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    All Bethesda Games. Working on TES4, FO3 and NV

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  1. Honour to his name and work! My condolences to his family.
  2. Darker but more strucured than ever. Soon ready for a first WIP release (First launched in 2011!)
  3. fredlaus

    Arizona Baby!

    My "NEW" project based on New Vegas is forthcoming but a lot is missing. Ideas are clear but the content is in a total dullness (something).
  4. Getting closer to Flagstaff and Phoenix It seems the mod is doable at least. The story can be created leads to lots of work - the type I appreciare and love to do. Lucky me !!!!!!!!!!
  5. I like your polite behaviour moderators
  6. Your likes are valuable to me. More than I am used too
  7. You really have it all in one place Huzzah! Haha (Thank youy for the emoticons as well) I am focusing on my Cherokee female hero atm. Will come back to your list when I have got my cheek over the tabletop (something). My gun is my own only - I will not give you any dates Huzzah! Haha. Keep on rambling then It benefits us all I guess - at least me. Fred
  8. Is the smart move to create a new world at this point? The landsccape starts to be useful from here. Citywise and in other respects. You can reach both Flagstaff and Phoenix ( if necessary ) if you troll a little. I am more concerned for the size of my mod?
  9. He tosses around in his own pace. I made him friendly and put him far away from the bridge.
  10. My image is sharp enough but gets blurred on the "front" page?
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