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  1. Pretty much every bug, error, and poor design decision etc, that made into the game, over 10k currently just from USSEP alone, were never definitively addressed as such by their creators either. If definitively addressing every single point ever raised was the criteria, then unofficial bug fixes wouldn't exist since wed all still be awaiting confirmation and a go ahead from bethesda 10 years on lol. its just as safe to infer this one was no less in error than anything else. Myself, Im going to be just fine with its newly adjusted 'proper' duration as well. The logic I applied in this case, isnt hard to follow 36 seconds? If you're going to buff the timer, adding a mere 6 seconds seems rather pointless. Now you could offer +6s I suppose. and think that was a big deal if you're a dev, but...doesn't feel right. 3600 seconds? Nothing even remotely that kind of value exists in the game, especially for such a potent buff. (Yea, they didnt include in the base game, but,,,CRF) 360 seconds. Feels just right. Its still a substantial boost over the spell version, and scrolls, considering the max the spell gives is 45s, so, offering the (restored) scroll version @ 6 mins doesn't feel near as broken as an hour of it does. A lof of the magic system, scrolls, potions etc, tended to be way under-utilized because magic as a whole, is so poorly balanced and awkward to use in game, compared to melee. I almost never use scrolls myself, and only noticed this one because I am working on my sorting mod, that requires me to pretty much examine every item in the game. Otherwise, Ida probably would not have noticed since I seldom ever use scrolls myself unless there is some specific reason to do so. Which, hardly ever happens.
  2. I think its fairly obvious, or should be, that the 3600 was a typo. I would be willing to bet, the intended value was 360 seconds, 6 mins. Which would still be both reasonable and useful.
  3. You are looking in the unobtainable items page. CRF enables the scroll, which CRF makes available is, for......reasons? is still pulling that 3600sec value. The scroll version, is an hour buff. Not sure if that intended behavior from CRF, but an hour long buff seems kinda off. Negates <80%> of all physical damage for <dur> seconds. <<< That is why that scroll is 1hour. The SPELL version works just fine - 30s as advertised.
  4. Was wondering if someone could check their Dragonhide duration on the SCROLL in xedit when they get a min? I am looking at mine, and the duration from Skyrim.esm across the board says 3600 seconds! AE 1.6x. Verified integrity. CRF 3.1.11
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Moonpath to Elsweyr Navmesh (and other) Fix(es) What this file does. Moonpath to Elsweyrs navmeshing, is rather poor. No really. NPCs are constantly trying to push their way through walls, rocks, trees, objects in almost every cell of the mod. This is because, the navmesh itself was never well constructed in many most locations, It runs under objects, terrain, walls, is buried, floating etc in numerous locations. In addition some cells and locations, the navmesh was limited and constrained in many places, and did not fully utilize all the available space. While the file started out as an overhaul to MPE navmesh, and a few terrain fixes, it later expanded to cover a # of other issues in dire need of addressing. This file overhauls almost every cell in Moonpath so NPC's can now navigate without constantly getting hung up on [everything], and they will now be able to navigate with somewhat greater freedom than before. Additional Fixes Updated bounds for many items. Terrain fixes: Fixes for gaps, holes clipping terrain etc where noted. Moonpath does not have its own worldspace so the terrain cannot be sculpted using landscape tools sadly. Statics only. Item Placement fixes and Ownership: Fixes many non-terrain objects plus added ownership flags for a # of items that really should have had them to start with. MPE is bad for just giving away stacks of relatively high-value items, even though this is neither consistent with the Khajjitt generally, its own story-line, or even good design. New sand texture (4k -4k normal): This helped a great deal. A lot of Moonpaths assets could use updating tbh. While MP2E does not have that (many) of its own textures and meshes, most of them are rather dated, with most being 512/1k, a few being 2k. (mostly creatures which look fine). Editor ID's redone. A number of Moonpaths Editor ID's, were given a new prefix > MPE_Xxxxx. Optimized meshes (non-npc), from the original using Mesh Optimizer 3.0.14. ENB Brow fix: Optimized facegens and brow fix applied to the Elves. The cats likely dont benefit from the fix as they dont have brows per se. Cats actually do have brows, just..not these ones. Fun fact. Moonpath does not exist in its own separate worldspace. It is in fact, an extension of the TAMRIEL worldspace. All the various areas you enter, are not actually 'outdoors' in game terms, even if it appears that way. In technical terms, every Moonpath cell is basically a set of linked interior cells, or a 'cave' which has been set up to visually, appear as part of an open world( its not). If Moonpath were being made today, It it doubtful it would be set up the way it is currently, and would likely feature its own dedicated worldspace, with true separation between