future for sure, also VR patch?) would make more sense, but knowing them everything that makes sense is far away from Beth
  4. ^ There are some changes made to the Fallout4.esm file, some CELL records changed don't know why tho.. But I doubt it will cause incompatibility. Edit: Also looks like this new update broke file sorting, all esp files will always be sorted after esm files so it means that current UFO4P will we sorted after all esm files which will cause conflicts with many esm mods.. Thanks Beth :-/
  5. Lol just lol, Unoffcial patches have always been in english (usless someone translate is to other languages) and now a registration on Nexus is also problem? Lol
  6. So Bethesda just released patch 1.9 and HD Textures Pack for PC, I wonder what they broke this time lol I will not install it until F4SE is updated, also curious if they updated master file (s) again..
  7. Thanks for update, looks like I was right about textures and DX11 format.. After properly converting them I don't have any CTD's also in FO4 on Windows 10 fully updated.
  8. Yep, I think they might support it until Fallout 4 VR will come early next year.
  9. So latest beta of UFO4P v1.0.6 should be ok with latest Beth's update 1.8.7, or it's not compatible like UFO4P 1.0.5?
  10. Yep, seems to be fixed with latest beta v1.0.6 for me too. Bethesda just released 1.8 update, very short list of fixes and mostly for mod support on beth.net, I fear what they broke this time :/
  11. Hey thanks for update, I just started new game with current beta 1.0.6 version, will report how it goes tomorrow.
  12. I see, I'm about to start new game with version beta 1.0.6, but I'm not sure if it's safe. It has some nice fixes but the changes to the Minuteman might block some quests if I understand it correctly.. P.S. With UFO4P version 1.0.5 ''Emogene Takes a Lover'' quest is still bugged for me, she is missing and only way to fix it is to use console which is problematic (and unimmersive) in survival mode, and about survival mode.. I have strange bug with it that If I use VATS game sometimes freezes, and it only happens in survival mode with or without any mods, no problems in other games.
  13. It's been almost a month since beta version 1.0.6 has been released, is there something wrong with it? Or it's just SSE to blame?
  14. Yes I'm sure, but only when it comes to FO4, I'm not sure if anything changed in SSE. And yes, textures can still be used in older format, but the problem is with normal maps and specular maps. I even tested it in FO4, I loaded the game with most normal and specular maps in the old format (compatible with Skyrim 2011 and older) and the game was sometimes crashing on fast travel and sometimes even during gameplay, but after I converted them to dx10+ crashes stopped. So for ''_d'' format should not matter that much, but for ''_n'' and ''_s'' it should be converted to dx10+ for FO4 and most likely for SSE too. But it's Bethesda and theirs ancient engine, you never know..
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