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  1. For what it's worth, I was unable to get that mod to work using any method whatsoever, including OBMM.
  2. Worked perfectly for me too, Skyrim SE and Oblivion.
  3. It failed to load: File "bash\bash.pyo", line 185, in main File "bash\bash.pyo", line 360, in _main File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 4005, in Init File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 4083, in InitVersion File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 2086, in rescanMergeable File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 2111, in _rescanMergeable File "bash\bosh\_mergeability.pyo", line 169, in hasHighForms TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +=: 'NoneType' and 'unicode' I shouldn't be messing with developer versions anyway, since as you can see from my late reply, I don't really have time to provide good feedback. But I wanted to try the FOMOD installer. Anyway, the previous version was working for me otherwise for SSE, and I can work around FOMODs. But I had to revert to an earlier one for Oblivion due to another issue. I'll go back to versions that work for me and watch further developments. It's still the only proper manager for SSE.
  4. Yes, it was the initial extraction after I selected "install". It took a long time, almost 2 minutes and then gave the error.
  5. I don't know if this helps, but... I installed that version and tried a couple SSE FOMODs. Gemling Queen Jewelry and Practical Female Armor worked pretty well, but it choked on CBBE: It threw the error after over a minute of trying to load the mod. Is it just too big?
  6. Well, I decided to test the beta with my old SLE setup. Vortex successfully imported all my mods from their MO installation. And created a similar installation under [user] - AppData - Roaming - Vortex - skyrim - mods. So it installs the mods in separate folders at first, just like MO. Then it copies them into the actual Skyrim Data folder as hardlinks (they have little locks on them, and there are files that say "folder managed by Vortex"). I forget if this process was previously explained by Tannin. The files in Data are presumably moved in and out as you enable or disable them in Vortex. I admit to being a little impressed that it worked as well as it did, especially getting all my SKSE plugins. Only glitch was a strange double duplication of LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons; I simply deleted the two extra copies. I used the Sort button, which uses the integrated LOOT. Nice, but from statements from Tannin and DarkOne, they put way too much faith in LOOT as a "magic button" for users. But the resulting LO looked pretty good, and the game started (externally via my SKSE shortcut, but the Dashboard includes an SKSE launcher too, which also works). Now the fun part -- conflict resolutions. I did everything without reading any documentation, to see how intuitive it was. Being an old MO user might have helped a bit. Anyway, the basic method of setting rules is pretty fast and easy. It prompted me to Deploy again each time, to apply the new rules. The only trouble was that I occasionally caused a rule loop, "A before B before A" kind of thing. This was because I couldn't see my whole mod list and drag things up and down and watch the changes, as I can with MO and WB. Speaking of which, at most you can see about 8 mods at a time, so you do a lot of scrolling. You can also look at the individual file conflicts and choose the overrides, although it suggests that you not do this too much and use the rules instead. So I assume this means that, like MO, Vortex sees everything as loose files. But at least it actually does load by plugin order. I think. Anyway, I eventually got all conflicts resolved, but it was a bit of a headache. The "Check for updates" function is hosed at the moment. It identified 3/4 of my mods as updatable when they were already on their most recent version. The only way to clear it is to reinstall the mod. This does not get rid of the original mod, you then have to manually delete it. Nexus integration otherwise works fine for downloading and installing. The saves have the same function to restore missing plugins that MO has, except Vortex DOESN'T SHOW YOU WHAT THEY ARE. In fact, it doesn't even show you which saves need this. They all look alike and all have the function when you right click. It just does it. Fits the Nexus philosophy of "click button, play game," I suppose. But hits my "doggone it, Tannin!" trigger. Bottom line is it's better than NMM. But, as Imstearn said above, the combo of Wrye Bash and LOOT (plus MO2 for fomods -- whatever its flaws, it's a great simple-BAIN-maker) is hard to beat for serious modders. But I don't think they're the intended users. If I had a new game and was just starting to mod, it would be ok. Until I learned more. Aside: man, I'd forgotten what a micro-stuttering mess SLE is. I have a lot of mods for it that never got ported, and I don't really miss them. The stability and improved overall look makes up for it.
  7. My take from all this is that the files are working as they are supposed to. WB isn't going to display the save's masters in the way that I want (no more purple), but this is not actually a problem for the game. It's only a problem if I accidentally mess up my load order, because I won't be able to use the color coding of the save files to spot issues. Well, I should be more careful anyway. It is surprisingly easy to convert .esl files back to regular plugins (CK help files tell how), and I did that with the two that I have. But that defeats the purpose of .esl's, of course. I'm certainly not going to give up Bash for SSE at this point, just because I can't have purple save files. It still shows all the masters as they were loaded by the game, which is what no other manager does (except the old Morrowind launcher). I want to thank everyone for the continued work on Bash (and Mash -- I use Sharlikran's version). As far as I'm concerned, it is the only usable mod manager for SSE. I can't do all the "weird" things you guys do to test it for bugs. I just use it to install and manage mods, and it's just about flawless at that level.
