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    All Bethesda Games. Working on TES4, FO3 and NV

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  1. What is the best move to make this ignorance stop. As far as I know you are not alone? What will hurt THEM most? Tell me if you take any steps to some organizing of our work.! Fred
  2. Honour to his name and work! My condolences to his family.
  3. I like your polite behaviour moderators
  4. My image is sharp enough but gets blurred on the "front" page?
  5. This is a very nice way to be warned. I lover my guns as we speak Thank you, alt3rn1ty.
  6. I have learned more in a few minutes than I ever learned at my earlier site I will still avoid Vortex since it is too time consuming to learn - they have used a bible of info to explain what is said here. The video suffers from the same - jump to the info you need? Is that some kind of a new game? Spin or Win Bitter? Yes I am! My privilege. No offence to anyone.
  7. Skyrim used to be my Baby Tropical Skyrim that was. Never played FO4 - it is a pleasure to follow you then
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