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  1. For the bug tracker, you have to choose a game. Over toward the right side is drop down, probably says 'All Projects', select Special Edition instead. This will allow the 'Open New Issue' button to show toward the left side.
  2. From the PlayAnimation page PlayAnimation cannot be called on actors. For actors, use SendAnimationEvent. This bypasses the check on ObjectReference that prevents sending events to actors. If you use it to send an event to actors, you may get the actor stuck in the animation (such as the bleed out animation). You can un-stick them by using PlayIdle(IdleStop_Loose).
  3. Interesting. The mesh in question has a collision that is Convex Vertices shape (also doesn't fit the object) - others in same folder have that Compressed type. Possible that an old mesh got in there. Thanks for info. We'll see what the response to bug report is.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to do that tonight. Looking at that object in xedit - It is used about 110+ times and the 2 at that POI are the only ones in Exterior world space. All others are inside in fireplaces - Including Riverwood Trader. That's mainly why I'm sceptical, more would report crashes. I'll try downloading it again, make sure I'm up to date on NifOpt - just to try and give good report before pointing the finger.
  5. Okay... final note... Did another test - with embers installed - I loaded up skyrim.esm only again but without that one mesh. No crash. With mesh it crashes loading that POI cell. Then I went to WindhelmPalaceUpstairs02 (where Ulfric's room is) There are five instances of that mesh there.(not so in ..01 with same fireplaces) No crashes! What could that mean? The overlapping meshes in outdoors placement maybe casting light on each other? Indoors and placed in separate rooms - though sort of touching in the back to back fireplaces. EDIT: I take that back - it did crash when I touched the mesh to look at it in upstairs02 - bad mesh - I guess CK doesn't like it. Strange!
  6. Well... I found the offending mod... Embers HD In that cell are 2 FireplaceWood01Burning [MSTT:00035F4A] sort of back to back [ edit: they are overlapping ] (to fill the space) in the fireplace of the ruined house. Embers HD does replace that mesh. But, I can't figure out why it would crash the CK. NifOptimizer didn't flag anything and no mention on the mod page. The esp doesn't edit the M.Static nor that cell. So random.... Anyway, back to what I was doing before all this... I'll actually look a bit more to see if I have enough to make a bug report there. Doesn't feel like I do currently.
  7. That is the last resort - verify cache I mean. I will do it though.. just kinda want to solve this is all. It is only Skyrim.esm so cleaning masters won't help right now. They are clean from last update. Thank you for reminder though. ( to do it after verify ) Why only that cell ? ... doesn't make sense. I was editing several other cells across the map ( with the More Bandit Camps mod ) then I get to that one nearby the POI and all this happens. Haven't had much time to dig into this... will do more tonight. Anyway... thank you for suggestions
  8. Thanks, but this is crashing CKit with only loading Skyrim.esm. I double click on Skyrim.esm, don't click on active file and click ok to load up CKit. Today I just single clicked on POIFallForest05 in cell window which doesn't load up the render window. I was able to look at list of objects then in object window I searched each and opened the Preview window to view the objects. No problems, so at least the meshes were displayed in that way. Then double clicking on the cell. I watched it load up in the render window and after 3-5 secs it will crash. I saw several trees and shrubs and a collision or trigger box show up before crash. Not long enough to see more than that. Is there a way in xEdit to list all the persistent objects from a particular cell?
  9. I am getting a CTD when loading in Tamriel cell 33, -19 which is POIFallForest05 in vanilla Skyrim. It changes to Redwater Den exterior with Dawnguard installed. I am getting crash with or without Dawnguard loaded. Also crashes with USSEP loaded. This is in the Creation Kit by the way. The crashes I mean. Very sort of frustrating as I'm trying to edit a cell nearby ( 32, -21 ) and 33, -19 loads in it crashes. How can I track down what is causing CKit to crash ? I have searched bug tracker (nothing about ctd) google (some things but no resolution). I'm sure if it was not just me there would be more. In xEdit it shows about 100+ objects in temporary and 4 or 5 in persistent world space. Nothing stood out to me. The CKit will crash with bad meshes sometimes and (from previous experience) if a mod has conditions with Parameter #3 not set to -1. But, the mod I'm working on is fine unless I go to that one near 33, -19. Others south of there have no problems. It crashes with only skyrim.esm loaded too. So, I'm at a loss as to what it is. Do I need to look at all the meshes from that cell or what should I look for in xEdit ?
