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  1. I recently reinstalled Oblivion from scratch, making a few changes from mods I've been using for years for years, and decided to try this mod instead of Roads of Cyrodiil. But TOCC never even made it into the game, because I saw the unmergable patches take up 5 active load order slots (mostly for merged UL, one for Sutch) & the main esp another, so that's 6 slots just for some trails. In a tight load order, that's a no-go. I have to go back to ROC. In the future if you ever get inspired again to mod, maybe you could reexamine this one and do something like merge the UL patches into one, or try to remake the unmergable ones into mergeable. Using 4 active slots just for UL patches is unreasonable for most people, I would think. And with the mergeable ones too, that's a LOT of patches for one mod, which could easily conflict with many mods out there that alter landscape. The more patches for a mod, the more the chance of conflicts. You did such hard work on these trails, but I'd think most UL-using folks won't be using them when they see how much load order space the whole thing takes. I didn't even look at the HESU patches for TOCC... possibly even more slots being taken up, which would then make TOCC outlandishly unusable. Granted, ROC is similar in that way, but not quite as bad. I can see using up a few slots for an extensive set of roads plus the various bridges, new structures, & guards it puts in. TOCC does none of that and takes up even more slots. If more patches were mergeable, it's an easy add-in though. I can see using 2 slots for it total, possibly 3 if you're a real trail buff, but 6 or more is out of control.
  2. Wolf's Borough is one that needs some work. When you fast travel there, you're near several steep steps that lead up to a couple large houses. Near the top flight of steps, it gets really messed up; there's a huge chasm there, you fall into a glitched abyss, etc. The area to the right around the top of the steps has many floating objects and horrific land tears, & some structures are partially in the air. The houses don't have activators at all on the doors so you can't get in. Totally a wreck, as are most other parts of the town. The only thing working is the underground tunnel. BTW I'm following your BOSS load order precisely. I'm using the patches for Dark Brotherhood Chronicles, Oranstad, RST/Shezries, Legion Forester Outposts/ROC, & UL Ancient Redwoods. To test, I removed all patches & tried it that way; still glitched. Then put them all back one by one; no change. If this were some unknown mod conflicting, you'd typically be able to see pieces of it by using FormID and figure it out that way (usually you'd see misplaced stuff belonging to UL since it causes so many conflicts), but all I see is Wolf's Borough stuff in the entire area. And there's nothing on the map near there anyway, other than an RST house a distance away. There's just nothing else there in that area to be doing this. Ultimately I had to give up & delete Wolf's Borough. I literally ran out of things to try. I really do think something's wrong with either the main mod or one or more of the patches.
  3. This one didn't do much for me. Extremely small village; hard to justify taking up a load order slot for a few shacks and some sheep. Also it has a major conflict with Emma's Leyawiin Lake House mod, which is precisely in the same spot. The two can't be used together and no one ever created a patch. I like many of his other mods, but this one doesn't seem like much time or creativity was put into it. Same is true of Reedstand & Vergayun. I guess if you don't have a tight load order, you could stick these in, but not worth it in my opinion. Don't bother trying to merge them to save slots; it totally messes up their AI, pathgridding & landscapes.
  4. It's a solid mod, but for some reason it forces you to use the Frostcrag DLC. Therefore, along with the Frostcrag Unofficial patch, you need to use up 3 load order spots just to have this very small village -- and I don't even want to use the DLC at all. Also HESU Gnoll Mountain seems to cause some nasty landscaping issues in the village, despite mhahn's patches -- tears so big you fall through them in places. I was never able to get the village proper, despite the appropriate patches & load order. I finally decided I'm not gonna be forced to use DLC Frostcrag & its UOP, which means I also had to get rid of the village. Just using HESU Gnoll Mountain in that area is good enough, but it would be nice if Frostcrag Village was updated to not be reliant on the DLC. Without the Tower, the landscape issues with Gnoll might not be there.
  5. Ah, thanks for clarifying that. I assumed it was you since I've never seen her make patches or alt versions of stuff before, at least to my knowledge. My apologies for thinking you'd made an error of some sort, when you had nothing to do with it. BTW, I was surprised to see a ULM-LegionOutposts-BetterCitiesFull-BlackwoodForest patch come popping out of the UL compilation patch wizard installer today. It had never come out before, I didn't know it existed. All that time I was struggling with those mods, maybe that patch could've helped some things, I don't know. I did notice the Walkabout/Outposts patch didn't work at all for me; ships & docks on Topal Bay S of Varos (where the teleporting rowboats are) were colliding big time. Maybe if I'd used the other patch along with it, who knows. I stopped caring about Walkabout though; too extensive to be compatible.
