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  1. Look for books that teach spells - but the record has a NULL in place where it should be the spell record. That will crash the game when viewing it in containers. I reported this to xEdit a while back. They added a check in the Error check routine in recent version. So... load up any suspect mods (or entire load order) in xEdit and select the mods then right click and Check for Errors. It should find it. edit: also report it to mod author if you do find the culprit
  2. In bug tracker - on the right side - you have to choose a project first - in your case UFO4P That should now show the "Open New Issue" button over toward the left. The default "All Projects" in the drop down does not show the New Issue button.
  3. Says here that bug was fixed in 2.0.2 of unofficial hearthfire patch. Should be in SSE's patch as well.
  4. The CKit names files with all those identifiers - but the game does not care what the name of file is ... As long as the record is pointing to correct name. So, the lip/mp3 files can be renamed anything (MyLip001.lip for example) as long as the voice record points to the new file name not the CKit given name. Right? So, in your scenario - renumbering the formids - you don't really need to change the lip file names unless you changed where the records are pointing. $ is symbol for String, it dates back to early programming languages
  5. I'm okay at understanding math but confidence in knowing I'm right is low... That, to me, looks like you are checking out to the right of the horse. Switching the Sin and Cos so that Cos is on the posY would be out in front. ? yes ? Is that why you use the TrigAngleZ calculation? Yeah, My thinking above is to put the move or Flee package on reference aliases in a quest that has conditions to be: in loaded area (which is the entire 5x5 grid), the horse has line of sight to them (which narrows down the list to his view cone) then a distance of 4000 (one cell) if that is all true and the alias is filled then they get the package to flee to some object that is not a road chunk. If they complete that package then the alias can be freed up as long as the horse no longer has LoS on them. The scripting works but I'm thinking the quest alias can pick up actors way quicker than the Find-Actor functions. For groups you just duplicate the alias several times. They all get the package if in that cone in front of horse. Start the quest anytime the horse is moving. That's the TourUpdating yeah?
  6. The mod works fine for me, been using it forever. Not sure about the whole story behind taking it off Nexus.
  7. Is that just in a script or quest alias? I'm thinking a quest alias that is 'In Loaded Area - Closest' and has conditions for IsActor and the horse HasLOS to them. If that alias is filled (or aliases) then they get the flee package. Then you say like OnCellChange and Reset - Stop - Start the quest to refresh. That may be too quick but you'd want to refresh often. Were just some more thoughts on this. I'd like to try TC out again. Think I tried it in OldRim many years ago. It's amazing all those driver comments were in there and not used.
  8. Does the carriage know when it is approaching or bumping into an actor? Perhaps, there's a way to move actors to a node on the side of carriage. With either an existing node on the mesh or by adding one on either side towards the front. ?? Another mechanism that comes to mind.... In Fast Travel Ambushes we used a form list full of things like trees, rocks bushes, anything that would typically be found next to a roadway. When spawning highwaymen for an ambush the script looks for nearby objects from that list and spawns them there around player. Maybe try adding something like that to a flee package where the actors would look for something to travel to that is not normally found in the middle of roads.
  9. That fix also corrects my report - Issue #26714 ... the only way for player to fill that alias was to have valid voice type. I am glad it is fixed though.
  10. For the bug tracker, you have to choose a game. Over toward the right side is drop down, probably says 'All Projects', select Special Edition instead. This will allow the 'Open New Issue' button to show toward the left side.
  11. From the PlayAnimation page PlayAnimation cannot be called on actors. For actors, use SendAnimationEvent. This bypasses the check on ObjectReference that prevents sending events to actors. If you use it to send an event to actors, you may get the actor stuck in the animation (such as the bleed out animation). You can un-stick them by using PlayIdle(IdleStop_Loose).
  12. Interesting. The mesh in question has a collision that is Convex Vertices shape (also doesn't fit the object) - others in same folder have that Compressed type. Possible that an old mesh got in there. Thanks for info. We'll see what the response to bug report is.
  13. Yeah, I'm going to do that tonight. Looking at that object in xedit - It is used about 110+ times and the 2 at that POI are the only ones in Exterior world space. All others are inside in fireplaces - Including Riverwood Trader. That's mainly why I'm sceptical, more would report crashes. I'll try downloading it again, make sure I'm up to date on NifOpt - just to try and give good report before pointing the finger.
  14. Okay... final note... Did another test - with embers installed - I loaded up skyrim.esm only again but without that one mesh. No crash. With mesh it crashes loading that POI cell. Then I went to WindhelmPalaceUpstairs02 (where Ulfric's room is) There are five instances of that mesh there.(not so in ..01 with same fireplaces) No crashes! What could that mean? The overlapping meshes in outdoors placement maybe casting light on each other? Indoors and placed in separate rooms - though sort of touching in the back to back fireplaces. EDIT: I take that back - it did crash when I touched the mesh to look at it in upstairs02 - bad mesh - I guess CK doesn't like it. Strange!
  15. Well... I found the offending mod... Embers HD In that cell are 2 FireplaceWood01Burning [MSTT:00035F4A] sort of back to back [ edit: they are overlapping ] (to fill the space) in the fireplace of the ruined house. Embers HD does replace that mesh. But, I can't figure out why it would crash the CK. NifOptimizer didn't flag anything and no mention on the mod page. The esp doesn't edit the M.Static nor that cell. So random.... Anyway, back to what I was doing before all this... I'll actually look a bit more to see if I have enough to make a bug report there. Doesn't feel like I do currently.

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