exterior\interior cells. Installation and Requirements *READ* Is a new game required? Strictly, no, but, installing afterwards is kind of pointless if you have completed all the content. There are a number of other important bug-fixes made that address general and or specific bugs and issues in Moonpath. Installing ALL of them, will insure your Moonpath is as up-to-date as is currently possible. These companion fixes are highly *Highly Recommended* to be used alongside this file. So, In order to fully update and modernize Moonpath, you will require a total of 4 files installed. Yes all four. The required files can be obtained from that other mod site. Skyrim AE - Should not be any issues with this file, either with SSE v1.5x or AE v1.6+. Moonpath to Elswey SSE 1.16.1 The actual mod SSE conversion by Illiani Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch by JosephRussell -General fixes for a number of MP2E issues. Moonpath to Elsweyr Sky and Lightning fix by filloax -An important fix that gives Moonpath a weather system, proper day and night cycles, and fixes its weird lighting templates. Moonpath to Elsweyr Navmesh (and other) fixes -Mainly fixes to navmesh, along with bounds, terrain and a few other assorted issues not covered by the other files. Install all the needed resources in the following order. 1) Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE 1.16.1 2) Unofficial Moonpath Patch 3) Moonpath Navmesh fixes 4) Moonpath Sky and Lighting fix.* *I recommend v1.1 of this file, and not the merged file. Compatibility This file fixes Moonpaths navmeshing along with some modest terrain and item placement issues. This file makes no changes to quests, npcs, or events related to the actual Moonpath 'world'. It makes no changes to Moonpaths Tamriel elements. - Legacy of the Dragonborn: Compatible. *NOTE: LoTD users should place the Moonpath Sky and Lighting fix.esp BELOW, DBM_Moonpath.esp. - Unoffical Moonpath Fix" Compatible with the handful of items common to both files. It is compatible with the other files mentioned above - subject to proper load ordering. Some known issues, areas that could use more work imo Some of the jungle textures look a little stretched and low res in a few places. If anyone has any suggestions on what could be used to improve them, let me know. The big boss (Sload) behavior and movement is a little janky due to his large size and the somewhat limited size of his lair relative to his bulk. He could (probably)? benefit from some skeleton and animation updates, but, that sort of thing is above my pay grade. His meshes have been optimzed sure, but, that doesnt really help his skeleon much. Some of the quests dialogues remain open even after you have completed them when talking to various npcs. It probably lacks condition checks to tell if you have done said quest\action but quests are not something I have much experience with. Have I missed other things that also be improved? Probably..... In truth, I think the entire MPE should be completely rebuilt from the ground up, but, hey, thats just my thought on the matter. It would be great to see the one single MPE, modernized, with all fixes and updates necessary in a single ESM even in its current iteration, but, not likely well ever see even that much. About feedback, aka complaints. What about Skyrim (very) Limited Edition? No. just.......no. If you still find instances of bad pathfinding in Moonpath, let me know where. I dont mind revisiting work I did, or, maybe I might have missed something. If you find a related fix, ie placement, or whatever, I may have missed or overlooked, you can always let me know. Credits lliani - Moonpath SSE conversion. Mod by muppetpuppet JosephRussell Unoffical Moonpath Patch filloax - for his awesome fix for Moonpaths weather and environment. ProtologolusX - Smell of Sands resource. (Updated Sand texture) No reposting to other sites, or modifications
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Adriana SSE Original Mod by Dethroned Face by Maeven2 Adds a new, no frills, follower to Skyrim Location: Temple of Mara, Riften Race: Imperial Class: Combat Warrior 1H Equipment: Heirloom set of Blades armor and sword Marriageable: Yes Requirements Skyrim SSE/AE ApachiiSkyHair SSE FAQ Q: How is this different from the original mod? A: The original mod had a number of shortfalls. Namely, duplicate hairs would appear in Showracemenu, she is found naked, equipped only with a chef's tunic(not even wearing it). Had a not very useful combat class (archer), and no weapon at all. She has been completely overhauled and modernized for SSE, and is now an effective and viable follower. All updates have been done with the latest CK, tools and utilities for SSE. Should work with all Skin\Body textures. Verified with UNP. File contains no body meshes, just a facegen and minimal assets. Credits (Additional assets) Maeven2 (Brows) Improved Eyes (Eyes) No reposting to other sites, or modifications.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Proudspire Manor Dragonborn Edition SSE A home designed with crafters in mind An updated and renovated Proudspire Manor-Dragonborn Edition for SSE. Makes the most expensive player home in all of Skyrim worthy of a Dragonborn. Based on the original concept by Shittakaburi, this version updates and modernizes Proudspire Manor-DBE for SSE. Features Updated Auto-sorters for all current Skyrim(SSE 1.5x) content: Food, Alchemy, Ingots, Ores, Leathers, Misc and more. Rebuilt Pantry\entrance\Armory\Forge areas Many vanilla items not normally used in crafting, but crafting mods may utilize as materials also sort in the auto-sorters, ie linen, charcoal sticks etc. Storage (Non-sorting), for weapons, armors and other important items. Remodeled basement for easier navigation New dining room table. Requirements: Skyrim Special Edition Installation. *Important!