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  1. @Utumno A few times now I've had an error when trying to rebuild the Bashed Patch in Python mode, and the rebuild fails. After restarting Wrye Bash, I've been able to rebuild the Patch without error. Here's the latest message: I'm using the Wrye Bash v307.201804202117 Python installer version on Win 10 Pro x64 (Swedish). Unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce the error while running in debug mode. Still, here's my BashBugDump.log: And here's my Bash.ini (The 7z compression arguments seem to work fine for me, by the way. Was the issue @RavenMind reported on back in October fixed
  2. Right, here are the questions about Tags and Patcher logic that I've been warning you about. :-) Is there a Bash Tag that can handle NPC and Creature Record Flags? I noticed that there is one for Cells. It would be handy for resolving conflicts such as this one: It seems like the Relev Tag is needed if a plugin changes the "Calculate from all level <= player's level" flag, even if there are no later-loading conflicting plugins. Is this indented behaviour for the Leveled Lists Patcher? From reading the documentation, I would assume yes, but it's not explicitly stated. Since even t
  3. I will endeavour to do so, @Utumno, but it might take a while, since I've never used GitHub before. I have some research to do. Also, I can confirm that the BOSS GUI toggle bug is now fixed. Thanks! By the way, you say there's no one working on CBash, but is work possible on the Python versions of the Bash patchers? I might have some enhancement requests. :-) ...and if that's not possible, I might have a question or two about what the intended results of some of the patchers are. Would anyone here be familiar enough with the patcher logic to be able to answer that?
  4. @Utumno Bug report followup on the Auto-calc stats issue reported by OOO users via Malonn, which I will henceforth call the CBash Actors.ACBS bug: TL;DR: When one plugin changes an NPCs "Calc min" value, and another plugin conflicts, CBash produces unexpected results. Depending on Tags and the relative load order of the two plugins, CBash sometimes erroneously adds the "Can Corpse Check" flag to the NPC, and sometimes the "Auto-calc stats" flag. Here's an example of the bug and the minimal load order required to reproduce it. Test plugins and example pictures are included. One p
  5. @Malonn in regard to Auto calc stats. I've conducted some tests, and this bug seems to only happen with CBash, under certain conditions. Before I get to that though, I have a question: why does OOO change the "Calc min" setting but not turn "PC Level Offset" on? My understanding is, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that without PC Level Offset toggled on, Calc min does nothing? In the Construction Set, you'll notice that the Calc min field is in fact greyed out and its value can't be changed unless PC Level Offset is toggled on. Toggling it on changes the Level field to the
  6. @Utumno Fair enough. I suspected as much, but I'm hoping someone will be able to look at it eventually. :-) In the meantime, I guess the warning that CBash is in Beta should probably stay in place, but it might not be enough to deter most users... The merging of more record types is just too good to give up, and using CBash seems to have become the norm for Oblivion. Some mods even require its extra Bashing power to work as intended nowadays. Maybe some kind of official statement could be made in the documentation telling users which Patchers and Tags might not be functioning as inte
  7. Bug report: Unexpected behaviour of CBash in Oblivion regarding the Tags R.ChangeSpells and R.AddSpells. The bug doesn't seem to exactly correspond to any of the previously reported issues with CBash, but hopefully you can start noticing a pattern. Here's an example of the bug and the minimal load order required to reproduce it. Test plugins and example pictures are included. One plugin modifies a race to change its racial spells. Another, later-loading one, modifies the race's textures. The first one is Tagged with R.ChangeSpells, and the second with Body-F, Body-M, R.Head, and R.Ea
  8. Continuing with my Bash Tag suggestions from the UODP thread, here are some for USIP. These aren't as essential as the Knights one, since these deal with conflicts, and that one was necessary even with no other conflicting mods loaded. Regardless, I think these Tags are more likely to help than hurt. I've checked against a few popular mods, and these are the Tags I'd recommend: Add Actors.Skeleton to preserve changes from beast to regular skeleton for Dumag gro-Bonk (conflicts with Oblivion Uncut), and a few other NPCs (didn't notice conflicts with these yet, but
  9. Hi! I have a Bash Tag suggestion if there's ever an update. Add Relev to "Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp" to preserve the removal of the "Calculate from all levels <= player's level" flag from the "NDLL0ArmorHeavyBoots" Leveled Item list. The removal of this flag seems to correspond to the line " Fixed the leveling on the heavy Boots of the Crusader so that the player always receives the correct version for their level both from the quest and the armor stand at the Priory (instead of possibly a lower-level version)" in the change log. Wrye Bash includes this leveled
  10. Can I add two small and hopefully simple UI bug fix requests, please? I checked GitHub, but didn't notice them on there. The first one I've seen mentioned before, but I'm not sure if anything ever came of it: the executable for the BOSS GUI changed names from "BOSS GUI.exe" in earlier versions of BOSS to "boss_gui.exe" at some point. Wrye Bash still expects the old filename and so fails to launch the application if "Launch using GUI" is ticked on BOSS in the Launcher Bar. This can be fixed by the user manually changing the filename, but it's a bit clunky, and not everyone might kno
  11. Thanks Sharlikran. I wasn't expecting BOSS support to be added back in; I was just wondering if there was a way for me as an end user to turn it back on in my copy, or if it was completely removed. It turned out to be the latter, as expected. I have no coding skills to help out with, I'm afraid. Yes, I look at plugin headers as well as BOSS and LOOT to see what Tags are suggested. In my example, BOSS had added a Tag that the others were missing. I have made Bash Tag suggestions to mod authors before, and I'll try to continue to do so. I agree that it is indeed better if Tags are ad
  12. This is probably low on the list of priorities now, with all that's going on with groups, but I noticed that the BOSS Masterlist for Oblivion has Bash Tag recommendations that the LOOT Masterlist is missing. Do you have a way to automatically extract the newly added Tags from BOSS for easier inclusion in LOOT? Seems like dull work to do manually. I suppose one way to do it would be to compare a really old BOSS Masterlist, from when it was first converted to LOOT, to the newest one, and check for any Tag changes. There might not even be that many. It's just that the one I noticed was for the Kn
  13. OK, that's too bad, but as expected. I guess it was best in the long to run to excise BOSS completely. Thank you. Unfortunately this means that end users who don't know how to add Bash Tags manually (or just can't be bothered) are more likely to miss out on some rule-of-one-circumventing goodness until LOOT's tag list catches up. Sorry for going a bit off-topic, but most people frequenting this thread probably know a lot about LOOT as well, so I'll just ask: is there a way for LOOT to automatically extract the tags from the BOSS Masterlist and incorporate them into its
  14. Thanks for the reply, alt3rn1ty. Sure, it would be nice if the LOOT Masterlist was up to date, but what I was asking was, if there is still a way to make the latest Wrye Bash versions read from BOSS, until that happens.
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