  8. I've read the whole thread after @alt3rn1ty linked it in the CBBE comments, where a discussion on this topic was going on. CBBE 1.5 includes an .esl to correct some vanilla clothing paths to apply the new edge lighting effect. My issue with Wrye Bash and .esl's is how they affect the save files, mainly. I'm just trying to understand what is going on and if there's a problem or if can just ignore it. I'm using Sharlikran's latest build at the moment, was using the latest from the second post in WB thread before yesterday. I have two .esl files: CBBE.esl, which Bash indicates is a master flagged as ESL. It goes in slot 09 after the other masters and can't be moved down (it can be moved up). CosmeticVampireOverhaul - Cutting Room Floor Patch.esp, which is also flagged ESL. It can be moved anywhere, currently at 42. My save files end up orange. The masters list shows cbbe.esl at position 09 but its MI is 4C. CVO-CRFP.esp, on the other hand, is shown all the way at the bottom at 4D, which is its MI but its current LO is still 42. I don't understand the technicalities, I just want my saves purple again. I'm wondering what's the best course: avoid .esl's altogether or ignore the way WB currently shows a save's masters.
  9. MO and MO2 are two completely separate programs. MO is 32-bit and was essentially finished about 2 years ago. Tannin developed 64-bit MO2 for FO4, but he left it to work on Vortex before it was made usable for Skyrim. That's what is still being worked on. Regardless of its subsequent development, I don't trust it and won't use it for anything except installing fomods in order to make a simple BAIN for WB. MO (both versions) is great for that. I read the thread that Arthmoor linked, and also the latest announcement thread on Nexus. Tannin's basic justification seems to be "people used this function incorrectly in MO, so I will remove their ability to use it at all." And I remember a comment he made in the "Ramifications of BSA extraction" thread on S.T.E.P. forum years ago, that less user control is generally a good thing. From his perspective, as the primary one who has to to deal with user-error-generated "bug" reports, that might be the right approach. And he has pointed to Vortex's ability to use extensions as the solution to people who want different functions. But it appears that Vortex is not going to be the all-in-one solution for all types of users, at least at first.
  10. I just want to thank you guys for all your continued work. I don't know enough to be able to help test it, really, but from the point of view of a simple user, "it just works."
  11. I use MO and MO2 for exactly this. And they already output mods to their own folders (MO2 puts them in AppData, which took me a minute to find, I had to right-click on the mod and "open in Explorer"). MO is very good as a downloader, update tracker and FOMOD installer/simple-BAIN maker. I assume those parts of it will still work in Win10, although I don't have any way of knowing. I don't trust MO2 for running the game but it seems ok for this task.
  12. Another for your list is the Dragonborn Thirsk Hall quests, Chief of Thirsk Hall/Retaking Thirsk. You cannot complete both, although you can start the first one and switch halfway through. Also if you retake Thirsk Hall for the Nords, you will have some favor quests you can do for them. Obviously, these won't be available if you side with the Rieklings. Solution: requires two games. I am not intimately familiar with the DB quests, but I think that is the only conflicting one. There are some items you won't be able to get from a miscellaneous quest at Frostmoon Crag if you are not a werewolf. This will require planning if you intend also to be a vampire at some point. Oh, here's a miscellaneous quest that a vanilla glitch will keep you from completing but the glitch can be avoided. Flight or Fight Why: if you get sent to Broken Helm Hollow on a radiant quest before you get the quest to find Leifnar from Grosta at Heartwood Mill (both locations in the Rift), Leifnar's body will be labeled simply "Nord." You will get an objective to report his death to his family but will be unable to do so. Solution: get the quest from Grosta before clearing Broken Helm Hollow for any other reason. Alternate solution: kill the bandit leader at BHH to complete the bounty quest (the most common radiant quest here) but do not enter the secret room to discover Leifnar's body if you don't also have Grosta's quest (note: I have not finished testing this but I am trying it in my current vanilla SSE game and I don't see why it shouldn't work, since I didn't find his body). This is also fixed by the Unofficial Patch.
  13. You can actually still get Brand-Shei's quest from him in prison. I've done it.
  14. You can track an author on nexusmods.com. Click on their name on a mod page to go to their profile, then click on "track author." You will get a notification on the site whenever they upload something. You can then go look for it on Bethesda.net.

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