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  1. I have encountered a nif that loads and displays fine in dev6, but has a load error in dev7. The file is spcsphrorbitalstrike01.nif that ships with the Steam Workshop introduction mod Fall of the Space Core from Valve. Nothing of importance really. I just found it curios.
  2. @Objir The memory is not the problem. What language are you using?
  3. @Objir This is most likely caused by the game being installed into the specially protected windows folder Program Files (x86) and LODGen.exe being prevented from properly accessing files (BSA files in this case), despite running as admin. You can check which file is causing the error by opening a cmd prompt and running LODGen manually and adding --verbose to the command line (you can copy/paste command line to start LODGen.exe from FO4Edit_log.txt. "D:\Fallout 4\SSEEdit_3da194b\Edit Scripts\LODGen.exe" "D:\Fallout 4\SSEEdit_3da194b\Edit Scripts\LODGen.txt" --verbose it will then print lines like Using C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Fallout4 - Textures1.ba2 To quickly test if Program Files (x86) is the problem, you could copy the last BSA file mentioned before the error to another non special windows folder and change the Resource= to it in LODGen.txt, then run the same manual command again and see if it read that one OK and now fails at the next BSA in Program Files (x86) If it reads the BSA all nicely, then it might be a specific BSA file with an unknown format or that is otherwise corrupted. Running with --verbose should reveal the problematic BSA too obviously.
  4. @Objir please post to pastebin or zip and upload to a file service both the FO4Edit_log.txt and export file Edit Scripts\LODGen.txt. Best to delete both files first and then generate LOD for a single worldspace, doesn't matter which as long as the error happens.
  5. @drmabuse1981 Looks great, I love it when things fix themselves. In case anyone runs into game crashes with generated LOD in the future, see if temporarily hiding the generated *.BTO files changes anything and if that is the case see if you can narrow it down to a single/fhandul BTO (area of the mod changes) and then provide them for troubleshooting. @SimonPDX I don't use MO2 with FO4. Instead of renaming to FO4LODGen, start normal as FO4Edit.exe and right clicking on master plugin, Other, Generate LOD should work I suppose.
  6. The game still relies on the file extension alone regarding the large reference bugs, flags do not matter. Large reference data from world record is only used when the file extension is esm or esl and ignored for esp for example.
  7. fixed in latest LODGen.exe 1.8.5
  8. Updated first post for FO4LODGen now properly included into xEdit.exe
  9. Wow, the memories... However, PAE has been around since over two decades. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension But GPUs do their own addressing anyhow. And then there is "Video Memory", which is a combination of VRAM and RAM offered by DirectX/OS. In any case, 32/64 bit refers to CPUs main registers and not memory address width.
  10. Well they did generate object LOD for Skyrim SE. Terrain LOD meshes maybe just converted as far I can tell. Terrain LOD textures are for sure not generated with the SE update.esm. They somewhat successfully generated LOD for Fallout4+DLC. So it must work to a degree. Those LOD systems have their basis on 90s technology/papers. It is holding together with band-aids by now. But technically really not that hard If something doesn't happen, it typically is about a bottom line somewhere one way or another. Based on the fact that most other stuff actually works, we can assume they have capable programmers at their disposal.
  11. @alt3rn1ty, thanks for letting me know anyways. Yeah consoles are a double edged sword for me too. They seem a rather pointless platform to mod these games, but they undeniable have large sale numbers/users. I would have hoped the users would make a larger ruckus about bugs. But I suppose players (including PC) don't scrutinize things as much as us programmers/mod authors who deal with this stuff more regularly while simply testing things. @Leonardo Mods for Nintendo Switch aren't confirmed? I guess we will only know for sure once it is out. Well at least we know the two new platforms Switch and the planed update for Xbox 2/Project Scorpio I read about mean Bethesda must be working on some engine stuff.
  12. @alt3rn1ty, by now I also had this problem with LOD sticking around after faster travel to Whiterun. This never happened in Skyrim. I have had no time to test anything about it though. Have you ever seen reports of this happening on any of the consoles? There is no denying that the reported visual and game breaking bugs happen in vanilla Skyrim SE for everyone, they only get worse with mods. I find it surprising that Bethesda doesn't seem to think it would be prudent to fix those bugs that exist on all platforms. Together with some of the LOD generation functions broken in the CK, I can not help but find that it is basically a fuck you from Bethesda to mod authors and mod users. It would be much easier to make a switch even without an SKSE64 if those bugs were addressed. I have a hunch the situation has to do with the PS4 platform not allowing assets. I believe that was a big blow to Bethesda future modding plans as well. It seems a bit silly if not just not inconvenient that we need to use INI settings to disable some of the graphical "improvements" as workarounds, so that the game doesn't look like the incoherent garbage that it is with default settings. I can live with that, since wanting non broken tree LOD reflection and "improved" snow blending with surroundings may be a personal preference. Regarding the large references, for myself I am also fine with removing all the data from all vanilla esm and then create a load order patch that eliminates all those issues. However, in the grand scheme of things, these workarounds only work on PC, which leaves the currently 3.9m or so console users whom actually paid money for the game with a broken game yet again. If Bethesda wants to establish Skyrim SE and Bethesda.NET as *the* modding platform for the years to come in preparation for the next titles with hopefully some sensical paid modding option, they should continuously support it. IMHO that support includes fixing game engine bugs and fixing mod creation bugs with CK in addition to the few modding platform related updates they did.
