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  1. It said that I was already registered here when I tried to register. I used to be registered here, a long time ago, and was able to submit Skyrim bugs in the past.
  2. Brand-Shei also mentioned having "exotic ingredients." So some ingredients from Morrowind/Dragonborn DLC could work. In case you are thinking of deleting his dialogue line: he also has another dialogue line regarding having items from Morrowind.
  3. Brand-Shei says that he has gems, and potions for sale, but he didn't sell any gems or potions when I checked his inventory. He also mentioned having "rare trinkets" and "the finest oddities from Morrowind." He had nothing "rare." Since the unofficial patches require the Dragonborn DLC, some items from Morrowind, such as alchemy ingredients, alcohol, etc, could be added to his inventory for sale. Brand-Shei also had wine and alto wine on display at his stand for sale (probably forever) but none was offered for sale. Those bottles could be replaced by alcohol from Morrowind, if you wanted.
  4. Or you could maybe state on the UESP Nexus mod page "if you are having difficulty reporting a bug for whatever reason, check out this guide". Edit: Or stating "if you're can't report a bug, check out this guide", might be better.
  5. Thanks. Perhaps the link from the UESP Nexus mod page (for reporting bugs), should be changed to the guide (so people don't miss the subcategory and step 5.
  6. It wouldn't let me post this as a bug, so I'm doing it here. When you ask Vekel The Man, what he has for sale, he says "trinkets, odds and ends, that sort of thing", but he only sells food and drink. Sometimes he'll say this instead "some may call this junk, me I call them treasures". He does have proper alternative responses, to that question.
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