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    Sheson got a reaction from RavenMind in [WIP] FO4LODGen now included in xEdit   
    Uhm TES5LODGen and then DynDOLOD...

    Yes this already produces correct and fully working LOD with all the finer details like quad segments etc. These segments already exist in older games as BSSegmentedTriShape , so it knows which triangles to unload when the cell is attached.
    In fact it already produces improved LOD over the the vanilla game just by using doubleside and backlighting flags. In addition it can make use of unused LOD meshes shipping with the game and use full meshes for LOD - see optional esp.
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    Sheson got a reaction from RavenMind in [WIP] FO4LODGen now included in xEdit   
    FO4LODGen by Ehamloptiran, Zilav and Sheson
    Static objects LOD generator tool for Fallout 4
    FO4LODGen is now included in the latest xEdit.exe builds posted to 
    However, the current LOD development happens at over at xLODGen - beta with terrain LOD.
    To generate static object LOD, either rename xEdit.exe to FO4LODGen.exe or start as FO4Edit.exe (xEdit.exe -fo4) and right click a plugin that adds a worldspace and select Other, Generate LOD.
    Use the -o:"c:\Output" command line parameter to select another output folder instead of the games Data folder. This will make it easier to create BA2 archives, to avoid blurry textures because of loose texture files.
    For better results, download FO4LODGen Resources from https://mega.nz/#!NQYg3YoR!IJI0-K2Id94LnScyb2RAW5hcBl0LEVSeXdBb71HlKpQ and install FO4LODGen.esp and FO4LODGen - Main.ba2
    The FO4LODGen Resources archive includes a doc folder with a small readme.txt and example screenshots that explains what each plugin and the updated meshes/materials do.
    Hover over the options of the FO4LODGen window to see hints what each setting does. If a texture atlas is not created it will use the vanilla texture atlas (Commonwealth and SanctuaryHillsWorld are supported atm) if possible and single LOD textures if not.

    New features for FO4
    no 2D tree LOD - trees are done as object LOD
    supports all 4 LOD levels  4, 8, 16 and 32
    Material swap
    LOD for references with an enable parent can be enabled/disabled
    MultiRefLOD - replaces LOD for a group of reference by a single LOD mesh in (higher) LOD levels
    LOD support for SCOL static collection
    Static LOD Levels STAT
    Static records always had 4 LOD levels but only the first 3 levels were used. Now level 32 bto files actually exist. Export and LODGen.exe have been updated accordingly
    Material Swap MSWP
    A reference or base record can link to a MSWP record which is a list of base and swap material *.BGSM file names. Textures definitions and additional shader flags in the material files take precedence of any data/material file defined in a mesh. Material swap linked from a reference is used over material swap linked from static. The material file swap data is exported and used by LODGen.exe.
    If a material swap file is defined its data takes precedence to determine the LOD textures, flags and values.
    Enable Parents XESP
    If a reference has an XESP enable parent marker and its flag bit 8 is set (name currently unknown #8), the form id of the enable parent is used in the bto to enable/disable its object LOD.
    LODGen.pas can also exports all enable parent form ids regardless of this flag #8, so all object LOD reacts properly to their parents state.
    Further testing how load order changes affect this is required.
    Linked References with MultiRefLOD KYWD
    References linking to a reference marker with the keyword "MultiRefLOD" KYWD:00195411 are groups of objects that have some of their LOD levels replaced by the LOD level data of the base record of the marker.
    Typically the LOD level 4 is based on the object LOD of each individual reference of the group, while higher LOD levels are replaced by a single LOD object representing the entire group.
    Static Collections SCOL
    Static collections are groups of arranged statics. Statics that have LOD defined work just the same as if the static was used by a reference. LODGen.pas exports the additional positional data, while LODGen.exe handles the correct transformation and rotation in 3D space.
    Vanilla object LOD
    Vanilla static object LOD uses only a very limited set of available options like shader flags. In fact there is only two types of LOD, non-transparent LOD and transparent LOD.
    LOD only supports binary transparency, the threshold is defined as 128
    FO4 doesn't seem to support snow/ash LOD shaders like TESV
    FO4 vanilla LOD does not use vertex colors like TESV

    LODGen.exe object LOD
    The game engine supports some shader flags or values that are not used in vanilla LOD, allowing for additional features. The flags/values are either already set in the LOD source NIF/BGSM or require updated NIF/BGSM. Data in BGSM takes precedence over data in nifs. So setting a flag or value in a single BGSM changes the behaivvior of all NIFs using that BGSM. The use of these additional features is optional.
    Read older nif formats from other games while exporting BTO in the newer format
    Use DoubleSided flag - improved LOD for trees and other transparent objects.
    Use Backlight Power - improved LOD for trees
    Use Alpha Threshold - set alpha threshold to value of source LOD - useful if LOD textures has true alpha channel
    Keep entire source LOD shader 1:1 - Passthru. Obviously this can cause game to CTD if using unsupported setting
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    Sheson got a reaction from alt3rn1ty in [WIP] FO4LODGen now included in xEdit   
    Updated first post for FO4LODGen now properly included into xEdit.exe
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    Sheson got a reaction from alt3rn1ty in DynDOLOD Guide - For Wrye Bash users   
    It is used for data of the optional dynamic LOD objects (neverfades - like animated waterfalls, windmills, fires whatever was defined by rules) switcher. The TES5Edit patcher precomputes the relationship of cells with dynamic LOD objects (neverfades) in two additional 'grids', by default 11 and 21 cells.
    In short, when the player steps into a new cell the papyrus scripts load a list of all adjacent cell markers past the active cells to enable/disable dynamic LOD objects in them. The main advantage of using PayrusUtil is *fast* access to lists (arrays) of more than 128 items. Using FormLists is much slower.
    The advantage to enable/disable neverfades is that there now can be thousands across Tamriel, but only hundred(s) are actually enabled at a time so it is easier on performance.
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    Sheson got a reaction from alt3rn1ty in DynDOLOD Guide - For Wrye Bash users   
    Reads OK, good job.
    Check the DynDOLOD Nexus description page or the the included manual for a list of compatible mods that have been verified to work. The list also contains links to additional tree LOD billboard downloads that are not on the TES5LODGen page.
    With each new version check the requirements list if a newer version of xEdit, SKSE or PapyrusUtil is needed.
    The DynDOLOD Nexus file download always has a link to an update post accompanying each new version.
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    Sheson reacted to zilav in [WIPz] TES5Edit   
    Thread where I'll be posting the latest updates.
    Primarily for testing and discussion, new ideas.
    Please remember those are developer versions from subversion control and so can destroy your mods, computer, and kill kittens
    Version 3.2.3 contains the following changes:
    merged patch fixes [FO4/SSE] ESL support, mapping FormIDs or light plugins in FE slot similar to the game engine caching of built references in the "Data\xEdit Cache" folder new plugins selector window and fixes to load order sorting themes support (right click menu on the window caption) DPI awareness Ctrl+S saves over the original files now, don't need to restart xEdit to save changes  
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