* Do NOT install this file if you already own Proundspire manor in your game. If you have NOT (yet) purchased PSM in your current game, then PSM-DBE should be quite safe to install. Installing PSM-DBE *after* you already own PSM will likely result in numerous graphical errors inside the home. These are are result of the way the engine handles interior cell changes in existing saves, and there is no 'fix' for this. Save game cleaners won't resolve corrupted interiors in these cases. This is an engine issue, and not a 'bug' in the mod. F.A.Q. Q: Why no mannequins? A: PSM-DBE will be forever free of wandering buggy nightmware-fuel mannequins Q: Does PSM DBE SSE fix the smithy purchase bug? (original mod) A: Yes Q: What happened to the housecarl room? A: Gone, sorry, taken over by crafting area. Jordis is ok with it though. Q: Does PSM DBE cost the same as vanilla PSM? A: Yes Q: Why weren't the main floor and top floor remodeled as well? A: Besides adding a more appropriate dining table, the top 2 floors are fine as they are. The focus of this mod is improving the basement, crafting area\sorting system. Q: Are the textures in the picture included with PSM-DBE? A: No. PSM-DBE will utilize your current texture overhaul as its base. Q: Does this require cleaning with xedit? A: No! Q: There are two cooking pots in the Dining room fireplace A. type the following command in console: ~ > prid 3900000 (its really hard to manually target this item) > markfordelete 03900000 <enter> Leave PSM, re-enter. Extra cooking pot will be gone Q: Anniversary Edition? A: The only issue (minor), is the auto-sorters wont handle any newly added craft items from AE, ie ores, food items etc. The next version will update the sorters to handle the new AE content. Q: Vanilla\Lore friendly? A: Totally Q: Any exterior additions? A: I considered the idea at one point, but, opted not to eliminate conflicts with Solitude overhauls or fix mods. Load Order: Anywhere, should not make a difference in most load orders. YMMV of course. Conflicts - Any other mod that changes Proudspire Manor INTERIOR (possibly exterior-see below) - City overhaul mods that change the location of PSM doorways will conflict. Exterior overhauls should not create any issues providing they dont move the entrances around. No conflict Mods that leave the location of Proudspires entrances the same as vanilla, no conflict. Mods with known compatibility issues with PSM-DBE-2016 Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul (SFCO). Recommend installing the Non-ESP Replacer Option. Permissions: No reposting to other sites, or modifications
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Did you ever notice when you visit Imperial military camps (almost) all the equipment you see laying about, is almost entirely steel , and not standard imperial kit? Probably not, or maybe you might have. In any event, I did, so I decided to do something about it. Format: ESL What does this file does. 1) Replaces all the STEEL gear sitting about the Imperial camps (only) with actual Imperial weapons and armor items (where possible). (not knives). 3) Related to #1, minor placement and position tweaks for most the items replaced in #1. Vanilla placement in the camps, is not that good but you tend not to notice being background clutter. But, like so many other places in this game, placement in the camps is a rather sloppy. 3) Simplifies both the Imperial AND Stormcloak vendors inventory to carry a much more basic, and suitable selection of items. Quartermasters itemization (both sides) frankly, does not make a lot of sense given the circumstances. Compatibility The only thing this could conflict with, is any kind of CW camp overhauls. I am not aware of any, but the odds of something conflicting should be minimal. You can always adjust the files position up or down if you dont see the intended change(s). Safe to uninstall: Yes. The changes are very simple, and can be added in, or reverted at any time. Permission. I consider this a bug-fix\modders resource so feel free to include it in whatever file you wish. With credit please. Do not release entirely separate versions that are 99% identical, but with some stupid little detail changed that happens to trigger random user X. Language versions do not require any permissions from me.