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  1. That is your call, you could make a new interior cell and add an extra hatch somewhere in the main house interior, or in the basement.(would be easiest) Or you could create a new opening in the wall somewhere else in the basement and move the room. But remember that followers need navmeshes to walk on, so besides relocating the room itself you will also have to add/redo navmeshes, then check for navmesh errors, then finalize the navmeshes, anyone with a bit of experience in the Creation Kit knows what this means and what it does, so I hope you have some experience as well, if not, first steps are always the hardest and I wish you good luck then. When I modded I looked at many videos on youtube from Darkfox127, perhaps those videos can help you too: youtube.com/watch?v=5JGpfOLiLic
  2. Build everything, then wait 40+ days far away just to make sure all markers are indeed enabled, cause sometimes the game doesnt do that right away unless the cells reset, then invite your family. Needless to say, you still have a lot of building ahead of you, its a big town.
  3. I need someone to use SSEEdit, load up this patch, and show me what the patch changed exactly and if it changed any navmeshes or not. This patch was made for LE 2.3, I updated to 2.4 and changed how all the navmeshes work in my mod, but I don't have SE, so I need someone on SE to check this patch for me, which nobody wanted to do so I never found out if the patch would still be okay or not, hence I'm not uploading a path if I don't know it still works or not. So...are you offering to check the patch in SSEEdit and show me everything the patch changes?
  4. I suggest you simply don't install my "basement bedroom.esp". Its either that so you can enjoy the fish hatchery in the basement, or you will have to mod with the creation kit to remove the entire hatchery, or move it, or move my bedroom to another part of the basement, or maybe there is an option in this "anniversary edition" where you can turn off the fish hatchery, who knows...
  5. yes, did you get a letter from Neloth? its mentioned in the description.
  6. !! Make sure the original Lakeview Manor is completely build with the upgrades you want to have (through workbenches and steward) before activating this mod or any optional files !! !! If you start a new game or switch character you need to deactivate the mod and optional files until the Lakeview Manor is build !! meaning, you start a new game and the mod has to be disabled, in the ~Installation~ part of the description I explain it even in more detail, read the description...
  7. I never was interested in the other Hearthfire Manors, so its kind of pointless to even ask me, plus I don't even play Skyrim anymore, I'm just here for support on my mod.
  8. As the permissions state: If someone likes to make a patch or do anything else with my mod then just talk to me, its not that hard.
  9. "Lakeview.Manor - As it Should be" is actually highly compatible with my mod, but that mod I think requires you to never build anything on the vanilla Lakeview manor, then install that mod, and then you need to install my mod. Only thing I noticed that was a slight incompatibility was the exit from the cellar in the exterior. But if you want to use that mod you need to know in advance, once your at a point where you already build things on the vanilla Lakeview manor you can't use that mod anymore, unless you go back to a previous savegame. My mod (Lakeview Extended) does not require you to build everything on the vanilla manor, it states "original Lakeview Manor is completely build with the upgrades you want to have", so you need to build the vanilla manor(or not) but once you use my mod you can't ever touch that vanilla build system again, but the other mod adds everything inside of the manor to begin with and requires you to not touch ANYTHING on the vanilla build system. Or at least thats how I think it goes, its been many years, but read the instruction on either mine or the other mods description to know all details. I actually mention this other mod in my "compatibility" section with what you need to do.
  10. Well you could adopt plenty of fish in the basement now, consider them your new family!
  11. Well thats nice of Bethesda, changing worldspaces in their 10 year old game fully knowing there are mods already changing every aspect... Skyrim AE comes with like a paid mod collection right? So perhaps its one of those new mods you downloaded and perhaps you can disable that mod? I don't have AE so I really don't know how it works or what made this corridor change.(if its a mod and you find out which one do please let me know) But regardless, the "basement_bedroom" is a separate mod from "Lakeview_Extended" so my main mod should still work just fine, I suggest you simply don't use the basement_bedroom.esp file because clearly with this new corridor that isn't going to work, and I don't play Skyrim anymore, plus I don't have AE, so I'm not going to be able to patch this, at this point I don't even know why I would bother to keep patching things if Bethesda endlessly keeps changing their game. Best you can hope for is someone else patches it and then contacts me so I can upload the file here (never on Nexus), but that would either mean moving my bedroom to a new area or removing/moving the aquarium, for now though you should just not use my bedroom. Sorry but after so many years its really up to other people to mod a little bit, I thought the mod was finished and perfect but Bethesda keeps changing stuff and endlessly re-releasing Skyrim... Chances are its one of those paid mods .esp file though, or Creation Club or whatever its called, I doubt they would actually change their master.esm files like this.
  12. Added corridor? screenshot?
  13. Open the Creation Kit and make sure my mannequins backroom mod is set as active, go to one of the vanilla player homes like Breezehome, check out how that mannequin looks like and then copy paste it to Lakeview, basically replace my mannequins with the other mannequins. I hope you have at least some experience in how to use the Creation Kit though because I can easily imagine some newbie clicking on all kinds of items possibly leaving behind dirty edits. Also Lakeview is very hard to edit because its got like 9 different layers of furniture on top of each other, so you would have to carefully select stuff and hide it before you can even see what your doing and then begin replacing stuff. here are some tips: --CREATION KIT KEYBINDINGS-- SHIFT - rotate around object. SPACEBAR - move map with mouse. V - slowly zoom on object while moving mouse. F5 - reload cell. 1 - press twice to make object invisible. ALT+1 - make all invisible object re-appear. CTRL+F4 - extract facegendata for selected characters. (prevent grey face bug) 2 - open scale change on x, y, z for objects. A - create a navmesh after selecting 3 other navmesh dots. CTRL+F - search for navmesh errors. F - Place object on ground. SHIFT+W - toggle water on and off. And the Lakeview interior's name starts with BYOH and then something else, but type that in the search field to easily find it.
  14. None needed, I see its not obvious and you are correct, I just did not realize how confusing it is, so on the top of my descriptions I have added text and links now.
  15. Skooma? You say Skooma! Where MY SKOOMA!?!
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