  6. It seems reasonably apparent the Legion Outposts-compatible Roving Krin plugin puts that particular camp too close to Uncut's cave. You moved it one cell over to avoid fighting with Legion guards, but maybe you're not using Uncut, or you'd probably have seen that cave. I thought it would interest you to troubleshoot since you're also the one who did the Uncut patches, but it doesn't matter much to me, since it's a small issue - one camp floating. I found a fair solution to the issues in that area was to eliminate Topal's Rest & Walkabout, and just use Legion Outposts & Roving Krin with the original esp. They do fight too much with the original camp, but the alternative is to have Uncut's cave mess the relocated camp up, so it's the lesser of two evils. That was brutal trying to deal with those 4 mods conflicting in that area, but getting rid of 2 got it fairly close to acceptable.
  7. If you ever get back to the HESU gig, the mod Akaviri Kojima Extended https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40832 has some horrendous conflicts up there in the NE with Hesu Dive Rock. Dive Rock puts a Sunken Ruins around there and the Akaviri mod pretty much destroys it. I had to use TCL just to find & get in the door of the Sunken Ruins, which was mostly underground. It's a total mess. It seems like HESU put something else near that region, but I can't recall it & didn't check it. This might be one of those "pick one or the other" situations like you described for a few mods on the HESU page. UPDATE: The author of Akaviri says he has fixed the Hesu conflicts in his latest release.
  8. I found the main problem in that area was Walkabout, even with the Walkabout/SOC patch. It also affected the Roving Krin camp around there north of Varos. There was an odd glitch, an invisible 'wall' of sorts around it that prevented me from getting to it. FormID identified all the conflicting stuff around that camp as Walkabout's. Once I got rid of Walkabout, that issue went away, as well as the dock & ship conflicts it has with SOC & Topal's Rest. EDIT: just discovered something new; not a big issue, just an FYI. Uncut places "Soul Bound Cave" right there on the newly-moved Roving Krin camp when using the Legion Outposts-compatible version, the same camp I mentioned above that mysteriously conflicted with Walkabout. As a result, the barrels, mats, tent, chest, chair, etc from the camp are floating in the air. I didn't try looking at the camp w/o Uncut, so I can't absolutely confirm that's causing the problem, but it seems reasonable since the camp & the cave are encroaching on each other. I then tried using the original Krin version that leaves the camp where it was; the Uncut cave is no longer a factor, but stuff is still floating. Without Legion Outposts installed, the camp is normal, so there seems to be an issue there. Unless some other mod is causing that, but I doubt it, since FormID identifies nothing but SOC & RRK in the affected area.
  9. Shares significant space with Topal's Rest Village https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/51828 Both mods can't be used together as is.
  10. Kudos on this patch, obviously a lot of time was put into it and the result is perfection. The town is so appealing to visit now, I even took the time to go into the CS and edit all the extremely lame npcs both mods add so that they have leveled list armor, weapons, etc. (People make these well-thought-out city mods but so often just lazily dump vanilla npcs in there nothing but bread loaves to defend themselves.) Running these 3 mods together, though, sure does slow down the fps big time. It's rough getting around in that area, sorta like BC Waterfront, but worth it if your PC can handle it.
  11. An fyi on Gnoll Mountain. I've noticed for months a bad area in Frostcrag Village: when you enter, 2 houses down on the right, between & behind them, there's a conflict with, apparently, UL. That area of the village is above the ground due to conflicting snowy mountain meshes & the landscaping problem it creates with FV. I used FormID on the land and the offending parts belong to UL. Also a couple rocks at the entrance are in the air. I couldn't figure out what was causing the problem until I disabled HESU Gnoll & all associated patches. Then the village went back to normal. Patches I used (all sorted by BOSS) were: DLC Frostcrag-GM; GM-FrostcragVillage; ULM GM-Snowdale. So it looks one or more of those is the culprit. It's not a gamebreaker, one can still go between the houses & down the mountain, but when you look back up, FV is in the air.
  12. Thanks. I now fully understand. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't user error on my part.
  13. The SS patches I used were: OOO/SS/COA for UL; AFK/SS; HESU Shipton/SS; & RST/SS. According to the readme, those are the ones to be used with those mods installed (UL, OOO, AFK, Shipton, RST.) But it was messed up. So what you're saying is, if I understand correctly: if the OOO/COA UL patch is used, RST can't be installed *at all*, otherwise it'll mess everything up (the RST patch, in other words, conflicts with OOO/COA UL patch.) So one could use AFK, UL, OOO, & Shipton with SS, with no problems -- but adding RST into the mix is a no-go, even with the RST patch.
  14. As for the patches, I believe I use the correct ones: i.e., no need for the OOO-Seaside when it's part of the UL-Anvil patch. And I use the RST solo patch as well, but you say it might not work correctly in conjunction with all the rest. Thx for the info that RST affects the dock area; that could be the main problem. I didn't check the rest of Seaside, I assume there's more than just the docks by Anvil, so I dunno what other areas using all the mods together might mess up. I'll probably end up giving Seaside another shot down the line, esp. if it's part of a potential merged version in the future. Not a big deal for now since it takes up the 4 slots w/patches, that I don't have room for presently. But finding a way to make ALL the HESU mods work together along w/OOO, RST, UL Full Merged, & AFK is a challenge I'll probably take on down the line, as far as load order & all that, to see if I can get it working. It's so close now, actually...
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