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Better Generators 2022 Ever thought the power output of the lower tier generators was a little on the low side? This simple set of edits boosts the power output of the 4 entry-level generators. Vanilla generators scale poorly with the fusion gen, with the 'fusion', having 10x the output of a large generator (with their large footprint). There was nothing between 10 > 100, which was a big omission in my opinion. With Better Generators, It now takes 6-7 Large generators to match the output of a fusion generator, which is a more reasonable imo. The ratios between the 3 standard gens, is virtually identical to vanilla. See below. Better Generators 2022 AIO An expanded version that overhauls the power consumption of most of Fallout's key powered buildable items. These are realism edits and the upshot is, it makes (most) items consume more power than vanilla. It includes the features of the basic Better Gen file. Overview of changes Powered turrets Elevators Decon Arch Water Purifier* and Industrial Water Purifier The changes are almost exclusively focused on power CONSUMPTION. Items stats, are otherwise not changed, with one exception*. The water purifier(and gens) have had their stats\output altered, build costs increased and its power consumption\output increased. The three powered pumps, are basically the same ratio energy wise to water output. ~ 5 to 1. The water purifier, is now a more viable option between the water pump and the Industrial purifier. Turrets. Most turrets cost more power to operate. For example, In the vanilla game, the fusion generator could power up to 50! heavy lasers, which is not reasonable. With AIO, the same generator will power a more realistic, 20 heavy lasers. The spotlight turret, now only consumes 1 power. Bottom line, the more power-hungry an item or process is, its power consumption has been tweaked to some degree. A few items power consumption has been reduced. This is a realism file, so, if you dont like that kind of thing, or are not looking for that, dont drop comments here saying you dont like that, really. Fallout 4's water purifiers for example, are not an especially efficient tech, and that is what this file is meant to (better) reflect. Power hungry laser turrets, no longer consume power at the artificially low vanilla rate. Changes (Power) Small Generator: 3 > 5 Medium Generator: 5 > 10 Large Generator: 10 > 15 Wind Turbine: 3 > 5 The materials requirements for the improved generators, and the Purifier(AIO) have also been boosted proportionally from their base recipes. Trouble Shooting. Existing turrets\devices will display the vanilla energy consumption in build mode. To 'update', simply store the turret, or device, and place it again. It will then display the updated power consumption. If you dont see the new generators power boosted to the levels above, move the file down your load order until you do in case there is another mod changing the same items. Safe to add or remove at any time. Installing this will give an immediate power boost to all existing gens. Compatibility. Should be compatible with most load orders w/o issue. Some mods and overhauls may modify some, or all of the same values as BG 2022. This file is geared for users looking for a lightweight, vanilla power overhaul, and are looking for a realism edits that are consistent with the vanilla game. This file should sync well with scarcity-type of mods, providing they dont alter the same objects of course.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Less Dragons SSE The Less Frequent Dragons Mod for SSE What does it do? Less Dragons SSE is, simply put, a mod that reduces the amount of random spawns and dragon attacks. That means when out walking, or fast travelling to a town or village you'll be less likely to hear that roar and think "Oh no, not AGAIN". Why make a mod that reduces Dragon attacks? I was certainly excited when I fought my first Dragon. By the time I'd fought my twentieth it was getting old. Dragon fights are supposed to be epic, and should feel epic. That means that they should be difficult and not an everyday occurrence (or every ten minutes as the case may be). Plenty of other mods have done wonders to make dragons more threatening, but unfortunately there's not much that's been done on making them less... irritatingly common. How does it do it? This mod works by attaching a random number generator condition to the event that spawns dragons in the wilderness or attacking towns and villages. It generates a number between 0 and 99 and if that number isn't less than or equal to your Less Dragon esp, no dragon appears. The Main Quest options only reduce dragon spawns after you've beaten the main quest. What about the Dragons at Word Walls? They're untouched, when you want to fight a Dragon you should go hunt it, not wait around till it bumps into you whilst burning down a village. That's sort of the point of the mod, Dragons should be something you seek out as the Dovahkiin, not an annoying screeching thing that follows you around everywhere being more of a nuisance than a threat. That's just a Cliff Racer. Is it compatible with other Dragon Mods? Less Dragons SSE should work with any of them, but just in case make sure it's lower/after the mod in the load order. Combining Less Dragons with a dragon difficulty mod will give you best of both worlds. Dragons will be both difficult and challenging, (depending on the mod), AND they will be not be near as common as say, foxes, wolves, or..... butterflies. Does this mod have a no random(0%) option? (Sort of) Less dragons has a (nearly) 0% version you can try if you looking for a (almost) no random attack option. About: The confusing description The 10, 20, 35% refer to the theoretical chance of a random dragon attack to take place: a random number (1-100) is thrown by the game engine and if this number is less or equal to x, a dragon attack will occur. This means that 10%, 20%, or 35%, is the theoretical chance to encounter a random dragon, not the value of the "reduced chance". 