  13. LOD is generated for worldspaces, not plugins.
  14. If you didn't change the base record for the farmhouse, then the easiest way to generate vanilla like object LOD, is to use TES5LODGen.exe and follow its instruction to generate static object LOD. If you get a recent xEdit and rename it to TES5LODGen.exe you can limit generation to specific LOD levels and areas. However, enthusiast mod users hopefully generate the LOD for their entire load order anyways. Hopefully with DynDOLOD
  15. What game? Did you create a new 3D model or used a vanilla model that already has a LOD model?
  16. I tried generating terrain/water LOD for Tamriel with CK and while it went though the motions no files were created. I tried generating object LOD and that works the same as before, needing LOD source models as files in data and the TGA files. If generating for the entire Tamriel it crashes for me around 25%. Oscape will not work with the new esp/esm data format. The BTR it generates probably need to be converted to the new nif format. The converter that is in the works should be able to handle that.
  17. Generating static object LOD requires LOD models. It also requires the LOD models to be defined on base records. No additional LOD models have been added to the archives. In fact Update.esm removes some LOD model definitions from a few base records. 0x0004CCD7 or 0x0004CCD8 for example. However, on the PC version the static object LOD still contains the LOD for these. So I assume static object LOD was generated without Update.esm, or before those changes were made. I do not own consoles, so I can not check if there is a difference.
  18. Probably also worth mentioning that there seems to be a bug with the LargeRefLODGrid, that as soon as there exists an (even identical) overwrite for a large reference, the reference will not load in the large grid anymore and the largeref LOD supermesh(es) for the quad/cell may not unload properly causing texture flicker for other nearby large reference.
  19. LODGen.exe now fully supports generating static LOD SSE with correct support for the new large reference grid (more info). Updates to SSELODGen are committed, so you soon should be able to generate static and tree (no changes) LOD with SSEEdit. Typically it creates its own texture atlas, but if there is the need to support the existing atlas of SSE such a feature could be provided, let me know. uLargeRefLODGridSize from the ini is confusingly named, because large full models are placed into this grid beyond the usual 5x5 uGrids. Static LOD for these references now needs to unload earlier than for small reference that show in the uGrids only. The distinction of when a reference is large is based on the OBND data (obejct bounds). This means if a mod changes this data for any suitable base record (STAT, MSTT) LOD needs to be generated again. Otherwise it can happen that full model and its LOD are displayed at the same time causing texture flicker. The whole system seems a bit brittle and coarse at the moment - either because it lacks better control through flags or I just haven't figured it out yet (no CK) The general idea of it is nice. It just could use some tweaking I think.
  20. It seems that z-fighting is generally less for intersecting surfaces, but that also the mountain peaks/cliffs were udpated, moved or more added? I am confident the byte above is a flag for the new Large Object Distance setting in the launcher, a secondary grid if you will that goes beyond uGrids for large references. I posted a bit more detail at http://forum.step-project.com/topic/11518-dyndolod-skyrim-special-edition/?p=185973
  21. Great Thx. This is new in some BTO. Do not know what it does yet. <niobject name="BSDistantObjectLargeRefExtraData" abstract="0" inherit="NiExtraData"> Extra integer data. <add name="Unknown Byte" type="byte">The value of the extra data.</add> </niobject>
  22. AFAIK the segments are really only needed for LOD level 4, so it can disable chunks in the loaded cells, while the higher LOD levels are always fully used. So in older games they always just use one segment for everything or they are ignored as far as I can tell. I am spending some more time later today looking at btr and bto.
  23. thx for 6, awesome timing
  24. If nothing else pops-up in the meantime I will write and share instructions for how to use LODGen.exe to convert simple! static meshes from one format to another. Once I updated it for SSE I will use its "secret" options to convert DynDOLOD Resources to the new format anyhow.
  25. The UV coordinates for the texture atlas are relative (between 0 and 1). As long as locations and relative dimensions are same the same it will work. I suggest to use the terrain LOD for doing flat terrain surface. If you know nifskope in-and-out it is rather easy. Reduce number of vertices etc to 4, then have 2 triangles. The 4 corners for each quad are x,y 0,0 and 4096,4096 then use scale of 4/8/16/32 for the levels. z should be higher than default water height for the world. Use 4 different color textures for each LOD level. Then create a batch to copy from the 4 source files to the true btr files names. I think I used a dir output of the terrain LOD folder to create the list of destination filenames and inserted the copy command in front of etc. I did all this once for Tamriel. Since FO4 uses a different nif format those files can not be used. I did it for Tamriel once. Since FO4 uses a different nif format those btr won't work and would have to be redone. The backlight option is very obvious with the pre-war trees. Check the screenshot in first post. If you use lots of full models for LOD you can quickly run out of memory or into other limits I suppose. All depends on what models you do this with and how often they are used in the world. It would be always better to at least check the full model in nifksope and remove everything (like animations) but the static model/shader and use as a "LOD" model.
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