  10. That sounds cool - can't wait to try it out! That 8-17k distance is within the uGrids 5x5 grid radius - so yeah, loaded area. The MoveTo should work though no matter the distance. That is interesting. Happy Holidays and Happy early Birthday! -Jebbalon
  11. No, no, my thought process was more like " Oh, I know what might be going on! ... it's in my last line of that paragraph! " the disable/enable thing. Anyway, that might just be the difference between PlaceActorAtMe() and PlaceAtMe() As Actor - is in the way you can use disable then enable. With PlaceActor they are spawned then you can disable and enable them to kickstart AI. Where as with PlaceAtMe you can use initially disabled and then enable. Both work but you avoid the blinking in and out if the player happens to be in line of sight. That is how we learned this with OBIS anyway. But that is all in loaded areas .... So, with OBIS patrols it happens in unloaded areas but with the pre-placed xMarkers/patrol points. You want to use dynamic points to spawn at.... ? Which are in unloaded areas. ............. Hmmm ok, what if... Your activator - Can it have a linked reference? a second activator or marker. When the player changes location the activator moves to player and the linked marker is left in previous location. Or rather the sequence would be Player changes loc, then linked marker moves to activator then the activator moves to player. Then you can spawn at player disabled, Use skse function to GetNthLinkedRef() (would have to look that up but it is something like that) Move to that marker and enable. You might even have more than one linked markers. ... And onCellChange might work as well. Does that sounds like something useful?
  12. My last sentence is sort of a clue I think... So, try that with what you have - just put in Actor.Disable() followed by Actor.Enable() We found that was effective to get them working. (by them I mean the PlaceActorAtMe() spawns) BUT, what happened with us was the player would often see that brief blink out and back in. So, then we went down the road of Line of Sight checks and the SetAlpha(0.1) etc. It got even more complicated. We tried the PlaceAtMe() as Actor and initially disabled then later Enable. This seems to work really well. The packages evaluate and they act normal. That is for spawns that are loaded. The player can see them. (that's in the OBIS main file) For yours try the disable/enable and also the Patrol package where if you have the markers set up they kinda have to start following the route.(OBIS Patrols Addon) That might be an idea as well.... Leave them disabled until the player loads in the area - then Enable with fade in and see if that works.
  13. Sounds not unlike the Patrols Addon for OBIS SE. Please do go look at it and see if it fits your needs. For the first part I used Patrol markers. The group (leader and 0 to 3 followers) will spawn at the first marker then patrol along the linked markers and back. No need for player to be there. In fact the spawning occurs while player is indoors to avoid the pop-ins altogether. You can set up any type of patrol really. Like one to spawn and start when player enters LocTypeDungeon then ends at the entrance. Waiting for them to exit. Second part - I setup each reference in the quest to hold the possible max patrols. So, each patrol route is covered. Aliased would be as follows. Patrol Start Marker, Leader is created at Start Marker, then each of the 3 possible followers is created at the start marker with conditions including the Global variable which is set in menu for how many followers to deploy. Leveled lists are used for them to spawn from. And those lists can be adjusted from menu settings as well - in terms of difficulty/toughness. Oh... one of the conditions is to not be the Minotaur race that is in OBIS - they are too slow for patrols. Since the spawning occurs not with script in while loop - instead it is part of the quest starting up and filling... That is how the patrols will reset. The control script will just restart the quest when it is time or when changes in settings are made. Also, spawning from the while loop - I have found from working on OBIS and Sands of Time mods that using PlaceAtMe() As Actor works well - and using this you can set abInitiallyDisabled = True. We do that in the regular OBIS SE scripts and can add potions add to factions and give them a special item (glowing pearl) that tells us they are script added. All that before then EnableNoWait() then the while loop can move to the next one. PlaceActorAtme() just seems to work better for one off or individual spawns not for quick while loops. Also..... the enable will restart the npc's packages. So, StartCombat(player) should not be needed. Any questions - please ask!
  14. First part - Quest scripts will process OnInit() twice. On game startup and when the quest actually Starts or resets. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=OnInit Second part - You can also put checks for None to trap errors before they happen. Like if the alias.GetReference() != None then go ahead and process it. edit: Also feel free to check out the scripts in OBIS SE. We've done fairly well with the dynamic spawning thing.
  15. I will post in the Talk page on wiki - no I have not emailed them RegisterForModEvent() has the note saying " You must register for ModEvents after every game load! " The other skse RegisterFor.. functions ( ... ActorAction, Control, Key, and Menu ) do not have that note.

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