10% is quite rare (theoretically based on the random number generation...). What can I expect to see in game?* To use an extreme example: You, could, in theory, encounter 5 random dragon attacks in a row, and then never see one again for ages. LD 20\35 is geared for those that would like to see them somewhat often, but still less than vanilla. LD 10: Attacks will be infrequent. Scripted Dragon events, and Word Walls, are not modified by this file in any way. *Do note, even with this file, there is nothing (in theory), to prevent the game rolling multiple dragon attacks for you back to back. (Could happen) 10% = Very rare 20% = Uncommon 35% = Semi Common Vanilla = Every other time you fast travel. Less Dragons Bruma Bruma disables dragon attacks for its worldspaces. LD BSB, takes this into account, while applying LD 2019's feature set for vanilla worldspaces. Tip If part of your play-style is to put off doing the entire main quest line due to the harassle of vanilla's frequent rando dragon attacks, this is not necessary if using this file. Dragons will be (mostly) confined to word walls if using LD 10 and YMMV with LD 20 and 35. I used to put off the main quest till last over this issue, but that blocks certain content. With Less Dragons 2019, this is less of a concern. Technical\Installation Extract manually, or install via your Mod Manager. This will install and enable ALL THREE options to your data folder. Leave only ONE ESP enabled (active) via your mod manager. Disable or delete the other two you don't want. You can leave the other ESPs in your data folder(inactive) if you decide you might wish to alter the frequency at a later time. Otherwise, feel free to delete the other 2 ESP's. Updated for USSEP 4.1.6+ (but does not require it) SAE. Not explicitly tested with AE at this time, but I cannot see there being any issues. Less Dragons is very lightweight and uses vanilla mechanics to work its magic (ahem). Contains no scripts and can be removed or switched on the fly with no save issues. Credits: Is this display name taken? Original mod and concept Updated and tweaked for SSE by: Me Less Dragons SSE.7z
  11. Glad to see The Truth has found a new home. I was still running .23 and sure am glad for the update.
  12. I think one could make a case that outside of 'boss' named ghostly types, that regular ghosts shouldn't exactly be packing a lot of stuff around. But like you say, they are not exactly a common encounter in skyrim either. I just went through Ynglid Barrow and all the ghosts there drop a full set of regular clothes and usually an iron or steel dagger. Not exactly the sort of thing the game should be dropping for that type of encounter. If it were my call, I likely would remove all 'normal' loot and itemize them only with rare 'ghostly' drops. ie wisp wrappings etc. Some ghosts are itemized sort of logically that way now- but a lot are ...kind of all over the place when it comes to that.
  13. Is it possible to make any improvements to Yngvild barrow near 00031076. That's the spot where there is a hole\spiral that goes down the lower level. 2 draugr inhabit the area. One on the upper part, one down at bottom. The problem Ive always had here, is followers once aggrod, will not jump down and engage IF, the 1st dragr gets knocked to bottom with the 2nd one, OR once the first one is dead, the follower simply cant jump down and engage the lower one. All the follower does, is remain stuck up top. If you smack the follower, they actually run back towards the direction of the entrance until they lose aggro. Otherwise, they just stand up top in combat and wont move down to engage. There are of course workarounds for this impossible behavior You can paralyze the follower and push them down below to force the issue Or, you can fus-do-rah them to achieve the same thing, But if you have neither spell, its a lot harder. Once both are dead, followers will follow you below as they should. But its a different matter with one or both alive and sitting at the very bottom and the follower is aggrod up top. I reported a similar problem with the mesh in wolfskull cave a while back and it led to substantial improvements there. It is a similar situation in here, but its problematic only when in combat.
  14. I see, thats unfortunate. As it stands, giving Wuji that potion opens up the Riften Fishery, the Riften docks AND the entire bunkhouse. The docks and fishery, makes some sense. Seemed a little overly generous-and non-sensical to me to include the BH. But if nothing can be done..owell. Ty for clarifying.
  15. Does anyone find it odd that giving Wujeeta a healing potion(Riften), removes the stolen flag on ALL the items in Helga's bunkhouse? Including the items in Helga's room itself. She(Helga) doesn't seem the type that would allow kindness to a lizard to let you have have the run of her place, maybe some of the other tenants(possibly) and even that is questionable. At least with Savanna's minor quest, I can see her turning a blind eye to the players looting after her Mark of Dibella quest is done, but it's far less clear why you would be able to clean the bunkhouse out over Wujeeta. From a design POV, I dont think I would have set the conditions the way they are now-certainly not for Wujeeta. But I am hesitant to call it a 'bug' either, but definitely a questionable game choice. Thoughts?
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